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There’s a new seafood spot in town! Grandin Fish ‘N’ Chips recently opened on 109 Street and 99 Avenue, right by (and is a product of the same people who run) The Common! Grandin Fish ‘N’ Chips is a super hip, fast-casual restaurant that puts a prairie perspective on fish ‘n’ chips (from Port to Prairie, they say!)

Grandin Fish n Chips Edmonton

Grandin Fish ‘N’ Chips at 9902 109 Street.

The decor/interior of Grandin Fish ‘N’ Chips is beautiful! Their design work is actually recently award-winning, it’s so slick. There’s a feature wall with port to prairie-themed artwork depicting weird (but cool weird) land and sea combinations like fish jumping out of wheat, mermaid horses, and cow skulls tied to anchors. There are really interesting nautical/prairie mash-up details all over Grandin Fish – my friend Nermeen and I spent much of the first part of our visit looking at and commenting on all the details. 

Grandin Fish n Chips Edmonton

Just the most interesting prairie + sea artwork inside Grandin Fish ‘N’ Chips.

Huge windows at Grandin Fish ‘N’ Chips mean the whole space is really well-lit (my favourite!), and they’re totally on trend with their hanging light bulbs. They’re also totally on brand with so many different nautical-themed pieces (you’ll find anchors, ropes, and fishing hooks all over the place). 

Grandin Fish n Chips Edmonton

Great atmosphere!

You can order up at the counter, call before and take out, or dine-in at Grandin Fish ‘N’ Chips. Their lunch rushes are apparently crazy (and in their opening weeks there were line-ups out the door). Our server said calling ahead and picking up for take-out has become a popular option for a lot of visitors (at both lunch and dinner).

When Nermeen and I went, we arrived for an early dinner, so we were one of the first few in the restaurant before it started to fill up (and it did fill up – quite quickly!) 

Grandin Fish n Chips Edmonton

A pretty straight-forward fish ‘n chips menu at Grandin Fish ‘N’ Chips!

The menu at Grandin Fish ‘N’ Chips is pretty straight forward – the star is of course, is the fish, of which they offer a few types and a few cooking styles (including gluten-free fried, which should be great news for gluten-free/celiac seafood lovers. This might be the place for you to try!)

You can choose Basa, Haddock, Cod, or the Fish of the Day – which when we went, was a Grouper fish, which our server accurately described as being a bit more oily than the other fishes, but not in an unpleasant way. (Nermeen thought it was really good!) You’ve also got a choice of Chicken and Chips if for some reason you came to a fish ‘n’ chips place and didn’t want fish (lol). And there’s even Hot Dog & Chips! 

Grandin Fish n Chips Edmonton

Haddock for me! at Grandin Fish ‘N’ Chips.

Prices for the fish ‘n’ chips range from $12 up to $16 for a 5 oz fish, which – depending on the fish you get – means one fish or two. I got the Haddock ($14) and Nermeen got the Grouper ($16), but her Grouper 5 oz was just one piece, whereas my Haddock came in two pieces (but was still, we’re told, also 5 oz). I think because the Haddock pieces come in 2 pieces though, you’re probably getting a bit more than 5 oz, so there’s a bit of a better deal there (because the haddock is also one of the cheaper fish ‘n’ chip options at Grandin!) 

The Fish of the Day at Grandin Fish ‘N’ Chips.

Each fish ‘n’ chips comes with the chips (fries), along with coleslaw and tartar sauce, but for $1.50 you can try some of their other specialty sauces – like garlic & herb butter anyone? Green tomato chimichurri? Bearnaise sauce? Yum! You can also substitute your chips for one of their sides (for an additional $2). The different sides include items like Butter & Herb Baby Potatoes ($4), Fried Brussel Sprout Bubble & Squeak ($5 – which we ordered, and they were delicious!), and Steamed Asparagus ($6). Given the nothing-special feeling about the chips, I think subbing with one of the other sides is probably a good decision. 

We asked our server why the Brussel Sprout dish was called Bubble & Squeak and he explained it’s a traditional English vegetable/leftover dish, so this sprouts Bubble & Squeak was Grandin’s take on that – which is neat (and tasted really good – crispy (almost burnt) brussel sprouts are divine). You’ll find a lot of that at Grandin – neat, Prairie twists on British and East Coast classics. 

Grandin Fish n Chips Edmonton

Fried Brussel Sprout Bubble + Squeak dish at Grandin Fish ‘N’ Chips.

Overall, both Nermeen and I thought our meals were delicious! The fish batter was light and crispy, and the fish itself – flaky, flavourful, and well-cooked, though depending on what you get, your texture may be slightly different (but still, I’m sure – delicious). As I mentioned, the ‘chips’ part of our fish ‘n’ chips were not particularly outstanding, but for an additional $2 you could swap out for one of their other, tasty side dishes. You’re most certainly coming for the fish here though, which is fresh (not frozen!) and sustainable. 

Grandin Fish n Chips Edmonton

Flakey and delicious.

Grandin Fish ‘N’ Chips also offers some other dishes from the sea – from seafood chowder to oysters, Manilla clams and mussels to a Nicoise salad (with seared tuna). Our server was disappointed we didn’t try dessert (I was going for second dinner that day, lol). So, there are lots of reasons for me to come back!

The most expensive item on the menu is the $19 West Coast Manilla Clams. I think everything else is pretty reasonably-priced (and I believe comparable in terms of other fish ‘n’ chips places around town) for a fairly filling and tasty meal. 

Grandin Fish n Chips Edmonton

Grandin Fish ‘N’ Chips!

Admittedly, my fish ‘n’ chips experience is not too extensive, so I won’t claim to know how, taste-wise Grandin Fish compares to most other Fish ‘N’ Chips offerings in the city, but I can tell you that of what I had, I thought it was a great meal, with great service, and I truly enjoyed the great interior design and atmosphere at Grandin (that for sure, is unique to their fish ‘n’ chips spot!) 

I’m thrilled to see more seafood offerings coming to our landlocked city. Congratulations to The Common’s Chef Jesse Morrison and team for opening up such a great seafood spot! 

I think both Grandin Fish and The Common have a lot in common (lol, common). They’re both very hip. They both have wonderful and interesting interior details. They both offer delicious food. But Grandin is so much brighter than The Common, so for that, it gets some extra points for that in my book (haha!) 

And I’ll just end with a note on a space: There’s pretty limited seating at Grandin (around 30 seats), so if you’re not fortunate enough to snag a spot along their awesome mural wall, then you’ll sit up at their long, community table – or sit along a bench near the window as you wait for your to-go order. 

So have you been to Grandin Fish?! What did you think?


Grandin Fish ‘N’ Chips
9902 109 Street 
Monday to Saturday 
11 a.m. to 10 p.m. 


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