(Spoiler-Free) Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

Mike and I went to see the advanced screening of Captain America: The First Avenger yesterday (Mike won tickets through The Electric Playground) and it. was. awesome.

I was very excited going into this film because I love superheros, I love superhero movies and I think that Marvel Studios has been doing such a terrific job with all of their comic book-to-big-screen projects. I thought the plot was swell – told very well. There were great action scenes and Chris Evans does a fantastic job portraying America’s hero (I think it’s very cool how they made him look so small and scrawny before his superhero-injection). Tommy Lee Jones is hilarious, most of his lines will make you laugh. Not to mention the very attractive (and talented) supporting actors: Dominic Cooper, who plays Howard Stark, Tony Stark (Iron Man)’s father, and Sebastian Stan, who plays Captain America’s best friend Bucky!

I love how everything in the Marvel world is connected. I love how Howard Stark has such an involved role in Captain America’s history and later his son Tony/Iron Man and Captain America will be part of the same team. It’s so cool how there’s little bits of all The Avengers’ sprinkled in all of the individual superhero films.

The ending could have been a bit better, I felt it was too quick and left too many loose ends, but didn’t hurt my overall rating of the flick, which would be 4/5. (After I decided on 4 out of 5, I checked Rotten Tomatoes and was very impressed with the 96% audience rating of it, and a solid 71% from critics). Well-deserved kudos. I loved Thor (my kitty and the movie ;)) more than Captain America but, just.

You can see see why America loved Captain America, by watching this movie. Very well written and well performed. Chris Evans did a spectacular job at portraying a brave hero.

I recommend Captain America: The First Avenger, to everyone!

Here’s the Captain America: The First Avenger HD trailer:

And I leave you with this photo of Mike dressed up as Captain America, costume courtesy of Rachel Lees! :)

NOTE: There is a special The Avengers scene at the end of the movie, so be sure to stay and watch! Unfortunately at the screening nothing was shown!!! I assume it’s because it was an advanced screening but it still doesn’t make sense. It’s supposed to air in normal screenings, as most Marvel movies do feature a special scene at the end. So stay!!

Let me know what you think of the movie!


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