Clicks of the Day: Wednesday, January 4, 2012 Edition!

Welcome to Wednesday, January 4 2012’s Clicks of the Day!

  • Edmonton’s balmy winter weather defies trends
  • “If last winter is remembered as the one that wouldn’t end, this one might be known as the one that wouldn’t start.”

    I hope the late start doesn’t mean Winter will run late!!

  • ‘I don’t know why Albertans are willing to put up with this crap’
  • “A major jump in power rates this month is further evidence the provincial government must return to a regulated electricity market, Alberta NDP Leader Brian Mason says. Mason called Wednesday on the Redford government to immediately freeze prices at a reasonable level, saying the province’s decision in the mid-1990s to deregulate the power market has failed consumers.”

    Yeah it’s kind of ridiculous…

  • Debt resolutions important to set, take work to achieve
  • “It’s estimated that the average Albertan spent nearly $1,600 during the holiday season, with a large portion of that ending up on credit cards. Coping with that post-holiday debt can be a challenge and debt counsellors say ‘financial freedom’ is a great new year’s resolution for everyone to set.”

    Mike and I didn’t do too shabby debt-wise coming out of the holiday season. Thank goodness. Though everything seems more expensive now that we’re supposed to be saving for a wedding lol.

  • Canadians delay dementia diagnosis, treatment: study
  • “The study, released on Wednesday, shows almost 50 per cent of Canadians waited a year or more to see a doctor after first showing signs of the disease. Of these, 16 per cent waited more than two years.”

    Dementia makes me sad.

  • Food allergies nearly twice as common among well-educated: study
  • “Cleaner homes, less exposure to pets and livestock and an increased reliance on antibiotics could be why those from educated households are more susceptible to food allergies, McGill University researchers say in a study published in the Journal of Allergy.”

    Gotta get dirty, people!

  • Want your kids to do better in school? Try exercise
  • “Children who get more exercise also tend to do better in school, whether the exercise comes as recess, physical education classes or getting exercise on the way to school, according to an international study.”

    Exercise can do no wrong!

  • Twelve superfoods for 2012
  • “Here are 12 superfoods that will not only make you healthier but that you also have a fighting chance of finding at your neighbourhood grocery store.”

    Everything is looking good except… kangaroo?! Weird.

  • You’re not seeing double – more and more twins being born
  • “The rate of twin births in the United States has doubled in the past 30 years. Canadians are also seeing double – and triple. Between 1991 and 2009, the rate of multiple births increased by more than 50 per cent, according to Statistics Canada.”

    Hm. I don’t know if I want twins (or triplets).

  • Target Is ‘Down’ With Down Syndrome: 5 Things Target Said By Saying Nothing At All
  • Including “They said that companies don’t have to call attention to the fact that they choose to be inclusive in order for people to notice their support for people with disabilities. In fact, by not making a big deal out of it they are doing a better job of showing their support for the special needs community.”

    Great post. Good for Target! :)

  • Parents play name game at their own risk: Expert
  • “According to a leading expert on the subject, it’s the seemingly “different” names that, ironically, result in a generation of same-sounding children. Heading into 2012, those trends include names inspired by video games, villains and even firearms.”

    I certainly am not naming my child Apple or Cookie, lol.

  • Peter MacKay weds girlfriend in private ceremony in Mexico
  • “One of Ottawa’s most eligible bachelors is now officially off-the-market. Defence Minister Peter MacKay quietly married his girlfriend Nazanin Afshin-Jam at a private ceremony in Mexico on Wednesday.”

    Normally not news worthy of my Clicks of the Day (lol) but I really wanted to use my helicopter joke. Ahem. ‘I feel like there’s a ‘was a government helicopter used at his wedding’ joke somewhere in this news. lol.

  • Pentagon-backed ‘time cloak’ stops the clock
  • “Pentagon-supported physicists on Wednesday said they had devised a “time cloak” that briefly makes an event undetectable… It adds to experimental work in creating next-generation camouflage — a so-called invisibility cloak in which specific colours cannot be perceived by the human eye.”

    This is very interesting.

  • U.S. customs says Canadian man didn’t gain entry on iPad
  • “‘The assertion that a traveller was admitted into the U.S. using solely a scanned image of his passport on an iPad is categorically false,’ Jenny Burke, a spokeswoman for U.S. Customs, said in a statement. ‘In this case, the individual had both a driver’s licence and birth certificate, which the CBP (U.S. Customs) officer used to determine identity and citizenship in order to admit the traveller into the country.'”


  • Lotto Max winners must wait for $50-million payout because they were lottery retailers
  • “An Ontario couple will have to wait more than a month before they can collect the $50-million jackpot they won last week because they owned and operated a store that sold lottery tickets within the past year.”

    That’s suspiciousssssss.

  • World’s first hybrid shark found in Australia
  • “Researchers found 57 of the new sharks along 1200 miles of coastline between New South Wales and Queensland, saying the interbreeding may be a response to climate change or fishing patterns.”

    Way to adapt and survive, sharks! :)

  • [Video]: Cat Plays Fruit Ninja on iPad
  • I will have to see how talented Thor is on Fruit Ninja! :)

Thor Photo of the Day:

Thor loves her dad! :)

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