Explore Edmonton: There’s a Dog Restaurant in Edmonton, Canada and it’s Paw-some!

For the last three years, we’ve been celebrating Olive’s dog birthday at the Doggy Style Deli – a restaurant for dogs located on Stony Plain Road right here in Edmonton!

I’ve blogged about the experience before, and have shared lots of photos on social media, but every year it still surprises/delights a lot of people who hear about the doggy restaurant for the first time! 

Dog Restaurant Doggy Style Deli Edmonton

Olive had her nose in the loot bags!

This year we was a double birthday – now that we have Artie we decided to do both birthdays on the same day. Olive’s birthday is in October while Artie’s is in November, so we had their joint party at the end of October. 

Dog Restaurant Doggy Style Deli Edmonton

The dog whisperer!

We also had a whole new group of doggy friends to invite/introduce to the wonderful Doggy Style Deli!

French Bulldog Khaya was the only return friend from last year (Olive/Artie are really popular, what can we say? Gotta make room for new friends! lol) 

Dog Restaurant Doggy Style Deli Edmonton

Trivia time – they all want treats.

This is what you get in the dog birthday package at the Doggy Style Deli (about $20 per dog):

  • Each dog gets a meal 
    • You choose from hilarious, punny dishes like ‘Hound Burger Helper’ and ‘Shih Tzu Stew’ 
  • Each dog gets a piece of the special dog cake
    • We always get the one shaped in a paw, with hot dog wiener “candles”
  • Each dog/owner gets to play a trivia game where you win more treats for your dogs 
  • Each dog gets to run wild around the restaurant 
  • Each dog gets a loot/treat bag to take home 
Dog Restaurant Doggy Style Deli Edmonton

A special birthday cake!

Bonus: there are inevitably accidents (pees/poos/throw-up, you know the doggy drill) but Doggy Style Deli staff are on hand to clean it up! Mess-free dog parties.

It’s truly an amazing concept and Mike and I can’t recommend it enough. The staff are always so nice, the dogs always have such a great time, the owners are killing themselves laughing or aww-ing because it’s so fricken cute and silly (lol). 

If you take your dog to the Doggy Style Deli for non-birthdays, meals are just $4 or $8 (small/large sizes) and they also act as a pet store and dog food store too – with lots of toys, collars, beds, raw food and home-made dog treats. They also do dog grooming! 

Dog Restaurant Doggy Style Deli Edmonton

Thanks for coming out to celebrate Olive and Artie!

And here are some more photos from Olive and Artie’s 3rd and 1st birthdays!

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  • Twin Brooks says:

    Oh how I love to see other people (not just myself) celebrating their pup’s birthday! I have lived in Edmonton for years but I had no idea that Dog Restaurants were a thing – thank you for the guide! I now have a doggy date to plan!

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