Tips for Celebrating Your Pets’ Birthday (+ Video Blog)

I’ve finally started video blogging! And my first video is about celebrating Thor, Loki, Olive and Artie’s birthdays! Or well, TRYING to celebrate it, as we opted to do a combined birthday party for all four animals this year. As you can imagine, trying to wrangle two cats and two dogs for birthday treats and photos is a bit chaotic lol. We did our best! 

Dog Cat Birthday Party

Watch the first of #lindorkVlogs (that’s what I’m calling the video blogging lol) below: 

Video Blog: Celebrating Your Pets’ Birthday!

One of the things I’m going to try to do whenever possible when vlogging, is to include a blog that complements the vlog. I know I appreciate when videos also include read/skim text options, that’s important! So below, I’m blogging some of the things you need to celebrate your pets’ birthdays in addition to some inspiration shared in the video! 

Dog Cat Birthday Party
Dog Cat Birthday Party

Tips For Celebrating Your Pets’ Birthdays

1.Decide on the setting 

We have celebrated Olive and Artie’s birthdays at a restaurant for dogs in Edmonton before (check out my old blog post about that paw-ty!). We’ve also taken them for birthday walks in an off-leash river valley dog park. For the cats, we typically celebrate them at home where they’d be most comfortable. When planning to celebrate your pets’ birthdays, decide on a setting that makes sense for the pet, their personality, whether you’re looking to do something a bit more extravagant or something more low-key, something that involves inviting dog friends (so maybe you don’t want all those dogs in your house, but perhaps a yard or dog park would make more sense), or just a small celebration with humans—no other pets. That’s all going to factor into where you decide to celebrate! 

2. Decorate the space 

Our go-to pet birthday celebrations include balloons, banners, party blowers, and party hats. Note for our cats, we always cut the party hats to make them smaller. You might want to set up an Instagrammable Pet Birthday Wall to take photos (a later step) of your birthday pet too! Having some type of birthday decor definitely helps with the celebratin’!  

3. Prepare the food 

Birthday food should include your pets’ favourite treats! When we had Olive and Artie’s birthdays at the Doggy Style Deli dog restaurant, they took care of treats and cake. When we host at home, I make pupcakes (using this recipe, but there’s a lot of different recipes out there—and you should try to incorporate ingredients your dog usually enjoys!) The cats will get a mound of wet food as their ‘cake.’ And you need to get candles to add to the birthday vibe!  

4. Take lots of photos

Because pet birthday parties are the CUTEST and they should be photographed!! Although this is arguably the most important part of a pet birthday, it’s also the most challenging, especially if you have more than one pet you’re celebrating that day. Typically we celebrate our pets birthdays individually so that makes photos and attention a lot easier to manage, but this year we combined our four animals birthdays and it was chaotic to say the least, lol. We recruited our friends Steele and Maddie to help us get some photos and videos so factoring in at least one extra human to help document the celebration is highly recommended.

5. Give some gifts

Finally, we didn’t actually do this for the birthday celebrations this year because we typically end up coming home from a “quick stop” to the pet store for litter or food with treats and toys for our animals year-round anyway, so we didn’t think they needed more items for the birthday celebration. Usually though, it’s nice if you can give your pet a gift and even better if it’s wrapped so they can open it too! It’s SO cute when they try to rip/paw open their presents. 

Dog Cat Birthday Party
Dog Cat Birthday Party

I hope you got some pet birthday inspiration from this post and I do hope you watched the video too! You can obviously tell our pets are adorable by looking at the photos but they are way cuter when you see them in moving, video form, lol. 

I hope to start vlogging more regularly now that I’ve gone full-time blogger and social media strategist, so please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and stay tuned for more vlogs AND blogs! 


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