Clicks of the Day: Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012 Edition!

Welcome to Wednesday, Feb. 1 2012’s Clicks of the Day!

  • Egyptian soccer fans rush field and clash after surprise victory, leaving dozens dead
  • “At least 74 people were killed and hundreds injured after soccer fans rushed the field in the seaside city of Port Said Wednesday following an upset victory by the home team over Egypt’s top club.”

    So ridiculous.

  • Oil spreads from wreck of ship off Italian coast, but extent of spillage is unclear
  • “A thin film of oil spread from the Costa Concordia cruise ship as waves battered the wreckage off Italy’s coast Wednesday, adding to fears of an environmental disaster in the area’s sensitive, pristine waters.”

    Oh no.

  • Facebook’s IPO by the numbers: You like?
  • “The social-networking giant’s initial public offering document reveals a wealth of detail about its business operations… In 2011, the company reported net income of a clean billion dollars on revenue of $3.7 billion… Zynga accounted for an astonishing 12 percent of all Facebook revenue in 2011… We all expected some big user numbers, and Facebook certainly delivered on that front. It claims 845 million ‘monthly active users,’ and an astonishing 483 million ‘daily active users.'”

    *Internet explodes*

  • Facebook History: Milestones In The Social Network’s Road To IPO
  • Some highlights: “September 2005: Facebook expands to include high schools” – “September 2006: Facebook begins letting anyone over 13 join” – “February 2009: Facebook introduces “Like” – “August 2010: Facebook launches location feature, allowing people to share where they are with their friends and strangers” – “September 2011: Facebook introduces Timeline, a new version of the profile page” – “January 2012: Facebook begins making Timeline mandatory” – “February 2012: Facebook files for an initial public offering of stock.”

    What a jouuuurney!

  • 730 CBC employees take home more than $100,000 a year
  • “The CBC has more than 700 staff on the payroll making $100,000 annually, the public broadcaster revealed to a Conservative MP who had asked for salary details of top CBC executives and on-air staff. But the CBC will not name them.”


  • Vegas Luxor guest dies of Legionnaires
  • “A guest who stayed at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in December and contracted Legionnaires’ disease has died, Nevada health officials said… Last spring, two guests staying at the Luxor also became ill with Legionnaires’ disease, but both recovered.”

    This is where Mike and I are staying for our Vegas trip in April. This is very concerning.

  • Vietnam: 2nd Bird Flu Death in a Month
  • “Vietnam has confirmed its second human death from bird flu in nearly a month, after going nearly two years with no reported fatalities.”

    Bird Flu 2.0 is back and spreading.

  • Occupy Edmonton attempts to occupy University of Alberta
  • “On Wednesday, a day when post-secondary students across the country staged rallies to demand improved post-secondary funding, the Occupy Edmonton group decided to stand in solidarity with the U of A Student’s Faculty and staff by staging a protest at the university.”

    They’re baaack.

  • What Are the Presidential Candidates’ Stances on Important Tech Issues?
  • “As technology becomes more and more a part of everyday life for Americans, the candidates can be expected to address tech issues more frequently as Election Day looms nearer.”

    I’m woo-ed by the fact that Obama does Google+ Hangouts, lol.

  • Meet the 30ft Dinosaur-age crocodile with the ‘fish trap’ head
  • “A dinosaur-age ancestor of modern crocodiles from Morocco had a huge armoured head designed as a “fish trap”, scientists have revealed. The extinct creature, dubbed “Shieldcroc”, lived around 95 million years ago but was unlikely to have wrestled with dinosaurs. Instead, it probably used its long flat jaws to ambush fish.”

    So cool!!!

  • Sex on the First Date? Go For an Android User
  • “If you just want to get some this Valentines’s Day, perhaps you should consider making plans with someone who owns an Android phone. A recent survey found that Android users are most likely to put out on the first date.”


  • 10 People who Time Travelled for Real
  • “From the government to an archaeologist to an extra in a Charlie Chaplin film, time travelers abound in legend, rumor, and documented “proof.” Can we really send a man to the future and return him safely to the present? Judge the truth for yourself after perusing these time traveler stories.”

    I absolutely believe in time travel! Great read!

  • Students offer new rules for accurate journalism
  • Including “‘Keep it simple.’ Journalists too often have a solid base for a story, but want to reach out and make an assumption, or throw in a random fact to make a story longer and seem more factual. This often creates confusion.” – “Start a story assuming nothing. While it is important to do research before a story, often reporters will think they already know the answers to their questions, which can prevent accurate reporting.” – “Simply ask questions. When in doubt, it is important to ask questions about details that are unclear.”

    Good tips, all around.

  • 20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes
  • I’m surprised my grammar pet peeve isn’t on here: “who” vs. “that” lol. Grrr.

  • [Video]: Volkswagen Super Bowl Commercial: The Dog Strikes Back
  • Volkswagen is rocking with their Super Bowl commercials :)

  • [Video]: Interspecies Mingling of the Day: Wolfmother
  • “A family’s pet wolf takes on an unexpected role: Mama cat.”

    Squee! :)

Thor Photo of the Day:

Computer cat :)

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