Clicks of the Day: Monday, January 23, 2012 Edition!

Welcome to Monday, January 23 2012’s Clicks of the Day!

  • Calgary woman in a coma after ‘brutal’ attack while vacationing in Mexico
  • “A Calgary woman badly beaten in Mexico remains in a coma in a Mazatlan hospital, her family says… At some point in the night, Nabb emerged from her hotel room at the Hotel Riu and went to an elevator, said her uncle, Robert Prosser, from his Kingston, N.S. home. “She was brutally attacked. They found her in the elevator, laying there beaten quite bad. She was unconscious,” Prosser said… Medical staff put her in an induced coma. Bones in her face were shattered, her uncle said.”

    Wow. Very scary.

  • Media outlets scrambled to report false claim of Paterno’s death
  • “Hours before legendary football coach Joe Paterno died, some media outlets pounced on an early, inaccurate report and announced that he was dead. The incident highlighted the crucial clash in today’s hyper-competitive news environment: getting it fast versus getting it right.”

    Really good, interesting read. False reports can (and do) spread like wildfire nowadays. Gotta verify your sources.

  • Facebook’s New… Newsrooms?
  • “On Sunday, Facebook quietly registered a series of “Facebook Newsroom” domains–a move that seems to signal that Facebook’s entering the media content game in a new way. Three domains were registered, according to Fusible,,, and”


  • When Newspaper Staffers Don’t Read The Paper
  • “What would you do if you ran a newspaper and half of your employees didn’t bother to read your product?”

    Great discussion. I always tried to read whatever paper I worked for basically front to back (minus the sports and business section, lol. And by “read” typically it would be read the first couple of pages thoroughly and then skim the rest (skim headlines) unless the story intrigues me in some way). Same goes for the TV station. I always try and watch the casts on my days off and if I can get home in time after work. I like seeing the end result of a day’s work no matter how much or how little involvement I had in it. It’s good to know the style of the organization you work for too.

  • Chicago Sun Times: Why we will no longer endorse in elections
  • “What we will not do is endorse candidates. We have come to doubt the value of candidate endorsements by this newspaper or any newspaper, especially in a day when a multitude of information sources allow even a casual voter to be better informed than ever before.”

    I never liked that news organizations endorsed candidates in the first place. Completely kicks the whole being unbiased thing in the butt, lol.

  • RIM CEOs to step down as BlackBerry maker struggles
  • “The shake-up comes after Balsillie and Lazaridis showed little sign of being able to stop Silicon Valley powerhouses Apple and Google from gaining ground in remaking the mobile-computing market with devices such as the iPhone and iPad and the Android operating system.”

    We’ll see if it helps, lol.

  • I see you think I’m not very interesting

    “Would it kill you to leave your cell alone for 30 seconds while we’re together? perhaps you have heard of a new gimmick meant to restore actual human eye contact to meals. Upon arriving at a restaurant, all those who are dining together must place their phones in the middle of the table: the first person to reach for his or her device is obliged to pick up the entire dinner tab.”

    Lol. This would be an interesting social experiment. I think we should be allowed to use our phones to take photos of our food though – at least.

  • Bill Would Create School Holiday for Lunar New Year
  • “In New York, State Senator Daniel L. Squadron and Assemblywoman Grace Meng are calling on Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg to declare the Lunar New Year a school holiday. The two, both Democrats, said the day was ‘the Asian community’s most important and greatest holiday.'”

    I wholeheartedly am behind Lunar New Year being a school holiday! I’m also very happy that the New York Times is referring to the new year as Lunar – as it should be. Thank you NYT!! :)

  • Air Canada caught in a ‘cat-22’ over feline passengers
  • “Air travellers who need to fly with an “emotional support animal” make it impossible for Air Canada to comply fully with a Canadian Transportation Agency ruling to ban cats in the cabin in some aircraft to accommodate customers with severe cat allergies, Canada’s largest airline says. In a recent submission to the government agency overseeing traveller complaints, Air Canada characterizes the situation as one of ‘conflicting ‘disabilities’ between a person with a disability by reason of their allergy to cats and a person with a disability having a cat as an emotional support animal.’

    Interesting situation! (But more importantly, how cute is the photo of the cat in the travel bag?! lol).

  • Sun hurls geomagnetic storm toward Earth
  • “The strongest geomagnetic storm in more than six years was forecast to hit Earth’s magnetic field on Tuesday, and it could affect airline routes, power grids and satellites, the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center said.”


  • Media Monday Edmonton: Global Edmonton’s Tim Spelliscy on local news ratings
  • “Still, as far as as news is concerned it was a strong result for Global Edmonton.”

    Goooo Global!!!!

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