Halloween Food: Ideas for your Halloween Party

I’m a big fan of holiday-themed food! And when it comes to Halloween, I love making the grossest looking dishes (lol! That sentence really only works because it’s Halloween!)

Check out some of the Halloween food I made this year!

They are all pretty simple recipes that I hope inspires you for your next Halloween party:

Puking Pumpkins 

featuring chips + salsa + guacamole 

Halloween Food - Throw Up Pumpkins Salsa and Guacamole

Pumpkins throwing up salsa and guacamole.

Puke-related Halloween foods are my favourite kind, lol.

I find I generally default to this type of food each year.

Halloween Food - Pumpkin Guacamole

Pumpkin throwing up Guacamole.

To make these puking pumpkins, I used this simple guacamole recipe, store-bought salsa (but you could easily make your own!) hint of lime tortilla chips, and mini pumpkins from the store (between 50 cents and 90 cents per pumpkin!)

Jack-o-Lantern Buffalo Chicken Dip 

featuring cheese bread, chicken, and buffalo sauce 

Halloween Food - Pumpkin Buffalo Cheese Dip

I love buffalo dip, so I try to make some form of it at any gathering. For Halloween, I used Tasty’s Jack-o-Lantern Buffalo Chicken Dip with Cheese Bread in a Skillet!

Though I definitely didn’t cut my Jack-O-Lantern face out big enough, it was still really delicious and the cheese inside the pizza dough is a really great surprise for people!

Exploding Rice & Beef Bell Peppers

featuring orange bell peppers, beef, and rice

Halloween Food - Bell Peppers

Exploding beef and rice bell peppers.

I’ve made these in past years so I didn’t really use a recipe. Basically you cook up ground beef and rice, mix it together with salt ad pepper and your preferred seasoning (I have done these with pasta before so I like to to throw in tomato sauce, plus it tomato sauce makes for good blood, hehe).

Stuff the mixture inside orange bell peppers (that you’ve popped out eyes and mouths for) and lay in a greased baking dish, throw it in the oven (30 minutes ish at 375-400F) and you’e got yourself some exploded bell peppers!

Earwax Q-Tips

featuring butterscotch and marshmallows 

Halloween Food - Butterscotch QTips

Earwax Q-Tips (AKA Butterscotch Marshmallows).

This is the dish that always gets people cringing. It’s just hard to get over that visual but these marshmallow butterscotch bites are an easy, sweet but disgusting dessert.

Buy mini marshmallows, melt butterscotch chips, cut off the ends of actual Q-tips and insert the marshmallows. The travel-size Q-tips package adds a really nice, authentic touch.

Halloween Food Ideas Recipes

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I hope you were inspired by some of these ideas!

Also let me know if you try doing any of these!!

Happy Halloween!


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