Introducing: The Instagram Husbands’ Conference

As a serious Instagram enthusiast (I’d love it if you followed me @lindork!), I have found myself wondering why—after so many years of practice—does my husband, Mike, still not take good Instagram photos?

Instagram Husbands Conference

The key is to take numerous photos in the hopes that just one will work.

I know I’m not the only one whose thought this!

And that’s really how the idea for the Instagram Husbands’ Conference came to be.

Inspired by the 2015 ‘Instagram Husband’ video by The Mystery Hour, and my all-too real experiences, the Instagram Husbands’ Conference pokes fun at the concept of Instagram Husbands while offering a solution to the constant disappointment I and others like me feel when our partners take photos of us.

Instagram Husbands Conference

The Instagram Husbands’ Conference, inspired by very real experiences.

Huge thanks to the very talented folks at Cineflair Productions for putting together this awesome video! And to my great group of friends who got together to star / be extras. (See full credits below).

Sadly, the Instagram Husbands’ Conference is not real, though I’ve decided it really should be, and maybe it will eventually be… because I imagine it would be very well-attended, especially based off of the initial reaction I received from those who watched the video when it was released just before Christmas.

We all thought this video would just be very fun to create, as it’s so relatable!

If you enjoyed it, please share it! We’ve already got (as of early January 2018) over 11,000 views on Facebook and 6,000 views on Twitter!

Instagram Husbands’ Conference Full Credits

Concept: Linda Hoang

Writers: Linda Hoang and Sheena Rossiter

Production Coordinator: Linda Hoang and Sheena Rossiter

Produced by: Cineflair Productions

Director: Amro Maghrabi

Director of Photography/Assistant Director: Pablo Herrera

Sound, Grip, Post-Production: Jeff Khounthavong

Logo Design: Rory Lee


Mike as Basic Instagram Husband

Tyler as Duped Instagram Husband

Ryan as Hungry Instagram Husband

Phil as Hipster Instagram Husband


Nicole, Ally, Amelia, Freya, Lyndsay, Esther, Lauren, Diane, Taylor, James, Thom, Rob, and Sandro.


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