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Lindork’s Lists – Q&A #27: Dr. Muna Saleh

In Lindork’s Lists: Q&A with… I interview interesting people doing interesting things. It’s the most interesting thing you’ll read this week! For Q&A #27, I chat with educator, researcher and community-based advocate Dr. Muna Saleh.
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A Few Ways to Celebrate Asian Heritage Month

Asian Heritage Month is a time to celebrate Asian Canadians, Asian and Pacific Islanders / Pacific Americans, and Asians around the world. It’s also a time to spotlight the rise in anti-Asian racism and commit to call it out and work towards ending race-based violence. We should be doing this year round as well. If you’re looking for tangible ways to mark May, use my checklist.
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Lindork Does Life

Video Blog: Lindork Does Life – Ep. 33 – Karaoke Party

Tune into my weekly YouTube video blog Lindork Does Life! In Ep. 33, I take you into Mike’s birthday party at a Korean Karaoke Bar! It’s definitely something you should try if you’ve never done it. And as we prove—you don’t have to be a good singer to have fun LOL.
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Adopt A Shop AB Foodie Edition ATB Banner

#AdoptAShopAB – Foodie Edition powered by ATB Financial (May 2022)

Participate in #AdoptAShopAB: Foodie Edition powered by ATB Financial! From May 2-5, 2022, nominate an Edmonton or Calgary food or drink-related business who could you use support, then from May 16-30, sign-up and “adopt” (commit to shop) at businesses! Let’s collectively support local businesses (and eat/drink some tasty items in the process).
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About Me

My name is Linda Hoang and I’m a Canadian blogger, content creator and social media strategist based in Edmonton, Alberta.

As one of Alberta’s most recognizable bloggers and content creators, I often write, photograph, and film food, travel, lifestyle, and pet topics. 

As one of Alberta’s leading social media strategists, I work with a range of companies to develop social media strategies, content plans, deliver social media training, and other digital tactics to help them achieve their goals.

I love exploring and highlighting some of my favourite spots to visit, places to eat, things to do, small businesses to support, Instagrammable Walls to see, and more, with my online community.

I try things and inspire others to try it too! 

I’m also the Founder of the Edmonton International Cat Festival and Instagrammable Walls Guides and Photo Walks, among other community-focused projects.

I live with two cats, two dogs, and Mike, my amazing Instagram Husband. 

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Each Tuesday since Sept. 21, 2021, I release a new episode in my YouTube video series: Lindork Does Life where I do—something! I try things you might want to try, visit places you might want to visit, and eat food you might want to eat.