Clicks of the Day: Monday, December 5, 2011 Edition!

Welcome to Monday, December 5 2011’s Clicks of the Day!

  • Montreal makes New York Times list of Hip Cities
  • “Montreal, Quebec, is the only North American city to make the New York Times’ recent list of the world’s hippest cities.”

    Nice. Stay classy, Montreal! (Here’s the full list of hip cities)

  • The Carrier IQ aftermath: finger-pointing, vague commentary, and suspicious behavior
  • “The software isn’t new, nobody told us about it, and more importantly nobody gave us a choice as to whether or not it was used.”

    Really interesting. I first heard about this through this Global Toronto report. Ah well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there’s no such thing as privacy anymore.

  • Don’t get up: 5 exercises you can do without upsetting your inner couch potato
  • “Selene Yeager, a certified personal trainer and author, says you can get something out of a 15-minute session on your couch.”

    The sad thing is I am probably too lazy to even do this – lol.

  • A survival guide for future prisoners
  • “People will probably be looking you up and down trying to assess you. Don’t be worried, don’t be pumped up, don’t be wet, you’ll be okay. It gets easier and easier from this point on.”

    Interesting read – and also so random, lol the things you can find online!

  • The 45 Most Powerful Images Of 2011
  • Goosebump-inducing photos. The whirpool forming off Japanese coast with the boat spinning in still leaves me in awe! Amazing weather photos. Emotional, human photos.

  • New York Times Staffers: Now Is the Time to Rat Out Your Colleagues
  • “The holidays are almost upon us, which means it’s time for you to take a careful look at your neighbor and report any and all suspicious activity to your immediate supervisor. At least it is at the New York Times, which just sent a memo to all staffers urging them snitch on any co-worker who may have engaged in any ‘potential ethical or legal violations.'”


  • School Cracks Down, Allows Only 5 Errors per Writing Assignment
  • “Starting in January, students at the Summit Christian Academy in Summit, Mo. will have to rewrite their papers if they have more than five errors — and they can’t score any higher than 75% on the second try.”

    Not a bad idea.

  • Brazilian Senate approves bill that would require journalists to have a degree in journalism
  • “After arguments from the National Federation of Journalists (Fenaj in Portuguese) and similar journalist groups, senators approved a bill to amend the Constitution that requires practicing journalists to have an advanced degree on Nov. 30, reported G1. There were 65 votes in favor; seven against.”

    Not cool. I’ve got a Journalism diploma, and a Television Broadcasting diploma. I’ve spent 4 years in post-secondary and have had experience in various newsrooms. I don’t think I’m any less qualified because I don’t have a “degree.”

  • Boy suspended for sexual harassment after calling teacher ‘cute’
  • “Nine-year-old Emanyea Lockett suffered a two-day suspension from Brookside Elementary School in Gastonia, North Carolina, after he told his friend that he thought his teacher was cute.”

    Messed up. That kid should not have been suspended for that. Really.

  • American Apparel is naughty, American Express is nice in latest Consumer Reports list
  • “Nice:, Costco, Microsoft, etc… Naughty: American Apparel, SiriusXM satellite radio, Verizon Wireless”

    Interesting to see what good/bad things these companies are doing.

  • TV anchor says Santa isn’t real, is promptly added to naughty list
  • “After a report on the trend of Santas this year being coached to manage little ones’ gift expectations, anchor Robin Robinson quipped that Santa wasn’t real, anyway… Viewers flooded the show’s feedback lines and Facebook page with outrage.”

    So bad. Kind of funny. Definitely traumatic, lol.

  • Japan, Russia see chance to clone mammoth
  • “Scientists from Japan and Russia believe it may be possible to clone a mammoth after finding well-preserved bone marrow in a thigh bone recovered from permafrost soil in Siberia.”

    Cool but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea… again with the God-playing, humans.

  • Holiday Spending: Just How Important Is Free Shipping to Online Shoppers?
  • “Increasingly, online shoppers won’t complete their orders unless free shipping is part of the deal… Now, after an epic $52 billion shopping spree over Black Friday weekend, some of the effects of free shipping can be seen.”

    So true. Free shipping is a huge draw for me.

  • Special Seats for tweeting at Theatres: Annoyance or Enhancement
  • “Pulling out a brightly lit smartphone to compose a tweet during a symphony or ballet is generally considered a faux paus of the highest order. But in some theaters, it’s a welcome activity — in designated seats, at least.”

    They have designated tweet seats at a theatre in Fort Saskatchewan – I’m not sure how it would feel to see someone’s phone light in a dark room.

  • Kodak’s long fade to black
  • “Kodak Brownie and Instamatic cameras were once staples of family vacations and holidays — remember the “open me first” Christmas ad campaigns? But it may not be long before a generation of Americans grows up without ever having laid hands on a Kodak product. That’s a huge comedown for a brand that was once as globally familiar as Coca-Cola.”

    How depressing.

  • [Video]: Saigon Timelapse
  • Great shots, great video editing – crazy traffic. Vietnam has the craziest traffic, lol.

Thor Photo of the Day:

Beautiful Thor!

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