Review: Barb & Ernie’s

Barb & Ernie's at 9906 72 Avenue.

Mike and I had a weird work schedule week and ended up having Friday off together! We ended up going for brunch at Barb & Ernie’s (at 9906 72 Avenue), a restaurant we’d been meaning to try for awhile.

Lots of history at Barb & Ernie's!

We’d heard a lot of good hype about Barb & Ernie’s, that it’s one of the best breakfast/brunch places in the city, that it’s more than a restaurant, it’s an institution – been here for over 30 years, etc.

But we had also heard it wasn’t as good as it had once been. And it turns out the latter was true in our experience.

Combo Meat Eggs Benedict at Barb & Ernie's!

I ordered the “Combo Meat Eggs Benedict” which included bacon, sausage, ham, an English muffin with real white wine hollandaise sauce and potatoes.

I didn’t enjoy my meal at all. It was unbelievably greasy and actually made me feel sick I had to stop eating lol. And I never stop eating!!

Greasy benedict... at Barb & Ernie's!

Note the grease. Extremely disappointing when their eggs benedict is supposed to be the “best in the city.”

Mike ordered the “Flamenco Eggs” with onion, peppers, potatoes, ham, salami and toast served in a frying pan.

Flamenco Eggs at Barb & Ernie's

He said his meal was “good” but he also said he didn’t want to be quoted saying anything mean in my review so I know he probably wasn’t that impressed he just didn’t want to say lol.

Egg Benedict’s I’ve had at New York Bagel, Cora’s, and The Loft have all been better than the one I had at Barb & Ernie’s. (While eating I really wish we had gone to any of those places instead, lol).

Also in terms of pricing – this place was way too expensive for what you get both in quantity and quality. My meal was $16. $16! More expensive than the meals at Cora and The Loft, on par with the meal from New York Bagel, but at least it’s fantastic at New York Bagel for the price.

Our bill ended up being close to $40, which is pretty standard for our meals out, but at the same time makes me cringe thinking we could have tried say Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse for lunch at basically the same price, lol. (One day we’ll toss out our frugality for the night and go to Pampa!!)

I will say that the atmosphere at Barb & Ernie’s was nice and the service was friendly and speedy, but that doesn’t make up for the food. I was very disappointed and I can say with certainty that I won’t be back. I don’t quite see what all the hype is about. Though I have heard the hype was merited back when Barb & Ernie still ran the place but it’s been a lot different since they retired.

So have you been to Barb & Ernie’s? What did you think!?

Linda :)

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  • Renita Olson says:

    My mom went to Barb & Ernie’s and was not impressed with the food or with the owner’s attitudes towards their customers.
    I went to Pampa for lunch with the s.o. over the summer and it was delicious! I can’t wait to go back for dinner :D

  • Linda Hoang says:

    Your mom has good taste! lol. Also, I’m sooooo jealous you’ve been to Pampa, LOL!

  • Sam T says:

    Barb and Ernie didnt “retire”, they were bought out by their son and he kicked them out. They lived above that restraunt since it opened and he kicked them out! In the dead of winter. Without Barb and Ernie, that place has gone to the dogs. I know many people who wont even think of going there since that happened.

  • Hi Linda
    I’m Ernie the founder of ” Barb & Ernie’s ” Restaurant and I’m sorry you had not a great time at the Restaurant. I work at the German Canadian Culture Center as the German Chef and have to listen quite often about the downfall of the place. I thought I teach my Son the way to do it, but to no avail.
    Like to see Barb and me??
    please go to you-tube:
    Ernst Feuchter
    Barb & Ernie’s Film production
    ” cooking and traveling around the globe”
    with our 10 year old Grandson Julian
    Have a nice Day

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