Clicks of the Day: Tuesday, November 29, 2011 Edition!

Welcome to Tuesday, November 29 2011’s Clicks of the Day!

  • Hospitals should stop charging patients for parking, medical journal says
  • “The editorial says parking charges are a health-care user fee in disguise, and an impediment to good care.”

    Caaash grab. I agree with this – sick people and their families have enough to deal with than worrying about parking too.

  • Hospital parking fees here to stay, province says
  • “Alberta’s health minister says the government has no plans to reconsider parking fees at provincial hospitals.”


  • Canadians say not enough time to exercise, eat right: survey
  • “Canadians say they don’t have enough time to exercise or to eat healthy foods, but a leading agency in the fight against cardiovascular disease says taking time now to live a healthy lifestyle can mean, plainly, more time to live.”

    It is hard to fit exercising in, cooking healthy meals, working and leisure activities all in a day :(

  • Why Some People Say ‘Sorry’ Before Others
  • “The researchers were most surprised to find that a strong sense of justice was negatively correlated with a willingness to apologize, perhaps suggesting that contrition and an “eye for an eye” philosophy are incompatible.”

    Some obvious results but cool that MacEwan researchers are in the Scientific American :-)

  • Dogs originated in Asia, genetic study indicates
  • “The conclusions are based on an analysis of the genetic diversity in populations of dogs in various regions of the world. The widest range of genetic diversity is found in the eastern Asian region, while dogs in other regions contain only portions of the total complement of eastern Asian genetic material. This indicates that these wider populations are descended from smaller groups that spread out from the Asian region in the past.”

    Also where it’s most acceptable to eat them… lol just kidding. I LOVE DOGS, I am just kidding.

  • Like Steve Jobs, Apple’s Tim Cook replies to fans’ e-mails
  • “E-mails from the new CEO, Tim Cook, began landing in the inboxes of enthusiastic Apple fans and on the same blogs that followed Jobs’ every word. Cook replied to several people who sent notes of congratulations.”

    I can’t imagine how much email he (and before him, Jobs) must have gotten, so that’s really great that he replies.

  • Canadian Business Owners Mostly Optimistic, But Some Are Struggling
  • “A third of respondents have worked longer, cut expenses, and experienced increased stress due to the global financial situation.”

    Tough times.

  • British Library newspaper archive puts 300 years of history online
  • “Sixty-five million historic newspaper articles, covering the most significant events over the last 300 years, are now fully available online from today in a new archive created by the British Library.”

    Pretty cool.

  • Cyber Monday Spurs Mobile Payments Into Billions
  • “Cyber Monday online sales have pushed mobile payments above and beyond this year, with eBay’s PayPal seeing a 514 percent increase in mobile payments compared to last year.”

    Cha-ching. I on the other hand didn’t buy anything on Cyber Monday. (Not payday yet, too broke, not worth it lol)

  • Lana Peters, Stalin’s Daughter, Dies at 85
  • “‘You can’t regret your fate,’ Ms. Peters once said, ‘although I do regret my mother didn’t marry a carpenter.'”

    Fascinating read on Stalin’s “little princess.”

  • Teen tweeter 1, Kansas governor 0
  • “The incident began Nov. 21, when Sullivan attended a Youth in Government program at the state Capitol. At the event, she tweeted: “Just made mean comments at gov brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot.””

    Really interesting but the most interesting part of this story is that now she has 10,000+ followers. So jealous, lol.

  • Quebecor cutting 400 Sun Media jobs through layoffs, buyouts, attrition: union
  • “About 400 jobs are on the block, roughly half of which are to be eliminated through buyouts. About 100 employees will be laid off and another 100 or so positions will be done away with through attrition.”


  • Pictures: Amazing Transportation Inventions
  • “Few ideas for getting from A to B have gripped popular imaginations in the modern era as strongly as the personal jet pack”

    A jet pack among others (including the Harry Potter Knight Bus, lol). Humans are great with their inventions.

  • French IT Company Declares The Email Dead
  • “The CEO of one of Europe’s largest IT companies has told his staff they are to stop emailing each other stating that it is no longer an “appropriate” communication tool.”

    I don’t know I feel like maybe real snail mail or internal business snail mail maybe, but email is still pretty relevant.

  • The Science of Stage Fright: How Stress Causes ‘Brain Freeze’
  • “New research helps explain why at moments of peak pressure, virtually all of us are vulnerable to similar failures, finding it harder to recall key words at the right time and almost impossible to focus on the task at hand.”

    There always appears to be an explanation, lol.

  • Montreal landmark beating out some of world’s most famous sites in Lego contest
  • “A quirky Montreal architectural landmark could be upstaging some of the world’s most famous buildings in the race to be immortalized as a popular children’s toy.”

    It’s pretty sweet looking!

  • Edmonton trainer shows how to fit fitness into the holidays
  • “’Tis the season when we tend to eat more and exercise less, or not at all. It’s a recipe for disaster for the waist and weight. But that could change by trying the ultimate in fusion cooking: exercising while you cook.”

    Well that’s an idea!

  • Gretzky’s daughter shuts down Twitter account
  • “Paulina Gretzky, the lingerie-wearing, nightclubbing, poolside-prancing daughter of Wayne, took down her racy Twitter account over the weekend – and it might have been at least partially Daddy’s doing.”

    Talk about inappropriate photos.

  • [Video]: Kitty Fight of the Century
  • “An old-timey recap of the of a rousing fight of the century between “Looney” Lenny Swiftfoot and Billie “The Brawler” Montrose.”

    Lol so great!!

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  • John Geary says:

    I agree with you re email, Linda. I just got an assignment confirmation via email; even rarer, the editor is going to snail-mail me the contract, which I found surprising. But some magazines still like to use snail-mail, although most are okay even with electronic signatures, depends on their policy, I guess. :-)

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