[Recommendation]: I Love Papyrus Cards!

Papyrus Store in Southgate Centre!

I love Papyrus cards!! Once upon a time I used to only, and I mean only, buy cards from the dollar store (which I still think is fine though), but ever since I discovered Papyrus-brand cards I’ve actually been willing to dole out the extra money for these cards!!

Papyrus Anniversary Cards!

I think Papyrus cards are beautiful. Hallmark cards? Pft. Carlton Cards? Shoebox?! No thanks! I am Papyrus all the way! :) I discovered the brand at a Chapters store and was overjoyed when I realized an entire Papyrus store was opening in Southgate Centre! (I have already visited – and I love it. I signed up for a membership card, lol).

Papyrus Congratulations Card!

The Papyrus cards I’ve seen have ranged from about $4 up to $7. That’s pretty costly for cards in my opinion (since I have been a longtime lover of dollar store cards) but I mean, it’s on par with that of Hallmark and those other major card brands. I’m quite frugal with my monies but I will say that Papyrus cards are absolutely worth the extra few dollars! Beautiful yet simple designs. High quality, super cute. They also come with a slip of paper stating what Papyrus is all about and an adorable gold hummingbird envelope sticker!

Papyrus Thank You Cards!

I am so in love with these cards that I had to give it a glowing blog review/recommendation. I absolutely recommend everyone pick up Papyrus cards for your next friend’s birthday, going away, congratulations, thank you, etc.

Papyrus Happy Birthday Cards!

I just can’t stress enough how pretty these cards are. Now this doesn’t mean I’m not going to be dishing out some dollar store cards in the future (because let’s face it that’s just smart spending) – but I look forward to giving more of my friends/family Papyrus cards!!

Papyrus Mother's Day Cards!

I’ll definitely be making use of my Papyrus membership card! It gets you 10% off all purchases. And there’s currently a promotion at the new Southgate store where if you buy three cards you get the fourth one free. Suhweet!

I fully intend to stock up!!!! :)

So, have you bought or received any Papyrus cards?

If so, do you love them as much as I do?!

And if not, don’t you want to go and get some now?!



  • supersu says:

    i couldn’t agree more! i LOVE these cards +++
    i see you choose the classy, traditionally beautiful styles. i, on the other hand, am like a crow….anything shiny catches my eye….and papyrus delivers glitter like no one else can! did you see the beautiful thanksgiving cards? breathtaking…..
    i didnt know about the customer appreciation deal tho i was in the store this past weekend. will def have to get me one of those. thanks for the info

  • Linda Hoang says:

    I saw a few of the Thanksgiving ones and there’s a Halloween section too! So awesome. You’re right there is a lot of glitter!!! Haha I will have to go glitter in my future purchases!!! :)Thanks for the comment!

  • Renita Olson says:

    I love Papyrus cards too!! When I send cards to my friends overseas, they are always Papyrus. Was the membership card free? I think I will be making a visit to Southgate after midterms next week :D

  • Lucky says:

    Thank you very much!
    Do you like flowers? Do you have paper crafts in your house?
    There are beautiful pop up flower bouquet and valentine’s day pop up card.


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