Linda’s Season of Savings: Enter to win $500 towards your Dreams with ATB Prosper

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It’s been a few months now that I’ve been working with ATB Financial highlighting its ATB Prosper digital investment experience, and I’ve truly enjoyed the journey. I’ve gotten a lot of great financial tips (that I’ve also shared with you in this previous post!), and I’ve been putting those tips to action with my own personal finances.

Have I had a few weak moments and bought a few new outfits for an upcoming trip even though I said I would try not to buy as much clothes this year? Sure. Yes, no one is perfect! lol. But in the last few months I’ve also been eating out less (it’s true!!), I’ve set up an automatic scheduled deposit also known as a Pre-Authorized Contribution (PAC) for my RRSPs and I opened an ATB Prosper Investment account.

The ATB Prosper account is what I’m most excited about! I’ve never invested my money before, only saved. I’ve always been pretty risk averse when it comes to my money, and honestly lazy—didn’t want to go into a branch to sort out what I needed to do and do it—seriously, that can be a barrier.

Enter ATB Prosper, Alberta’s first digital investment experience!

I didn’t realize setting up my first investment account could be so quick and easy.

I like how the ATB Prosper digital investment tool shows you projections for how your money will grow!

Officially, ATB says you just need 10 minutes and $100 to open an account. And it’s true! It’s also true that you can do it entirely online or through its ATB Prosper Dashboard app, without once talking to someone on the phone or going into a branch.

Busy (or lazy) lifestyles, rejoice!

It really did take me less than 10 minutes to start my ATB Prosper account. All I had to do was answer a few questions! First, it asks you what you are saving for, as well as your comfort level with investing money. Then it asks about your current assets and liabilities. It gives you a great chart that shows how much you’re projected to save with how much you’re interested in investing each month, based on a recommended investment portfolio (which is determined by the first few questions you answered about your risk aversion and goals). It also gives you recommended timelines for your investments required to reach a goal, but you can choose whether your deposits are biweekly, monthly or annually. If you want it to take money directly from an existing bank account, you just provide your banking information right in the dashboard. It was a very simple and straightforward process!

ATB Prosper - Alberta Digital Investment Tool

A low-to-moderate risk portfolio was recommended for me based on my answers to ATB Prosper’s questions!

After my account was created, I was presented with a nice dashboard where I can check how my investment is doing, see if I’m on track for my savings goal, make one-time deposits to speed up my progress, edit my goal or add new savings goals! But as I already mentioned, you can also download the ATB Prosper Dashboard app, allowing you to check your investments whenever and wherever you wish.

I can easily check my investments through the ATB Prosper App!

I really liked how fast and simple creating the account was, and how I could do it entirely on my own, online. I also like how you can start with a really low figure for monthly contributions, and choose to add more one-time deposits or dial up your monthly contributions later on if you wish.

Now I can officially say I’ve “got a few investments” and I did it completely digitally!

Super cool.

I’m excited that I’m all set up for investing with ATB Prosper, getting one step closer to achieving my dreams. However, I’m even more excited that I get to give away $500 to help you towards achieving YOUR dreams!!



Enter to win $500 towards your dreams!

I’m calling it, Linda’s Season of Savings (woot woot!) I’ve partnered with ATB Financial to run a contest this March and another one later in April, where I’ll be giving away a $500 balance to an ATB Prosper account. If you don’t have an ATB Prosper account, ATB will get you started with a cool $500. If you already have an ATB Prosper account, you’ll get a cool $500 placed into that existing account. Fun, right?!


  1. Leave a comment on this blog post telling me what BIG goal you are saving for!

Note: Leaving a comment on the blog is mandatory for entry.

Comments are moderated so if yours does not appear right away, don’t worry!

Get additional entries through social media:

  1. Tweet the following message: I want to win $500 towards my dreams! Enter @lindork’s Season of Savings giveaway with @ATBFinancial for a chance to win $500 towards an #ATBProsper investment account. Learn more: #yeg #yyc #AB
  2. Leave a comment on my Instagram post, telling me what BIG goal you are saving for and tag a friend to spread the word.
  3. Leave a comment on my Facebook post, telling me what BIG goal you are saving for and tag a friend to spread the word.

This contest runs from March 27 – April 10, 2019.

One winner will receive an ATB Prosper investment account with a balance of $500 CAD. If you have an existing ATB Prosper investment account, ATB will deposit $500 CAD into the ATB Prosper investment account.


And stay tuned because my Season of Savings continues into April with my next blog post and another chance for you to win $500 towards an ATB Prosper account!


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Disclaimer: I am working with ATB Wealth in a paid partnership to help highlight its ATB Prosper investment experience. This has no impact on opinions stated in this post. I have created my own ATB Prosper investment account and genuinely thought the process was quick and easy. I’m so excited to finally be investing!


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