Linda hosts two podcasts—Don’t Call Me a Guru, a social media strategy podcast, and Here’s What I Think, an advice-sharing podcast.

Don't Call Me a Guru Social Media Podcast

Don’t Call Me a Guru is a monthly podcast about social media strategy, from a social media strategist, featuring social media people.

The podcast originally started October 2016 with two co-hosts, Tyler Jack Butler and Linda Hoang, and as of November 2018, shifted to a single host (Linda). Take a listen to previous podcast episodes below, and/or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Google Play!

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Don’t Call Me a Guru is a member of the Alberta Podcast Network powered by ATB

Here's What I Think Podcast Banner

Here’s What I Think is a weekly advice-sharing podcast featuring award-winning advice* from couple Mike and Linda.

* not actually award-winning advice but maybe eventually. 

Mike Brown and Linda Hoang give advice to people on a wide range of topics, bringing pretty different perspectives to most situations. They don’t always agree, which makes for some fairly entertaining advice-sharing!

Please note: Mike and Linda cannot be held liable for any fall-out that occurs as a result of your listening to our advice, lol.

This podcast launched on January 2020.

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