Clicks of the Day: Jan. 6, 7, 8 2012 Weekend Edition!

Welcome to the three-day roundup …

Weekend Edition (January 6, 7, 8) of Clicks of the Day!

(I only do one Clicks of the Day post for the weekends so that I can actually have a weekend, lol. And amount of content will fluctuate depending on how much of a weekend I actually have!)

  • 99 stupid things the government did with with your money: Maclean’s
  • Includes “About $700,000 was invested in two start-up cheese companies” – “paying consultants $19.8 million or $90,000 a day to suggest ways to trim budgets” – $750,000 on an ad campaign warning the public about ‘under the table home renovations'” and more.

    Gotta love our government. And speaking of wasteful government spending:

  • Feds hire consultant to inject some war into Canada Day party
  • “The Harper government has hired a consultant to inject a little war into this year’s Canada Day bash on Parliament Hill. A Toronto theatre expert has been asked to find ways to insert a War of 1812 commemoration into the July 1st festivities that typically include pop music, dance and pyrotechnics.”

    I feel like there’s enough people currently working within the government, who would be able to “find ways” to insert a War of 1812 commemoration into July 1st festivities…

  • Science will unveil chamber of secrets at Harry Potter exhibit
  • “Muggles at the University of Alberta hope Harry Potter’s magic can kindle real interest in the history of science and medicine. The university’s John W. Scott Health Sciences Library will host a travelling exhibit later this month, called Harry Potter’s World: Renaissance Science, Magic and Medicine.”

    Very cool! I want to see this exhibit!!

  • iPhone 4S consumes twice as much data as older model
  • “The demand for data among smartphone users has surpassed all expectations – but no smartphone user is hungrier for data than owners of the iPhone 4S. Overall, iPhone 4S users demand twice the amount of data as the iPhone 4, and three times as much data as the iPhone 3G, according to a new study.”

    I always think I use so much data but I never even get close to my monthly limit!!

  • Even in 2012, More Americans Own TVs Than Cellphones
  • “No matter how big you think the mobile world or the Internet have gotten, neither has quite beaten the television set’s popularity, at least not in the U.S.”

    That surprises me actually.

  • New scam targets ‘haters’ of Facebook Timeline
  • “The exploiters are hoping people hate the network’s new Timeline feature and attempt to lure users into believing they can revert back to the previously designed Facebook. The fraudsters bait with fake instructions on how to “go back to the ‘old’ Facebook,” playing on their emotions if they are adverse to the change.”

    Lol. People need to get smarter.

  • How Did Students From the 1910s Get on Facebook?
  • “There is a glitch in the matrix at the University of Nevada at Reno, where two students from the 1910s have joined Facebook… The two profiles are actually the creation of Donnelyn Curtis, director of the university’s research collections… the unique project is meant “to help history come alive a little bit for students” and expose the university’s special collections to a wider audience.”

    Neat idea actually! :)

  • Why 3-D TV still hasn’t caught on
  • “3-D television was heralded as the breakthrough technology of the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show… One year later, at CES 2011, 3-D was back again — this time iterating. We saw bigger 3D HDTVs, 3-D displays that didn’t require special glasses, and camcorders that captured 3-D content. But where is 3-D now? It’s certainly not showing up big on our CES 2012 radar, and now looks like over-hyped technology in hindsight.”

    I could have told you 3D TV was going to be a huge flop. Actually I’m pretty sure I have said that many times!!

  • ‘These were the freaks of nature’
  • “They sound like monsters out of science fiction: super-soldier ants that grow to double or triple normal size, with huge oblong heads and giant vicious mandibles they use to defend their colonies from attack. They are biological anomalies known to occur in a handful of ant species in nature as a result of environmental stresses, but now a McGill researcher has induced the growth of supersoldiers in his lab and shown this Incredible Hulk-like potential exists in all species – including humans.”

    Of course scientists would induce the growth upon the ants. Of course. Scientists and their ‘playing God’ is going to be the end of us all. Also:

  • First genetically modified monkeys born in U.S
  • “U.S. researchers said Thursday they have created the world’s first genetically modified monkeys by merging cells from up to six different embryos, in what could be a big advance for medical research.”

    STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!! ughhhh. This is just bad. We shouldn’t be trying to create lifeforms. This very much upsets me.

  • ‘Obesity’ a dirty word when discussing body weight: study
  • “Doctors are being urged to avoid using “undesirable terms” such as “fatness” or “obesity” when broaching a discussion about excess body fat with their patients. ‘Use of such terms may offend or distress some patients and prevent them from continuing to discuss their weight,’ say researchers who surveyed 390 obese patients in the Philadelphia area and asked them to rate words they found the most, and the least offensive for describing their excess size.”

    Oh whatever! If it’s true it’s true, it needs to be said. You’re not going to lose weight if people use euphemisms.

  • A Newspaper Is Good For Something: New Batteries Can Be Powered By Newsprint
  • “While still in the experimental stage, a new kind of battery can run off of discarded paper, producing electricity with only a little water as a by-product. Forget recycling, soon you’ll power your home with yesterday’s news.”

    That’s resourceful.

  • The World’s Most Exclusive Hotel: One Room, Two Guests, For One Year Only
  • “London has unveiled what might be the world’s most exclusive hotel. Modeled after a river boat and perched on a roof high above the Thames, it’s a one-unit hotel that sleeps just two guests a night and will only stay open for a year. That means fewer than 800 people will ever stay there. Geez. Kinda’ makes the Ritz seem like a Motel 6.”

    Interesting concept, though I’m not terribly sad about never being able to stay there, lol.

  • Roadkill Couture: Artist Jess Eaton Creates Sustainable Fur Collection
  • “Born out of the belief that all animals can be recycled into wearable items of high fashion, British artist Jess Eaton’s Roadkill Couture collection transforms skins, feathers and skulls into incredible fashion garments made from roadkill.”

    Well. It does look nice. But the thought irks me.

  • [Video]: Bungee jumper’s cord snaps
  • “An Australian woman says it’s “a miracle” she’s alive after her bungee cord snapped and she was sent hurtling 111 metres into a crocodile-infested river in Africa.”

    Sooo crazy.

  • Blue over Beyonce’s special treatment: dad says Jay-Z & Co. turned Lenox Hill into private club
  • “Hip-hop parents Beyoncé and Jay-Z were in lullaby land with their baby girl Blue Ivy Carter Sunday, but one new dad was fuming over the velvet rope in the maternity ward that kept him away from his twins… Coulon griped that he’s been repeatedly barred from the sixth-floor neonatal intensive care unit, once for 20 minutes, by the superstar couple’s private security.”

    Aw, that’s not cool, Beyonce + Jay Z.

  • ‘Community’ Not Canceled, Will Return To NBC, Premiere Date Not Yet Set, Season 4 Not Confirmed
  • “‘Community’ has not been canceled,’ said NBC Entertainment chief Bob Greenblatt at the Television Critics Association 2012 winter press tour. ‘It will definitely be back in the spring,'”

    I hope it doesn’t get cancelled :(

  • [Video]: Exhiarating Film Takes You Through 11 Countries in 1 Minute
  • “Take a look at what director Rick Meriki did last summer: a spectacular one-minute video he made with two of his pals as they traveled to 11 countries over 44 days, walking us through a dazzling variety of cultures, locations and images.”

    This is fantastic… So much conveyed in just a minute. Perfect for video A.D.D-type people like myself. Really makes me want to … “move” ! I’m pretty sure I saw it last year, but always good to see again. Plus this time it comes with an “EAT” video and a “LEARN” video. Both equally as awesome. But oh man the “Eat” video makes me sooo hungry!!!!! All are must watch!

  • [Video]: Sashimi the Angry Cat
  • “This guy went to stay with his sister for a little while, and it turns out his sisters cat, Sashimi has a bit of an anger problem.”

    LOL. Oh my god! What a crazy cat.

  • [Video]: Dog Falls Asleep with his Kittens
  • Soooo precious. <3

  • [Video]: Baby Panda Tries to Escape
  • Oh my god! Best video of the day!!!! Hahahaha! Aw poor panda!!

Thor Photo of the Day:

Thor is such a funny sleeper!! :)

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