Clicks of the Day: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 Edition!

Welcome to Wednesday, November 30 2011’s Clicks of the Day!

  • Fowl Idea: Angry Birds Cookbook Finally Released
  • “The book is stocked with cute illustrations and characters from the popular, bird-slinging mobile game. As the title suggests, the cookbook is packed with egg recipes including breakfast dishes (omelets), heartier fare (egg sandwiches), desserts (souffle) and more adventurous options such as “Egg Sushi.””

    This would be a great gift!!

  • Massive robot built near Airdrie
  • “With a price tag of $80,000, Allen is aware that his monumental robot is not something the average person will be able to afford. Though his hope is to eventually make his living off the building and selling of these metal works of art, Allen has an even more personal reason to be so invested in the sale of his first creation.”

    It’s a pretty cool-looking robot I’ll admit, but not for $80,000, lol.

  • GamePro Shutting Down After 22 Years
  • “Popular gaming magazine GamePro has shut down its U.S. operations after 22 years of publications by its parent company IDG.”

    That is sad. I remember GamePro growing up! (My brothers were/are gamers lol).

  • Study: Women are petty, jealous wenches who are nasty to sexy peers
  • “According to a psychology study conducted at the University of Ottawa, women get downright nasty to attractive females, especially if she has the temerity to wear a sexy outfit. 97% Reacted With Hostility to Sexy Female Subject.”

    Lol. Hilarious.

  • Crown Counsel approves charges against 25 suspected rioters
  • “The first wave of charges has been approved against 25 suspected Stanley Cup rioters by the Crown Counsel. In total, 61 charges have been approved today… The mean age of the charged individuals is 22.”

    Tarnishing my age. lol. But glad charges are finally being laid.

  • Increased use of Wikipedia as a teaching tool in classrooms
  • “A handful of University of Alberta classes have introduced Wikipedia to their classrooms as a teaching resource this past semester, despite criticisms about the website’s credibility in educational institutions.”

    Really neat.

  • Mysterious tofu explosion has investigators puzzled
  • “According to the woman, just prior to the explosion, she had been cooking tofu and had been rinsing the pan with water; that’s when she says the explosion occurred. The explosion was strong enough to blow out a 4 x 6 window onto the street.”

    Your weird news of the day.

  • Most shared stories on Facebook in 2011
  • Full list: Most Shared Articles on Facebook in 2011

    Cool list for Facebook to release. It’s a Clicks of the Day list in itself, lol. How many articles had you read? Me, not so much actually.

  • Apple’s Siri on iPhone 4s and Legal Privilege
  • “The information that is dictated on the Apple iPhone 4s using the Siri dictation feature is sent to servers that reside in the US and that Apple, its related companies and agents have access to the contents of what is dictated.”

    Really interesting. Careful what you say to Siri.

  • Age Space Between Siblings Contributes to Academic Success
  • “Want to get your kids to the top of the class? One economist says the secret may lie in the age gaps between siblings. Having at least two years between brothers and sisters makes for better math and reading scores.”

    Who woulda thunk.

  • Flying to Philadelphia? Unbuckle the purse
  • “US Airways, sole carrier starting in January, hikes fare from $118 to $698”

    WOW. Douchey airline move of the day.

  • Scientists ID ‘Morning Person’ Gene
  • “ABCC9 influences sleep duration and could explain why certain people seem able to operate on limited amounts of shut-eye”

    I am not sure if I am a morning person or not. But I am certainly not a night person so I guess morning would be the other alternative, lol.

  • Atlanta man wins $1 million lottery for second time in three years
  • “A man in Atlanta has hauled in a million-dollar lottery payday for the second time in just three years.”

    Some people just have all the luck.

  • Mayor to Ottawa: Stop building prison cells in Edmonton
  • “Mayor Stephen Mandel demanded Tuesday the federal government stop building prison cells in Edmonton, because dealing with ex-inmates costs police too much money.”

    I didn’t realize Edmonton was a dumping ground for prisoners. Yikes.

  • Eiffel Tower ‘to be turned into green jungle’
  • “The Eiffel Tower could be transformed into a giant green “jungle” covered in 600,000 plants as part of an environmental scheme.”

    That’s interesting.

  • Another iPhone said to have spontaneously combusted
  • “The iPhone was reportedly charging by the bedside of its owner, Ayla Mota, when it allegedly began to emit sparks.”

    That’s scary.

  • No bones about it, new dinosaur identified on Prairies
  • “A 66-million-year-old partial skeleton discovered in Saskatchewan has been confirmed as a new species of plant-eating dinosaur.”

    So cool.

  • A Roller Coaster For Wimps: You Walk Instead Of Ride
  • “Visitors are invited to climb the narrow steps, make room for others to pass, and stop to enjoy the view of the Rhine.”

    I wouldn’t really call it a roller coaster, lol. But good way to grab my attention.

  • Superman ‘Action Comics #1’ Sells For $2.16 Million In Auction
  • “A rare and pristine copy of the first issue of Action Comics, famed for the first appearance of Superman, has set a record Wednesday for the most money paid for a single comic book: $2.16 million.”


  • HP CEO Admits Defeat, Says Apple Will Be Number One PC Maker In 2012
  • “HP CEO Meg Whitman recently said that Apple is poised to be the dominant PC maker in 2012.”

    Lol, nice.

  • Canada’s moustached men raise $33M
  • “Canadian men are tops when it comes to being hairy. The Movember campaign netted in excess of $33 million in Canada — more than in any other country in the world.”

    You go Canada! Mike contributed $145 to that :)

  • [Video]: Kittens Watching Ice Skating
  • “A group of kittens watch a figure skater do his thing.”

    Lol so cute.

Thor Photo of the Day:

Scaredy Thor hiding on the floor of my car as we drove to the vet.

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