Guide to Edmonton Area Face Mask Makers


Things sadly aren’t going back to the way they were anytime soon, let’s face it. And wearing face masks is one of the easiest and most effective things we can do to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

I really don’t know what all the fuss is about. Wear a mask! It could literally save lives. And if you need reason beyond that, think of it as a hot new fashion accessory.

Since the pandemic was declared in March, I’ve been trying to find local mask makers to support and am happy to highlight them in this blog! I list my top three after the general listing below as well.

While I certainly prefer seeing smiles, and I don’t love when my glasses fog up, I am enjoying picking colourful and patterned masks that allow me to express my personality and accessorize with my outfits while helping keep those around me safer during the pandemic.

I admit I could be more consistent with my mask wearing, and in some cases I do take the mask off for photos, to eat, or because of that glasses fogging situation, but I’m trying and I hope you try too!

This list of Edmonton area mask makers are in alphabetical order. If you make masks or have tried a local mask maker and want to be added to the list, email me! 

After having tried so many masks, I can definitely tell when one material is softer than another, or one strap is more comfortable than the other. I’m always up for trying different masks for fit, comfort, and design so eventually would love to have tried a bunch of masks especially from local makers! 

Note: I have not tried every mask listed in this guide so please do your own research and test out different masks to see what you prefer! Also can someone please invent a mask that is guaranteed not to fog the glasses? lol.

Guide to Edmonton Area Face Mask Makers

Total Makers: 36
Last updated: Aug 3, 2020

Note as of July 29, 2020: The City of Edmonton has announced mask wearing will be mandatory in all indoor spaces (including businesses) starting Aug 1, 2020. If you weren’t on the mask train before, you should be now!

Edmonton Area Face Masks - Makers - Artists
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Be sure to visit each maker’s website / social media to check on prices and materials used!

ABCD Masks Edmonton Face Masks
ABCD offers basic, comfort and premium comfort fit masks!
ABCD Masks

ABCD Masks is a husband and wife team of mask makers Denis and Carolyn. ABCD Masks offers basic, comfort and premium comfort fit face masks in a variety of styles that look like they have pretty good face coverage too. I want to get the kaleidoscope designed one! 

Ang Hill Edmonton Local Face Masks
Ang Hill's pretty + comfortable + fashionable masks!
Ang Hill 

I love love love Ang Hill’s face masks! Ang Hill creates versatile, sustainable women’s clothing (designed and made in Edmonton), and has really pretty patterned and coloured masks (lots of pinks and purples if you’re a fan of that, like me!)

She also donates 20% from her mask sales to local charities. You can also pick up some of her fashionable masks at Floc Boutique, an awesome Edmonton clothing store.

Art by Aeris Face Masks Edmonton
Art by Aeris' masks are supposed to be VERY soft!
Art by Aeris

Art by Aeris is a local painter and sketcher who sells cards, shirts, paintings, drawings and also face masks! These masks use premium Japanese Cotton (which is known for its softness and durability!) 

Arturo Denim Face Masks Edmonton
Proceeds from Arturo Denim masks go to Black Women United YEG!
Arturo Denim

Arturo Denim on 124 Street washable fabric masks! Double layered, 100% cotton with an inside pocket for a filter. Lots of different patterns and prints, and kids sizes. Locally made by Arturo Denim’s tailor, Amy. Proceeds from the sale of these masks are being donated to Black Women United YEG.


Brick House Goods Edmonton Face Masks
Brick House Goods has lots of patterns to choose from!
Brick House Goods

Megan of Brick House Goods makes animal prints, neutral and floral face masks. The masks come in three sizes for kids and adults and I’m told are quite comfortable!

Chloee Sewing Edmonton Face Masks
How cute are these masks by Chloee Sewing!
Cholee Sewing

Amy and Sam are sewing some really cute face masks (including monster and teddy bear designs) at Cholee Sewing. Check out their Instagram account and DM to place orders. They are double layer, cotton with built-in filter / filter pockets. Amy tells me they work well with hijabs and turbans too! Want something specific? Just request a pattern!

Dotboxed Face Masks Edmonton
Some really pretty designs from Dotboxed.

This local maker Dotboxed usually sells baby clothes, blankets, swaddle sets and more but started creating face masks when the pandemic hit.

While I love her designs, you aren’t able to select which ones you want (it’s at random), and I would suggest ordering up (Large) if you don’t want the straps to feel too tight. 

ECO Delights Edmonton Face Masks
ECO-friendly masks!
ECO Delights

ECO Delights sells handcrafted products from reclaimed and u-cycled materials! All creations (or re-creations) are made from 75-100% recycled items including the face masks!

HelloPiggy Creations Face Masks Edmonton
Check out Joanne's face masks!
HelloPiggy Creations

Joanne of HelloPiggy Creations makes face masks that are two layers of 100% cotton, a filter pocket, wire to shape to nose/face to and to prevent fog, and adjustable elastics! 

House of Seven Collective Edmonton Face Masks
House of Seven Collective makes beautiful face masks with a portion of their Unity mask proceeds going to Black Women United YEG.
House of Seven Collective

Order hand-crafted, custom masks from House of Seven Collective. They offer a lot of colourful, fun designs and if you buy one of their Unity collection masks, a portion of proceeds go to Black Women United YEG.

J2 Studios Edmonton Face Masks
J2 Studios makes two or three-layer masks!
J2 Studios

J2 Studios offers two or three-layer, 100% cotton masks with beautiful designs (including a fun medical print option!) and varying sizes for kids and adults. 

Jean Henderson face Mask Edmonton
Jean Henderson's mask proceeds support Alberta SPCA!
Jean Henderson

The Alberta SPCA recommends masks from a sweet lady named Jean Henderson. Proceeds from Jean’s masks are donated right back to the SPCA and as of July 29, Jean has raised over $10,000 for Alberta SPCA!! Amazing. To inquire about masks, email [email protected]

Jenny Ma and Darline Betker Edmonton Face Masks
Two grannies making colourful masks!
Jenny Ma & Darline Betker

Jenny Ma & Darline Betker are mom and grandma to local designer Justine Ma, so it makes sense that being crafty runs in the family! They sell single masks or packs of 5 or 10 and includes inside pockets for additional filter/protection. Email [email protected] to order. 

Life Unorganized Edmonton Face Masks
LifeUnorganized makes beautiful 100% cotton, triple-layered face masks.

You can find really cute designs from LifeUnorganized‘s 100% cotton fabric, triple layered masks. They also include a nose wire and elastic loop for better fit, and a lining so that you can insert a filter.

Mama Katz Mosaic Face Masks Edmonton
100% proceeds are donated to the Food Bank!
Mama Katz Mosaics

Carolan of Mama Katz Mosaics is making face masks with all proceeds going to the Edmonton Food Bank! These masks are for kids and adults and apparently she’s been able to raise quite a bit for the food bank! Amazing.

Marsten Sewing Face Masks Edmonton
Lots of patterns offered at Marsten Sewing!
Marsten Sewing

Marsten Sewing uses three layers in their masks, the top cotton layer, a middle filter layer of thermo-bonded non-woven fabric which is lightweight but has a small pore size, plus the layer closest to your face is lycra. With plenty of cool patterns to choose from and as a bonus they also do dog gear so you can get a collar and/or harness for your pup if you want to have matching gear!

Masks By Mom YEG Edmonton Face Masks
Check out masks from Masks By Mom!
Masks by Mom

These triple layer face masks from Masks by Mom have adjustable straps and are made with care in Edmonton! 


Mimio and Co Edmonton Local Face Masks
You could get matching Mimio & Co. mask + pet bandana!
Mimio & Co.

Mimio & Co. is an amazing local designer who specializes in the cutest pet bandanas, but has also done a few rounds up face masks (you could in theory get matching face mask + pet bandana!!)

You’ll have to watch her Instagram account for updates on when she releases new sets of face masks. I love Mimio & Co’s masks! 


Nikawiy Handmade Edmonton Face Masks
Tracy of Nikawiy Handmade is a Metis artist from Treaty 6 making kids and adult face masks!

Nikawiy Handmade

Tracy of Nikawiy Handmade ᐊᓯᐢᑭᕀ ᐃᐢᑫᐧᐤ is a Metis artist from Treaty 6. She specializes in beadwork, sculpted wool felt, natural stones, fur, birch bark, fibres, acrylic, watercolour, ink, oils, and has started selling face masks too! For adults and kids, some with embroidered beads, others with neat animal designs. 

Old Tribes Edmonton Face Mask
Get handmade wool face masks from Old Tribes.
Old Tribes

Old Tribes is Edmonton-based and Indigenous-owned and inspired, with handmade, 100% wool and embroidered products. Lots of colourful designs with their masks too! 

Rise Mindful Products Edmonton Face Masks
Love the designs from Rise!
Rise Mindful Products

If you want fun and unique face masks for the whole family with free shipping across Canada, look at Rise Mindful Products! I love the fun prints, patterns and designs of these double layer masks.

Someone suggested a spot called Royal Tailor, who does custom masks, but I wasn’t able to find any online presence for them! They are located at 8115 99 Street if you’re interested in inquiring! 

Rogue Star Edmonton Face Masks
Rogue Star offers custom, branded masks!
Rogue Star

Rogue Star is an Edmonton-based custom apparel company printing hats, clothes, wall decals, hard goods, and masks. These are 3-ply masks made with anti-microbial fabric and can include custom logos/designs.

Rudosky Creative Face Masks Edmonton
Look at these beautiful face masks by Rudosky Creative!
Rudosky Creative

Local artist Gwen Rudosky of Rudosky Creative makes masks in small batches and lets you know when they’re going up via her Instagram so be sure to follow and watch for these lovely pattern masks! 

SAFE Team Rescue Edmonton Face Masks
100% proceeds from SAFE Team Rescue masks go to support cats in need!
SAFE Team Rescue

Volunteers with SAFE Team Rescue make and donate their masks for this cat rescue to sell as a fundraiser. 100% of proceeds go to help cats in SAFE Team’s care. Cute designs and a great cause. Email [email protected] to order. 

Sara Tanwir Designs Edmonton Face Masks
Sara Tanwir Designs makes 3-layer face masks!
Sara Tanwir Design

Sara Tanwir Design makes unique, comfortable and chic designed masks using fabric from locally-owned fabric stores. Sara creates in her home studio and her masks include funny phrases, company logos, or fancy chiffon top layers (of a 3-layer mask).

Sugar Soul Studio Face Masks Edmonton
Sugar Soul Studio sells face masks with all sorts of patterns!
Sugar Soul Studio

This local maker Sugar Soul Studio sells at the Edmonton Downtown Farmers’ Market or online. I’ve bought cute headbands from her before (so cute!!) and would like to try her masks too. She does a TON of different patterns and styles for the pleated face mask and a Canadian plaid look for the contour face mask.

Terra Losa Tailor Shop Edmonton Face Masks
The west end Terra Losa Tailor Shop makes masks of all sizes!
Terra Losa Tailor Shop

The Terra Losa Tailor Shop makes a variety of mask sizes from infant to extra large. These fabric face masks have adjustable nose pieces and are laundry safe. Filter pockets can be added for an additional charge. They have solid colour, plaid, mesh outer layer, map design styles, and more!

Tessa Glorie Jillys Boutique Face Masks
Grab a solid colour mask from Jilly's Boutique!
Tessa Glorie at Jilly’s Boutique

Jilly’s Boutique sells solid colour, double-layered Tessa Glorie face masks in adult and kids sizes. 

Theatre Garage Edmonton Face Masks
Theatre Garage has been making masks for years!
Theatre Garage

A local costume and dance wear shop, Theatre Garage also makes masks (and have been doing so for years!) These double-layer masks are made in-house and are available in a variety of styles. 

The Promo Addict - Edmonton Face Masks
The Promo Addict sells locally-made, cotton, 2-ply face masks!
The Promo Addict

The Promo Addict is a promotional products distributor based out of Sherwood Park Alberta that is selling locally-made, 100% cotton, 50/50 cotton/ply masks in a variety of solid colours.

Trish McEwan Edmonton Face Masks
Trish McEwan makes masks of all sizes and colours.
Trish McEwan Face Masks

Trish McEwan is a preschool teacher and part-time childcare supervisor who also makes 100% quilting cotton masks in different styles—pleated, two or three layers, with optional filter pocket, various sizes (including children and youth), and different custom looks (including bridal masks). She can make any rainbow colour of masks too. 

Unbelts Edmonton Face Masks
Unbelts sells super comfy, solid colour face masks!

I am a big fan of the masks from Unbelts! This Edmonton-based company typically sells super comfy and ethically made belts, so it’s no wonder their masks are also SUPER comfy and give great face coverage. You can also match them with belts! 

Disclosure: Unbelts sent me their masks to try and I love!

If you purchase Unbelts masks (or anything) online before July 15, you can also use my code LINDORK to get a free Best Laundry Bag Ever. (You need to add the laundry bag to your cart to apply the code).

What She Said Creatives Face Masks Edmonton
Fun phrases on masks by What She Said Creatives.
What She Said Creatives

This Sherwood Park-based company is making masks with some pretty fun sayings! Check out What She Said Creatives’ designs and order these double layer, soft cotton masks. You can also just get plain blank black ones, which is sometimes all you want, lol. 

Whiteout Workshop Edmonton Face Masks
Whiteout Workshop offers a variety of mask styles and designs.
Whiteout Workshop

Natasha of Whiteout Workshop creates shaped and pleated 2-layer face masks in a variety of fabrics including bears, camping, flowers, fun patterns and more! These have soft knitted bamboo and cotton lining on the inside, and 100% cotton design on the outside. 

YEGFace Masks Edmonton Face Masks
Handmade with love by a local seamstress!

The Edmonton seamstress behind YEGFaceMask says these masks are handmade with love! They do a spandex mask as well as one with pocket for filter. Free shipping within Canada and a portion of proceeds also go to charity. 

My top three face masks that I’ve tried so far:

(Note: I haven’t tried all of the ones listed in this blog)

  1. Unbelts 
  2. Mimio & Co.
  3. Ang Hill

Unbelts: SUPER comfortable in terms of both the mask material and how easy and versatile the straps are. Also has great face coverage and pretty good for no foggy glasses (though not perfect). You can also customize the strap colours. 

Mimio & Co: Very comfortable, lovely designs, great face coverage and extra points for offering matching pet bandanas! Pretty good for no foggy glasses (though not perfect). 

Ang Hill: Pretty comfortable, love her colours, and good face coverage. Also love the charitable aspect!

Unbelts Mimio & Co Ang Hill Edmonton Face Masks
Love the local face masks from Unbelts, Ang Hill and Mimio and Co!

Honourable mentions to my friend Diane’s sister Linda who made this lovely cat and flower print mask for me, (sorry she is not currently selling lol), as well as TELUS for their Critter Face Masks, with 100% proceeds going to the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation to support COVID-19 relief efforts.

(I’m a #TELUS_Partner ambassador so they sent me a few critter masks to try!) 

Stay safe (and look cute!! lol) everyone,

Diane's Sister Linda Face Mask
Love this mask by my friend Diane's sister Linda!
TELUS Critters Face Masks
TELUS has cute Critter Face Masks!

Remember, if you live in the Edmonton area and make masks or have tried a local mask maker and want them to be added to the list, email me! 

Edmonton Area Face Masks - Makers - Artists
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  • Avatar Lisa D says:

    Carolan Lassiter from Mama Katz Mosaics has been making masks with a donation to the Edmonton food bank! She has raised something like $11000 so far.

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