Ultimate Guide to Gluten-Free Eating in Edmonton (Updated 2023)

Note: this is a guest blog from Linda’s gluten-free, food-loving friend Sharman Hnatiuk.
Originally published in 2019. Updated in 2023. 

As Linda’s favourite Celiac friend, a self-professed distinction, she asked me back in 2019 to write a guest blog for her on gluten-free dining options in Edmonton.

Linda asked for an update this summer (2023), and this time around, I would like to start with this disclaimer:

This is not an exhaustive list of every GF option in Edmonton. Instead, it is guide based on my preferences and experiences, as well as some suggestions from others in the community. Restaurants open and close and menus can evolve to be more gluten-free inclusive. If you have a gluten-free dish or dining spot you love that isn’t mentioned, feel free to leave a comment with your suggestions to help other gluten free diners.

In this blog I will start with the safest options for Celiacs dining in Edmonton, followed by some of my current favourite gluten-free bites across the city. I’ll finish by adding places I’ve personally dined at with GF options, as well as other options either I’ve heard about, or who contacted Linda directly to be added to the list.

I know that anytime I eat at a non-certified gluten free restaurant, I am taking a risk; however, I do my best to avoid obvious cross-contamination. I personally do not eat food cooked in the same fryer with gluten, nor would I pay for the gluten-free crust at a pizza place using all the same utensil to slap down the tomato sauce. I adore Made by Marcus ice cream, but I buy the pints to eat at home, rather than risk the contamination of a by-the-scoop order.

There are more and more restaurants marketing gluten-free options which should really be labelled as “may contain gluten options.”

When dining out always ask a lot of questions and never assume something labelled as gluten free is gluten free.

I once dined at a restaurant in Edmonton with a dedicated two-page gluten-free menu—but when I asked if they had a separate fryer the response was no.

The server clarified that only one option was free from contamination.

I find this type of marketing not only frustrating, but dangerous for those looking for gluten-free options. For that reason, places that market GF options that I think have an obvious risk of contamination have not been added to this list.

For up-to-date information and tips, visit the Edmonton Chapter of Celiac Canada, especially for details on upcoming events! 

Ultimate Guide to Gluten-Free Eating in Edmonton 

Guest Blog by Sharman Hnatiuk, a local food lover who is Celiac. 

Originally published in 2019. Updated in 2023. 

Use + share this Guide to Gluten-Free Eats in Edmonton! (updated Summer 2023)

Totally gluten-free options in Edmonton

  • Continental Treat Fine Bistro: now with locations on Jasper Ave as well as the Whyte Ave. original, Continental Treat is a 100% gluten free restaurant. Indulge in the dill pickle soup, crispy fried schnitzel, and apple strudel with 100% confidence the meal is Celiac safe. Check out their website for ordering baked items or find them at some Edmonton markets!
  • Celebrate Gluten Free: Pick up their fresh baked breads (which don’t need to be toasted to make a sandwich edible), cinnamon buns, cheese buns, eclairs, cupcakes and squares. Saturday specials include eclairs and jelly filled donuts.
  • Kinnikinnick Foods: My go-to source for baguettes and all-purpose flour blend. Kinnikinnick is more of a mini gluten-free grocery store with everything from cereal to perogies. Many of their items are egg/dairy free for GF folks with those allergies. I recently became a fan of their pizza buns which felt like a nostalgic treat!
  • My Fries Poutinerie: Edmonton’s first Gluten-Free Food Program certified restaurant is serving up poutine in the west end of Edmonton. In addition to the classic, you can spice things up with everything from butter chicken, Philly Cheese, and BBQ pulled pork.
  • Chateau Louis Dining Room: This is another Gluten Free Food Program certified option for you! The totally gluten-free kitchen services up weekend buffet options in addition to their all-day menu options. Order their fried chicken to go.
  • Rio Vida Gluten Free – This is another west-end gluten-free bakery. Rio Vida has GF dry mixes, ready to eat frozen bites (perogies, empanadas, flat breads) as well as gluten free frozen dough options including puff pastry, pizza dough, brioche and pie crust.
Continental Treat Fine Bistro is an entirely gluten-free restaurant!

Sharman’s current favourite gluten-free bites in Edmonton

Note: Some of this list includes some of my favourite bites in town that I have been enjoying for years, while others are new ones I’ve just experienced this summer 2023!

  • Crispy Chicken Sandwich at Pals: This sandwich is naturally gluten-free – no subs or changes required. Made in a dedicated gluten-free fryer, the crispy chicken sandwich and chips from Pals have brought me immense joy this Summer 2023.
    * if you’re getting the chips/fries, skip the onion dip which has malt.
  • Vietnamese subs at Banh Mi Day: This family-run Vietnamese sandwich shop on Jasper Ave .opened in 2022 but it wasn’t until Summer 2023 that I first tried it and loved it. The Banh Mi Day folks take care making the gluten-free subs separately in the back of the shop. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but I think mine would be the lemongrass chicken banh mi! 
  • Pho at King Noodle House Pho Hoang: Linda loves to tell people that the pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) at her parent’s restaurant King Noodle House is gluten-free and she confidently uses me as evidence. When I go, I stick to the traditional broth with steak, flank or brisket but I avoid meatballs and processed meat in some of the soups as I can’t confirm they are gluten free. 
    * this restaurant is cash only.
  • Thai Valley Grill: I live close to downtown but have started hitting up Thai Valley Grill when I’m heading to/from the airport or other south side destinations. Located at Calgary Trail and Whitemud (next to the library) this spot has great Thai food and staff are very knowledgeable about the gluten-free options. Don’t be fooled by their menu, which doesn’t specify gluten-free dishes—just ask your server or call.
  • Dosa at Nosh Café Indian Cuisine: I was first introduced to masala dosas—a thin crepe made from fermented lentil/rice batter and stuffed with a spicy potato mixture when backpacking Southern India. Served with chutney and sambar, dosas are a treat I love to enjoy, but not all Indian restaurants serve it. Nosh is close to my house and serves up gluten-free curries as well as dosas! Give it a try and enjoy eating with your hands.
  • Japonais Bistro: Now with two locations in Edmonton, Japonais is still my favourite sushi spot in the city. Their menu clearly labels gluten-free available dishes and the New Style Sashimi is my favourite dish to order. 
  • Ichiban: This strip mall sushi spot has a special place in my heart. Ichiban is ridiculously fast, features female sushi chefs, and items are great value. You can find this restaurant at 8750 149 St, Edmonton, AB T5R 1B6 or call (780) 481-5252. Items aren’t labelled gluten-free but they have plenty of options and gluten-free soy sauce!
  • Biera: This popular eatery started serving brunch this Summer 2023 and I had the most delicious English breakfast there!! Gluten-free options are available for brunch or dinner.
  • OEB: So often places have just one gluten-free option for breakfast or brunch, but breakfast pros OEB offer many. I’m a fan of the Breakfast Poutine!
  • The Lingnan: I started dining at The Lingnan earlier this year after they posted about a beef chow fun noodle dish that was gluten free. I also like that items that may have gluten or be contaminated with gluten are labelled. You can also confidently ask your server!
Gluten-free dosas and curries from Nosh!
Enjoying gluten-free breakfast at OEB!
Order the GF Breakfast Poutine from OEB!
A steak, flank or brisket pho at Linda's parent's restaurant King Noodle House is gluten-free!

Gluten-free Ice Cream in Edmonton

  • Made by Marcus: There are many craft ice cream makers in Edmonton, but this Calgary import remains my favourite. I don’t risk the contamination of the “by the scoop” in-store options, instead I hit the in-store freezer pint to-go options instead. The Whyte Ave location has soft serve which can be gluten-free.
  • Yelo’d Ice Cream & Bake Shop: Gluten-free Filipino inspired flavours are always on the soft serve and Yelo’d had gluten-free ice cream cones last time I went. Top your treat with GF fruity pebbles for a complete sugar overload.
  • Kind Ice Cream: Another Edmonton favourite, Kind Ice Cream has gluten-free options listed on their website but your safest bet is the pints to go!
  • Twice Cream: Located in Westmount, Twice Cream doesn’t appear to list gluten-free flavours on their website but I was able to buy pints to-go with gluten-free options.
Gluten-free soft serve from Yelo'd!
Alberta Milk - Hanna Holstein - Cow Influencer - Best Ice Cream Shops Calgary Edmonton - Kind Ice Cream copy
Photo credit: Kind Ice Cream

Worth the $$$ and the calories

  • Tzin: This is an intimate wine bar with a small but delicious menu. There are no gluten-free labels on the online menu but you can ask the server for options and ALWAYS order The Bacon!
  • Fairmont Hotel Macdonald: Fairmont properties are known for accommodating allergies and the Hotel Mac delivers! Enjoy gluten-free options on the patio, at the Harvest Room or when splurging on Sunday brunch.
  • RGE RD: Owners Caitlin Fulton and Chef Blair Lebsack of RGE RD offer a fabulous dining experience where gluten-free feels like no trouble at all. Treat yourself to the chef’s choice Road Trip dinner.
  • Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse: Most people go to Pampa for the all you can eat rodizio meat experience. I go for the unlimited supply of pao de quijo—delicious Brazilian cheese buns! I was first introduced to these chewy buns while travelling in Brazil. They are made with tapioca flour and 100% gluten free. You won’t be able to have just one! 
  • SABOR / Bodega: Christian Mena and Chef Lino Oliveira have a recipe for success with their Portuguese/Spanish menus at both SABOR and their Bodega wine bars (now with four locations in Edmonton plus St. Albert and Sherwood Park). I love that I can get my gluten-free bacon-wrapped date fix across the greater Edmonton area.
  • Jack’s Burger Shack: Now on Jasper Ave as well as their original location in St. Albert, Jack’s Burger Shack is a great spot for a gluten-free burger and shake. The staff are great with allergies so ask at the counter and they can confirm what you can and cannot order.
  • The owners of PalsMarlo, The Next Act Pub, Pip and MEAT have shown some serious love to Celiacs on their menus. Their growing conglomerate of restaurants a block off Whyte are fan favourites for their gluten-free sandwiches, brunch, tacos, smoked meat and fish & chips.
  • Guru Restaurant: Guru is my favourite Indian restaurant in the city! Of note: they have a gluten-free chickpea bread to substitute for naan! 
  • Bundok: Although the online menu does not outline gluten-free options, Chef Ryan Hotchkiss will take care of Celiacs. Save room for the citrus posset!!
  • Remedy Cafe: Not only does Remedy Cafe serve up delicious chai, but they have a range of wraps, curries, sandwiches as well as drinks and desserts that can be done gluten/dairy-free and vegan.
You can't go wrong with the gluten-free BACON dish from Tzin.
Enjoying gluten-free eats on the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald patio!
Give us all the cheese buns!!

Latin Love

Celiacs are so lucky with Mexican, Central American, and South American dishes as many are corn-based and naturally gluten-free! Check out some of my favourite spots for gluten-free Latin cuisine in Edmonton:

  • Avila Arepa: Loads of gluten-free options at this Whyte Ave spot.
  • El Fogon: A great Venezuelan restaurant located in a strip mall on 118th Ave. Note some fillings are made with items that may be fried in a contaminated fryer. Be sure to ask which are cooked safely gluten-free.
  • La Patrona: Located in Sherwood Park. Reservations advised for this hot spot!
  • Mamenche’s: this Salvadoran family-run hole-in-the-wall serves up pupusas that taste authentic. Make sure to check opening dates/times and be patient with ordering when they are busy.
El Fogon Latino Venezuelan Food Edmonton Restaurant 118 Avenue
Big fan of the gluten-free arepas from El Fogon!
Enjoying pupusas from Mamenches!
Mamenches is a gluten-free hole in the wall!

Even more Gluten-Free Bites around Edmonton

  • Belgravia Hub: Find clearly labelled gluten-free items on their menu!
  • Brits Fish and Chips: Nearly everything they serve is available in gluten-free batter cooked in its own dedicated fryer! They also make gluten-free tartare sauce. 
  • Earls: I’ve had some bad luck at chain restaurants but my gluten-free friend Seanna swears by the gluten-free burger at Earls. She also reported that some locations have a dedicated fryer! Ask if you can indulge in the fries.
  • Die Pie: This plant-based, Vegan restaurant has loads of gluten-free options including pizza and dessert.
  • Cactus Club: This restaurant chain has a ‘gluten smart’ menu my friend Seanna gives a thumbs up to.
  • Oliveto: A family-run Italian restaurant in Riverbend Square is another Seanna recommendation for gluten-free eats!
  • The Moth Café: This is another plant based option in Edmonton with lots of clearly-labelled gluten-free options.
  • Food in the Nud: Located in the Ritchie neighbourhood (and available on Biera’s menu), Food in the Nud has gluten, dairy, soy and corn free bakery items.
  • The Common – a staple for downtown food, drinks and entertainment, double check with your server to ensure gluten-free items are safe as there is a risk of contamination with the fryer.
  • Sorrentino’s: These Italian restaurants all around the Edmonton area have gluten-free options including gluten-free pasta.
Enjoying gluten-free Fish and Chips from Brits!

Have fun on your gluten-free eating adventures in Edmonton!

A reminder to make sure you ask questions each and every time you dine.

Restaurants can change their ingredients or cooking practices, menus evolve, so be sure to always let your server about your dietary restrictions and advocate for yourself!

If you found this post useful, please consider sharing it! 

And if you have a favourite gluten-free dish / restaurant in Edmonton that wasn’t mentioned, please shout out to it in the comments below!
Use + share this Guide to Gluten-Free Eats in Edmonton! (updated Summer 2023)
About Sharman Hnatiuk

Sharman Hnatiuk is a gluten-free, Edmonton-based food and travel blogger, ambassador for Alberta Pork and Taste Alberta and good friend of Linda’s! You’ll often find Sharman organizing delicious food events, cooking up recipes, or on an adventure. 

If you’re interested in following Sharman’s food and travel adventures, visit her Instagram @thispiggystale, Twitter @thispiggsytale, and blog www.thispiggystale.com.



  • Don Paton says:

    myFries, the only certified dedicated gluten free quick service restaurant in Canada and you haven’t been there yet?
    They are the talk on gf social media and their feedback on Google is amazing!
    This is where you can eat “anxiety free”!

  • David lutz says:

    We are fisherman’s wharf inland located in downtown wetaskiwin. We are celiac friendly, our main gluten and dairy free fish batter is a must try. Quality wild line caught cod and haddock flown in from Iceland weekly. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Web @ freshfishweekly.ca come visit with us.

  • Steph says:

    The Next Act is amazing for celiacs! Their deep fryer is completely gluten-free, and all of the staff is extremely knowledgeable about what is and isn’t gluten-free.

    Grandin Fish and Chips is also delicious, good value, and the staff is very knowledgeable. They have a separate GF deep fryer and the breading for GF looks different (but is delicious!) so its easy to tell if there’s been a mistake.

  • Duped says:

    I wouldn’t call this the Ultimate Guide. Call it the Snooty Guide to Expensive dining. Tons of good places not mentioned here. Won’t be sharing this. ????????

  • Linda Hoang says:

    Hi there! Thanks for your comment, feel free to share your suggestions if you’d like to help out other gluten-free diners :)

  • gfdf says:

    All the coeliacs I know are also dairy and/or lactose intolerant (including myself). It’s important to note this additional criteria when eating out, as that tends to limit the choices quite a bit more than just gluten free for the fad dieters who think that soy sauce is also ok.

    My fave Thai place to eat at is Syphay. They always go the extra mile to accommodate my requests. I also used to eat at Boualouang and Viphalay, but Syphay has been the most consistent out of all of them. They are also able to make their food less sweet and more spicy, which I find is a problem with the other two places (they aren’t able to adjust their sweet/spice levels on all dishes, and never the soup, which is too sweet imho). Plus I had contaminated food at Boualouang twice, so I’m always wary now.

    Lemongrass Vietnamese has an entirely separate GF/DF menu, I have never had a bad experience there. The staff is always attentive.

    Another two thumbs up for El Fogon, they have some GF/DF options. Delicious! I’ve had mixed experiences at Arepa, but they also have good food when they hit the nail on the head (try the house special drink).

    Other places I’ve had good GF/DF experiences at and would return to: Die Pie, Woodwork, Food in the Nud, Clementine, Baijiu (the szechuan crusted chicken, omg!), Noorish (not at all pricey as some people seem to think), Japonais (just not when they are busy if you want special diet requests), OEB, The Next Act, Select, Burger Priest (keto burger), My Fries (unlimited poutine!), Joeys Bell Tower. I’m sure there’s probably more, but I’ll let someone else fill in the gaps.

  • R says:

    Doing a disservice to Celiacs by posting restaurants that aren’t dedicated GF.
    The ONLY certified Gluten Free restaurants in Edmonton are: Celebrate Gluten Free, Chateau Louis buffet, MyFries, and Continental Treat.

  • Linda Hoang says:

    Hi there! This post was never intended (or ever says) that it’s a Guide to only certified gluten free restaurants :) It’s simply a guide to some great restaurants that offer gluten-free options! Enjoy!

  • Beth McKinley says:

    A shout out to Brits fish and chips. They have a tasty gluten free batter and a dedicated fryer. Well worth a try. I found out I was celiac approx. 20 years ago and this was the first place I could get good gluten free fish and chips.

  • Tina Nash says:

    Great Info. Being a coeliac from Australia, I always have to do a lot of research before travelling overseas so I was really impressed and very grateful to find your blog as we commence our Canadian roadtrip in 2020 exploring Alberta and BC. Thankyou.

  • Jen siffledeen says:

    Hi. Love the blog. Lots of new things to try. Always up for an adventure. I have to say chef Lorne Soles has an amazing Saturday night, certified gluten free, buffet. Yes everything is gluten free! The fried chicken made me cry it was so good and the risotto is delicious….but the best part is the dessert buffet….all of it is ammmmazzzzing!!! It’s a must try. I’ll keep reading…oh also juniper cafe in strathern is amazing…and the staff are great!

  • Jennifer says:

    Hahaha chef Lorne soles is the head chef at the chateau Louis in Edmonton….that probably helps!

  • Mary says:

    Hello how about Rio Vida gluten free bakery ?
    Check it out if you haven’t been there I am surprise you missed it !

  • Saveta says:

    More to add to the list:
    Aachys (South Indian)- get their malai kofta, any of the dosas and biryani!)
    Dorinku (Japanese street food) – has some gf options
    Pagolac (Vietnamese) – most of their noodle soups are gf; beef stew is my favourite! (#35 I think?)
    Tien Tuyen (Vietnamese) – their curry chicken noodle soup (and other noodles soups too!)
    Chutney Restaurant (Paksitani) – if you communicate your allergy, they will be happy to point out foods that are safe (mostly all curries are good)

    I’ll be happy to write a blog post on GF around Edmonton if you like! :)

  • Hi Linda,
    You should include Belgravia Hub in your listing. We have numerous items on our menu that are gluten free and have been accommodating celiacs and those who are gluten sensitive since we opened almost 8 years. Thanks.

  • Sydney says:

    If you like Vietnamese food, Thanh Thanh on 101 St and 107 Ave has some of the tastiest and safest gluten free dishes in the city. Super affordable, huge portion sizes, and the friendly staff really make you feel like family. You just have to ask for their gluten free menu – I would personally recommend the grilled shrimp vermicelli bowl, or if you like spicy food the spicy central Vietnamese soup is to die for (but be warned, it really is spicy!)

  • Lancing says:

    Wow, Sharman, your guest blog on gluten-free dining in Edmonton is fantastic! As someone who follows a gluten-free diet, I can totally relate to your initial struggle after being diagnosed with Celiac disease. It’s inspiring to see how you embraced this change and took the opportunity to explore the gluten-free dining scene in Edmonton. Your mention of perogies and homemade fresh buns made my mouth water, and I’m thrilled to know there are options available for gluten-free eaters in the city. Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights – looking forward to reading more from you! 🌾🍽️

  • Jenny says:

    This is an awesome list! Where would you recommend getting a birthday cake?

  • Steve says:

    If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to try https://bucopizzeria.com/ amazing gluten free pizza. I’ve only been to the St. Albert location but it’s been amazing every time.

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