Clicks of the Day: Monday, October 17, 2011 Edition!

Welcome to Monday, October 17 2011’s Clicks of the Day!

  • 100-year-old earns record, global attention after marathon run
  • “A 100-year-old man has made headlines around the world after completing a weekend marathon in Toronto and setting a world record in the process.”

    So impressed.

  • Ninety-year-old man goes back to school
  • “Allen who’s possibly the oldest first grader in the country says he decided to join school so that he can learn how to read and write and get a formal education.”

    Also impressed – proving it’s never too late!

  • RIM giving customers $100 worth of free apps as compensation for recent service outage
  • “In a press release this morning RIM said “as an expression of appreciation for their patience during the recent service disruptions” they will give impacted customers a selection of apps valued at $100 (USD).”

    I don’t think this will help RIM.

  • Facebook refuses to shut rape page run by schoolboy
  • “With nearly 210,000 people indicating that they “like” it, and many million of monthly visitors, the “alleyway” page is the most popular. Others include “Abducting, raping and violently murdering your friend as a joke”, “Pinning your mate down while someone HIV positive rapes him for a laugh”, “Police call it a restraining order, we call it playing hard to get” and “Turning into a chain smoking sexual predator when you drink”.”

    Lame of Facebook.

  • Thousands watch as Ottawa woman gives birth live online
  • “About 2,500 people watched live as an Ontario woman scooped up her newborn son from the bottom of a tub after giving birth and watched him take his first breath.”

    That’s just weird!!

  • Apple’s iPhone 4S sales top 4 million in three days
  • “Apple Inc. sold more than 4 million iPhone 4S units over the weekend, making it the fastest-selling iPhone ever.”

    Mike’s part of that record-breaking statistic! ;)

  • Tim Hortons Adds Lasagna To Its Menu
  • “On Monday, coffee giant Tim Hortons launched a new pasta-to-go menu option to hopefully win over the lunchtime crowd.”

    Yum! Can’t wait to try. Timmies has great, quick food! :D

  • ‘Sesame Street’s’ YouTube channel briefly showed porn, not Elmo
  • “Over the weekend, “Sesame Street’s” YouTube channel was compromised, with hackers going into the channel and substituting X-rated pornography for videos of Elmo, Cookie Monster and assorted celebrities singing about letters and numbers.”


  • [Video]: iPhone 4S Video Shows Off Astounding Quality
  • “Just how good is the video camera on the iPhone 4S? If a short video from Benjamin Dowie is any indication, we’re going to chalk it up to ‘amazing.'”

    Really great. The updated camera/video on Mike’s iPhone 4S is the only thing I’m really jealous of with the new phone!

  • Animals ‘shrinking’ due to climate change
  • “Polar bears are shrinking because of the impact of climate change on their natural habitats, along with many other animals and plants, researchers say.”

    This is so sad!!!!! :(

  • New Zealand oil spill worsens; stricken cargo ship may sink
  • “New Zealand’s worst-ever environmental sea accident teetered on the brink of further mayhem Monday as a stricken cargo ship threatened to break apart and become dislodged from the reef it rammed earlier this month.”

    This is so terrible.

  • Rare disease causes 26-year-old to age decades
  • “Doctors speculate Nguyen Thi Phuong may have entirely new syndrome.”

    This is CRAZY! I can’t believe it…

  • Body of terminally ill man is mummified for Channel 4 documentary
  • “He is not expected to be identified until next week when his family will explain why he agreed to be part of the show.”

    So weird! Will you watch this doc?

  • Zachary Quinto Comes Out As Gay In New York Magazine
  • “Zachary Quinto, inheritor of the iconic Mr. Spock role in JJ Abrams’ “Star Trek” reboot and the star of the upcoming film “Margin Call,” reveals that he is gay.”

    Lol I don’t think anyone was surprised about this one! :) Love him!

  • Video shows Chinese toddler struck by van, ignored by passersby
  • “The grainy video of how a toddler named Yueyue ended up on the verge of death is almost too horrifying to watch, but millions of Chinese have stared at it in shock over the past few days. Many are now asking uncomfortable questions about how 18 people could ignore a badly injured little girl, and what such mass indifference says about their society.”

    I refuse to watch this video because I know it would be too horrifying but it is making its way around the Internet so if you’re interested in seeing…

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Thor <3s Flowers!

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