Clicks of the Day: Wednesday, November 23, 2011 Edition!

Welcome to Wednesday, November 23 2011’s Clicks of the Day!

  • New Partnership Brings Disney Movies To YouTube Starting Today
  • “The new partnership between the two companies includes movies from Disney, Disney-Pixar and DreamWorks Studios. The films, some of which have already arrived on YouTube, are available to rent starting at $1.99.”

    That’s pretty sweet! :)

  • YouTube now serving up 3.5 billion videos a day
  • “The increase in videos served comes as YouTube is capturing more eyeballs around the world. It now has more than 800 million unique viewers per month, and more than half its views come from non-English speakers.”

    That’s a lot of time wasted on YouTube worldwide! ;)

  • NYPD orders officers not to interfere with press
  • “The police commissioner’s letter makes clear that journalists are entitled to cross police and fire lines, unless it is unsafe or a live crime scene, and officers have a duty to provide access and information to the extent they can.”

    That’s good for journalists.

  • Alberta drivers slowest in Canada to adjust to winter driving, insurer says
  • “Alberta drivers are the worst in Canada at making the switch to winter driving, show statistics released Wednesday by insurance company Aviva Canada.”

    Not surprising, lol.

  • Albertans least likely to invest in winter tires: survey
  • “According to a recent survey commissioned by Canadian Tire, Albertans are the least likely to outfit their cars with winter-rated tires, effectively turning their vehicles – and the roads on which they drive – into a carnival ride.”

    Also not surprising (myself included in this statistic, I have all seasons! Which technically passes winter driving benchmarks, so there. lol).

  • Apple TV expected in mid-2012 and the competition is ‘scrambling’
  • “The report also details some rumours, suggesting that production of the Apple TV will begin in February at a Sharp factory in Sakai, launching some time in mid-2012.”

    On the path to world domination, nation, nation.

  • Edmonton tags $360,000 to help “chronically homeless”
  • “Some of Edmonton’s chronically homeless cost the system more than $200,000 a year through nuisance calls to police, emergency room visits and psychiatric treatment.”

    That’s an unfortunate use of monies.

  • Lens Dial: Professional Photography Accessory For Your iPhone 4S
  • “The Lens Dial is one of those badass accessories that you could almost just dream about if someone didn’t come along and actually make it. However, just because it’s badass doesn’t mean that it is cheap. This badboy will set you back a whole cool $249, but boy will you have some cool gadgets to play with.”

    Wow, this looks so cool. A tad expensive as I have bought little lenses for my iPhone for a lot cheaper in the past (and subsequently lost them because the lenses were so small, lol) but it is pretty badass an accessory.

  • For Video Game Makers, Playing The Competition Is A Heroic Task
  • “We asked industry execs and game creators for their strategies on powering through a tower of video games.”

    Lol, awesome. Playing games at work, during breakfast, on airplanes.

  • Why Swearing Sparingly Can Help Kill Pain
  • “Letting loose with a satisfying string of expletives can significantly reduce physical pain, research has shown. But according to a new study, it doesn’t work as well if you make a habit of cursing frequently.”

    I rarely swear, but I definitely do when I stub a toe or hit my knee on something, lol. Good to know it helps.

  • Burglar left himself logged into Facebook
  • “Investigators allege Jones broke into a second home in the neighborhood later in the day and left himself logged into Facebook on the victim’s computer.”

    Lol. Soooo intelligent.

  • False Better Business Bureau email spreading virus
  • “On Tuesday, the BBB’s network was hacked and the organizations databases were accessed. As a result, BBB members and non-members are receiving an email claiming there has been a complaint against their business.”

    Careful, everyone!

  • Occupy the moral high ground – and pack up your tents
  • “I fully support the right of the Occupy Edmonton to protest. But freedom of speech isn’t the same as the freedom to light fires on private property. Freedom of assembly isn’t the same as the freedom to squat indefinitely.”

    Great read. So true. Pack it up, Occupiers.

  • Strong link between shovelling snow, heart attacks: Study
  • “It’s a common sight in the winter — Canadians with mittens, boots and shovels digging out from under a snowstorm. A new study has shown that, if you are in a particular high-risk group, this is an activity that can kill you.”

    Ruh roh.

  • Death of ‘thank you’
  • “It is considered one of the basics of politeness, but saying “thank you” may be dying out, according to new research.”

    Always say thank you.

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