VIDEO BLOG: March 16 2009 – Go to Queensland for your next vacation! ;)


Hi everyone! Today I went to the downtown MacEwan area to promote Queensland, Australia to Edmontonians!!!! :-) (Well, to promote Queensland as well as my video :D) It was a lot of fun!!

Thank you Rob, Chelsie, Lauren, Brad, Dave, and Meg for agreeing to talk to a completely random person in front of a camera!!! Very much appreciated!!!!!! And thank you to my friend Margaret Zygadlo for being the cameraperson for the hour!!! ;)


See Tourism Queensland, I’m already promoting you! ;) Haha!

Remember to vote everyone!

Thank you!


  • Avatar Kim says:

    OMGG you’re so cute!!! This video was so fun lol.

    I wish I were your friend IRL lol.

  • Avatar Lhady says:

    Video blogging is kind of cool but i think it is more time consuming than regular text based blogs. i already have at least 1 video blog and 2 regular blogs.

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