Purina Pet People: New Years’ Resolutions for my Pets! (#LetsLiveBig)

I’ve been hesitant over the years to make New Years’ Resolutions because almost all of the time – I don’t end up keeping them. A few years ago I wanted to learn how to knit. To this day, I’ve yet to pick up knitting needles. (That’s what the knitting tools are called, right? lol) 

My New Years’ Resolutions track record isn’t great, but I’m hoping this year will be different – because I’m focusing my resolutions not on things I should do for me, but on things I should do for my pets. 

5 Ways I’ll Live Big With My Pets in 2017
(New Years’ Resolutions)


  • Longer Dog Walks and Outdoor Adventures

Sometimes life gets so busy and we get so lazy – when we’re home after a long day at work or have a busy weekends planned, it might mean the dogs don’t get as much time outside as they should. Mike and I deeply regret this but am happy to say so far this year, Artie and Olive have been getting some of the longest daily walks they’ve ever had! In addition to longer daily dog walks, we want to do more dog park visits and other outdoor adventures. Later in February, we’ll be taking them on a day trip to Abraham Lake and Jasper with us! I’d also like to factor in more supervised, backyard outdoor adventures for the cats under this umbrella too. They love going into the yard and don’t do it enough.

Thor Outside Cats Purina

Thor loves playtime in the yard.

  • More Playtime with the Cats

Thor and Loki were our first fur babies but as we added Olive and then Artie, their playtime significantly dropped. Olive and Artie tend to eat or destroy any of the toys we try to give Thor and Loki, so we slowly stopped giving them toys.  Don’t get me wrong, they get lots of love – we have our morning and bedtime routines, lots of pets and cuddle time, just not necessarily playtime. So this year, we’re going to make sure we play with the cats as much as we do the dogs.  

  • Doggy Daycare and Playdates 

Since Artie’s just a year old, we’re still crate training him. I know it’s a normal thing to do but I always feel bad about having him locked up for so much of the day. He has so much energy and is such a sweet, playful boy, he really thrives socializing and playing with other dogs. That’s why this year we’re starting to take Artie to doggy daycare (at Infinite Pawsibilities!) and scheduling more playdates with dog friends (Olive comes to work with me when Artie is at daycare, and of course she would come along to any dog playdates too). So far, Artie is loving his doggy daycare (and the dogs there love him!) 

  • Daily Grooming 

Thor has a cute little pink brush I use on her during our morning routine (I brush her teeth and she showers with me, then gets a few brushes). This year I’m going to commit to grooming alll my animals. I know there’s a glove you can buy that works as a brush so we can pet the dogs while they’re resting. With Artie in daycare (and bringing home a lot more dog licks and smells lol) it also means I’m going to be more on top of giving them regular baths.  

  • Teaching/Learning New Tricks

Over Christmas, I saw Mike’s uncle’s dog backing up on command. I thought this was the coolest thing. he just shuffled back on his bum as soon as Uncle Pat said “Back up.” Mike and I went home and immediately tried teaching Artie and Olive. Artie’s got it – it’s not as smooth a shuffle back but it’s not bad and I’m excited to teach them more tricks this year – even the cats! (I’m proud that Thor and Loki know how to sit on command already!) Artie and Olive are pretty good with puzzle toys too – I’d like to incorporate more of that into their year as well – mentally stimulating and fun (plus the best part for them about learning new tricks or playing with puzzle toys is… they always get treats! Ha).



 So those are just some of the ways I plan to Live Big with my pets this year.

As I do – I’ll be sharing progress of these Live Big resolutions throughout the year on social media.

I’ll be sharing this as part of my continued  Purina Pet People brand ambassadorship. That will include some opportunities for @PurinaCanada giveaways throughout the year too so stay tuned for a chance to win! 

#LetsLiveBig with our pets this year!! 



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Disclaimer: I will always provide my 100% honest opinion on this blog. This blog was posted as part of my Purina Pet People brand ambassador partnership. This has no impact on opinions stated in this post. 

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