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I host a monthly social media strategy podcast called Don’t Call Me a Guru

Don't Call Me a Guru Social Media Podcast

Don’t Call Me a Guru is a monthly podcast about social media strategy, from a social media strategist, featuring social media people. The podcast originally started October 2016 with two co-hosts, Tyler Jack Butler and Linda Hoang, and as of November 2018, shifted to a single host (Linda), who interviews other social media strategists and community managers. Take a listen to previous podcast episodes below, and/or subscribe to the podcast on Apple, AndroidSpotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts! 

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Don’t Call Me a Guru is a member of the Alberta Podcast Network. Locally grown. Community supported.

Podcast Episodes:

Episode 38

Podcast - Dont Call Me a Guru - Alberta Doctors - Social Media

In Episode 38 of Don’t Call Me A Guru, host Linda Hoang chats with Leopold McGinnis and Stephanie Usher of the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) about the association’s approach to social media, how it has used social media to communicate to the public and support its members during contract negotiations with the province, successes, challenges, lessons learned, how the AMA used TikTok, and advice to share for other social media managers.

Released: October 2020


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Episode 37

In Episode 37 of Don’t Call Me A Guru, host Linda Hoang explores how social media has helped / is being used by local businesses during the pandemic, with guests Steve Brochu, owner/chef of Milk Crate Edmonton, Stephanie Ould, social media manager of the Edmonton Downtown Farmers’ Market, and Ellie Huang, who has been helping Chinatown restaurants get up and active on social media.

Released: May 2020


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Episode 36

In Ep. 36, Linda chats virtually (as is the new normal) with popular Canadian comedian Lars Callieou who shares his approach to using social media to build his online brand and business as a stand-up comic, engaging community, growing your network, and staying positive online.

Released: April 2020


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Episode 35

imedia conference

In Ep. 35, Linda is joined by former co-host and co-founder Tyler Jack Butler, along with a cast of characters in a special iMEDIA Call-In Extravaganza featuring digital and social marketing tips from experts who would have spoken at the 2020 iMEDIA Conference had it not been postponed due to COVID-19.

Released: March 2020


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Episode 34

Don't Call Me a Guru Social Media Podcast

In Ep. 34, Linda chats with herself (lol) about three Social Media Trends to consider this year (2020), plus advice on why and how you might integrate these trends into your social media work.

Released: February 2020


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Episode 33

In Ep. 33, Linda chats with Holly Baker (@inthefunlane) and Christina Dennis (@theDIYmommy), who have both built their brands and careers using social media (particularly in the design industry).

Released: January 2020


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Episode 32

In Ep. 32, Linda is joined by farmer Ash Armstrong of Armstrong Acres (via Skype), and Alberta Open Farm Days marketing coordinator Nicola Doherty (in studio) to discuss social media strategies and tactics in the farming and agriculture industry—with takeaways that apply for social media managers in all industries!

Released: November 2019


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Episode 31

Dave Cournoyer and Katherine O Neill Dont call Me a Guru Podcast

In Ep. 31, Linda is joined by political experts Dave Cournoyer and Katherine O’Neill who help analyze social media strategies and tactics in the 2019 Federal Election, social media in politics as a whole, and sharing general social media insights and advice that can be applied in all industries.

Released: October 2019


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Episode 30

Don't Call Me a Guru Social Media Podcast

In Ep. 30, Linda catches you up on social media news, updates, features, and reports you may have missed over the summer.

Released: September 2019


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Episode 29

In Ep. 28, Megan Dart, Communications Specialist with the Edmonton Fringe Theatre, comes on the podcast to share insights on what goes into managing content creation for the largest and longest-running Fringe Festival in North America!

Released: July 2019


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Episode 28

Don't Call Me a Guru Social Media Podcast BioWare Anthem Video Game Jesse Anderson

In Ep. 28, Jesse Anderson, Global Community Manager for Anthem, an online, multi-player action role-playing video game developed by BioWare (Electronic Arts), shares insights into community management and social media in the video game industry.

Released: June 2019


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Episode 27

In Ep. 27, Tourism Calgary’s Manager of Content Marketing, Kyle Russell comes on the podcast to discuss how the popular tourism board develops its own content, works with individuals and influencers to create user-generated content, tips for social, digital and content teams big and small, and more!

Released: May 2019


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Episode 26

In Ep. 26, guest Kath Oltsher with Zoe’s Animal Rescue shares the rescue’s experience using social media, tips for other rescues, how to deal with negative comments, staying on ‘brand’/’on message’, and more!

Released: May 2019


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Episode 25

Paula Simons and Linda Hoang

In Ep. 25, guest Paula Simons joins Linda to share insights about using social media in journalism and politics and how her experience can be applied to your work.

Released: April 2019


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Episode 24

Brittney Le Blanc Linda Hoang Social Media

In Ep. 24, guest Brittney Le Blanc joins Linda to discuss using social media to build personal brand and community, influencer marketing and more.  

Released: March 2019


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Episode 23

Tyler Jack Butler and Linda Hoang

In Ep. 23, former co-host Tyler Jack Butler returns to chat strategies and lessons learned from the March 2019 iMEDIA social media / digital marketing conference.

Released: March 2019


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Episode 22

Tracey Jazmin and Linda Hoang

In Ep. 22, photographer Tracey Jazmin shares Instagram insights and discusses branding / lifestyle photography, a service an increasing number of influencers are requesting.

Released: January 2019


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Episode 21

Alex Hryciw and Linda Hoang

In Ep. 21, we learn what it’s like managing social media for the mayor with guest Alex Hryciw, Communications Advisor for the Office of the Mayor & Mayor Don Iveson.

Released: December 2018


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Episode 20

Royal Alberta Museum Social Media

In Ep. 20, learn about the social media strategy and execution leading up to and during the opening of the #newRAM—Royal Alberta Museum—western Canada’s newest and largest museum.

Released: November 2018


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Episode 19

In Ep. 19, Tyler and Linda reflect on the past, present and future of Don’t Call Me A Guru as Tyler moves on from the podcast. 

Released: October 2018


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Episode 18

Tyler Jack Butler and Linda Hoang

In Ep. 18, Linda and Tyler go through their highlights from SocialWest 2018 while driving home on the QEII.

Released: June 2018


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Episode 17

Don't Call Me a Guru Social Media Podcast

In Ep. 17, Tyler and Linda discuss a secret wedding, a cat festival, HQ trivia, Instagram Stories, and, of course, the latest social media news.

Released: June 2018


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Episode 16

Teens and Social Media

In Ep. 16, Linda and Tyler welcome back cousins Catie (Age 17) and Meghan (Age 13) to see what’s changed in the teenage social media space and how marketers can effectively engage that group.

Released: April 2018


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Episode 15

iMEDIA Social Media Conference

In Ep.15, Linda and Tyler come at you LIVE from iMEDIA 2018, where they chat with keynotes Tyler Lessard and Yang Han about the future of marketing, bias in the tech industry and more.

Released: March 2018


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Episode 14

Don't Call Me a Guru Social Media Podcast

In Ep. 14, Linda and Tyler tee up 2018 social media marketing trends and discuss whether followers trust influencer marketing, should your brand be on YouTube and more!

Released: January 2018


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Episode 13

Don't Call Me a Guru Social Media Podcast

In Ep. 13, Linda and Tyler discuss 280 character tweets, Facebook and Instagram Stories, how to convince your clients that follower count doesn’t matter, and more!

Released: November 2017


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Episode 12

Don't Call Me a Guru Social Media Podcast

In Ep. 12, Linda and Tyler share their approach for starting new social media jobs or working with new social media clients and more!

Released: October 2017


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Episode 11

Ryan Frankson Edmonton Oilers

In Ep .11, Linda and Tyler sit down with Ryan Frankson, Director of Social Media with the Edmonton Oilers, to discuss what it’s like to plan and execute social media for an NHL hockey team.

Released: September 2017


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Episode 10

Tyler Jack Butler Social Media Podcast

In Ep. 10, Linda and Tyler discuss what social media managers should share when there’s nothing to share, plus new Instagram Stories features, Facebook Group changes and more!

Released: August 2017


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Episode 9

Don't Call Me a Guru Social Media Podcast

In Ep. 9, Linda and Tyler catch up on changes to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat discuss how they’ll be integrating those changes into their strategies.

Released: July 2017


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Episode 8

In Ep. 8, Linda and Tyler chat about managing social media use and the role social media marketers play in the rise in social media addiction with Deepika Mittra, a therapist, stress expert and self-care advocate.

Released: May 2017


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Episode 7

Tyler Jack Butler Social Media Podcast

In Ep. 7, Linda and Tyler discuss ALL the social media Stories – Snapchat Stories, Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, Messenger Stories!

Released: April 2017


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Episode 6

Tyler Jack Butler and Linda Hoang

In Ep. 6, Linda and Tyler interview Jennifer Hollett, head of news and government for Twitter Canada. They chat about the state of Twitter, and ask the question on every marketer’s mind: is Twitter dead?

Released: April 2017


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Episode 5

Don't Call Me a Guru Social Media Podcast

In Ep. 5, Linda and Tyler discuss the next big trend on social media: livestreaming. Find out what makes a great live video experience and learn what you need to know to get started.

Released: February 2017


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Episode 4

Tyler Jack Butler and Linda Hoang

In Ep. 4, Linda and Tyler chat with Linda’s teenage cousins about how the kids are using social media. Get ready to feel old.

Released: February 2017


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Episode 3

Dave Cournoyer Social Media

In Ep. 3, Linda and Tyler talk year-end social media highlights and upcoming trends. We also chat with leading, local political blogger Dave Cournoyer of daveberta.ca about a range of social media and politics topics.

Released: January 2017


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Episode 2

Devin Komarniski Bissell Centre Social Media

In Ep. 2, Linda and Tyler discuss social media in the non-profit sector with Devin Komarniski, Marketing and Communications Manager at the Bissell Centre.

Released: December 2016


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Episode 1

Tyler Jack Butler Social Media

In Ep. 1, social media strategists Tyler and Linda introduce themselves, their views on social, and discuss the latest news in the world of social media. They also say “um” a lot. They’re pretty new at this whole podcast thing.

Released: October 2016


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