Clicks of the Day: Thursday, November 24, 2011 Edition!

Welcome to Thursday, November 24 2011’s Clicks of the Day!

(I didn’t spend much time online today so there’s not much, lol come back for the Weekend Edition!)

  • Holiday charity scams
  • “The holiday season is a traditional time of giving for many Canadians. Unfortunately, fraudsters know that and take advantage of our generosity. Before you give anything to a charity, you should perform your due diligence.”

    Some things seem obvious but always a good reminder…

  • They’re everywhere: Bathroom surfaces full of germs, study finds
  • “A new study shows bacteria are plentiful on virtually every bathroom surface you might imagine touching – toilet handles, stall doors, soap and towel dispensers and washroom doors.”

    Yuuuucky. Always keep hand sanitizer handy after using gas pumps too!

  • Looking for a job? Manage your social media and online profile
  • “Every tweet, every Facebook photo and every blog entry is an extended edition of your resume. Ninety per cent of employers will go digging to see what kind of employee you really are.”

    Always be aware of how you’re presenting yourself online!

  • [Infographic]: How to use Google Search more effectively
  • “The infographic offers a helpful primer for how to best structure searches using advanced operators to more quickly and accurately drill down to the information you want.”

    Useful stuff! I didn’t know you could do conversions just in the google bar itself. the “define:” is one I use often, didn’t know I could do “filetype:” or “intitle:” – Google is so amazing!!

  • After 4 million cups of coffee, Tim Hortons to pull out of Afghanistan
  • “Tim Hortons says it will close its outlet at the Canadian Forces operations base at the end of this month, as most of Canada’s troops will be gone.”

    Can’t imagine how much happiness the Timmies brought to soldiers over there! :)

  • Iowa’s Hamburglar surrenders to police
  • “A 21-year-old man in Iowa has turned himself in to the police after breaking into a McDonald’s, cooking himself some hamburgers and fries, and then leaving.”

    Lol. Too hilarious.

  • Illiterate until the age of 96, 98 year-old man writes first book
  • “A 98-year-old man from Connecticut just wrote his first book. More remarkable, he was illiterate until he was 96.”

    Great story.

  • New Trend: Intentionally-Crooked Teeth. (Really)
  • “Japan. The forward-thinking land that first brought us lash extensions and 100-degree therapeutic baths is now responsible for a new beauty trend, but this one is sending shivers down the spines of traditional orthodontists. The country’s latest brain trust? Deliberately crooked teeth.”

    Ew. A trend I do not find many getting on board with.

  • Groupon vouchers decision cost Berkshire business thousands
  • “A Berkshire cake maker has said it almost went bust after thousands more vouchers it offered on a group-buying website were redeemed than it expected.”

    I’ve heard about this kind of thing happening to other small businesses who signed up with Groupon. Really crappy situation.

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Thor loves boxes!!

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