Purina Pet People: Try the ONE Score for National Pet Day!


Happy National Pet Day! To celebrate, Purina Canada is launching the Purina ONE Score – a new scoring system aimed at helping pet owners better understand their dog’s health. I was excited to use this new health scoring system on Olive and Artie as part of National Pet Day.

Purina ONE Score - National Pet Day

Check your pets’ health using the Purina ONE Score!

Our pets’ health is a huge priority and we’re up for doing anything we can in between vet check-ups to ensure they’re staying healthy, especially if it’s quick and easy! 

The Purina ONE Score looks at seven signs of a dog’s health including:

  • Skin condition
  • Coat quality
  • Dental appearance
  • Breath 
  • Bowel movements
  • Energy level and
  • Appetite

All dog owners are encouraged to use the ONE Score to examine your dog and rate them from 1-5 based on these seven categories of health. The results should give pet owners confidence in understanding how healthy their dog is and whether a visit to the vet is on the horizon!

Olive Enthusiasm - Purina ONE National Pet Day

Purina ONE Score check on Energy: 5/5 for Olive!

The ONE Score was developed in consultation with an animal nutritionist and veterinarian and is a pretty simple and handy way for you to check your pets’ health.

Artie Appetite - Purina ONE Score National Pet Day

Purina ONE Score check on Appetite: 5/5 for Artie!

We checked Olive and Artie using the ONE Score and here are their results: 


  • Breath Smell – 5 
  • Dental Appearance – 5 
  • Energy – 4 
  • Appetite – 2 
  • Coat – 5
  • Skin – 5
  • Bowel Movement – 4
  • Total Score: 30 


  • Breath Smell – 5 
  • Dental Appearance – 5 
  • Energy – 5 
  • Appetite – 5 
  • Coat – 5
  • Skin – 5
  • Bowel Movement – 4
  • Total Score: 34 

Based off of this, Artie is doing extremely well and Olive is too – except for her appetite.

National Pet Day Purina ONE Score

How does your pet score?

Our best guess is Olive’s gotten bored with her old food, so this past week we switched her over to try Purina ONE Wild Turkey + Venison (lots of real, meaty chunks!)

We’ve since noticed a bit of an improvement in her eagerness to eat. If her ONE Score on Appetite remains low, we’ll take her the vet to see what’s really going on! 

Olive - National Pet Day Purina ONE Score

Olive eyeing up her new Purina ONE Smartblend: Wild Turkey & Venison.

(Artie’s appetite exceeds ‘eager’ no matter what we give him, but we do really love the meaty chunks in the Purina products we give him!)

Artie - National Pet Day Purina ONE Score

Purina ONE Score check on Dental Appearance for Artie: 5/5!

For National Pet Day, I hope you Download your ONE Score and do a check to make sure your pets are healthy. 

#LetsLiveBig with our pets!

Ensuring they’re healthy is a big part of that and something as simple as a quick, 7-step health check is the least we can do to help our pets live bigger and better lives. 

See how else I’m living big with my fur babies this year.


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Disclaimer: I will always provide my 100% honest opinion on this blog. This blog was posted as part of my Purina Pet People brand ambassador partnership. This has no impact on opinions stated in this post. 

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