Hi there oily-looking forehead on national television!

The setting for a CTV remote interview!

The setting for a CTV remote interview!

This morning I woke up at about 3:55AM so that I could be at a CTV Canada AM interview! I had to be at the TV station by 5:20AM and it takes about a half hour to drive there from my house. It was waaaay early but prior to, I had gone to bed at 8PM!!! So I had my full 8 hours and was fairly awake by then. It was just kind of weird functioning at that time when the rest of the world seemed to be asleep (I’ve never seen the roads clearer!)

Because Canada AM is based in Toronto, I wasn’t able to do an actual sit down on the couches a foot away from the interviewer, face-to-face type of interview. Instead I did a “remote interview,” where I basically get a earpiece that allows me to hear the questions the interviewer is asking me, and I answer by looking straight into a camera, and it shows up on TV like a split screen!

This is the screen that shows how I look to the people at the Toronto station!

This is the screen that shows how I look to the people at the Toronto station! That's cameraman Ian's hand! :D

The cameraman at CTV Edmonton is named Ian and he was very friendly! He said he’d be heading back to sleep after I was finished there, LOL. My interviewer was Seamus O’Regan, one of Canada’s top broadcasters (my friend Mackenzie let me know how jealous he was that I had spoken with him, LOL! Oh Mackenzie. ;)), and he was really nice! I messed up when I tried to say “Australia” (I think that would be my first mistake out of all the ‘Best Job’ interviews I’ve done, whooooops!) but oh well! Mr. O’Regan (LOL, do I call him Seamus?) was very nice and he complimented my smile. Hehe. Overall it was a good (quick) interview!

I realized afterwards that I had had an opportunity to broadcast to Canada that they should try and help me get Neil Patrick Harris to watch my video!!! Damnit! Missed my opportune moment. :(

Anyway shortly after I was finished there, I tweeted online saying I was done at Canada AM and had a lot of fun, and then I got an @reply tweet from CTV Canada AM’s Twitter!!! (Note: I didn’t @reply CTVCanadaAM with my tweet, so they had tweeted me all on their own, yay! :D)

CTVCanadaAMs March 19, 2009 tweet to me!

CTVCanadaAM's March 19, 2009 tweet to me!

Here’s the CanadaAM clip: “Canadians in contention: Linda Hoang” !

March 19, 2009 Canada AM with Seamus O’Regan

March 19, 2009 Canada AM with Seamus O’Regan

My apologies for the oily looking forehead – WOW. I was not sweating or anything either! I think it was definitely the three beams of light they shone on me that seemed to seduce the oiliness into shining oh so brightly. Tourism Queensland, if you’re reading this — please don’t not pick me because you think my forehead is too shiny for the job! :( (LOL)

So immediately after that I headed over to 91.7 The Bounce downtown because the Pepper & Dylan Morning Show were having “Puddle Splashing Day” and I was to be their “guest splashee.” It really had no relevance to Australia or anything at all (LOL), but it was a fun kind of stunt that brought more awareness to my video & Best Job campaign!

In wet suit, preparing for Puddle Splash Day!

In wet suit, preparing for Puddle Splash Day!

I also tried to make it Australia/Best Job relevant by sporting my friend’s cousin’s scubadiving wetsuit! (As I don’t have my own as I’ve never been scubadiving before but would love to experience that Down Under! ;))

I ended up throwing a huge raincoat over the wetsuit anyway though because it was freezing outside, but it’s the thought that counts!

Amit & I on Puddle Splash Day (March 19, 2009)

Amit & I on Puddle Splash Day (March 19, 2009)

We were out being splashed from about 7:30AM-9:00AM (with a few breaks in between to get warmed up and drink some hot chocolate ;)) and then right after that I went straight to school! Amit blogged about the day HERE, which also includes an audio of some of the splashing! :D

The Pepper & Dylan Show’s Twitter also helped advertise me! :)

The Pepper & Dylan Shows Twitter tweet advertising me!

The Pepper & Dylan Show's Twitter tweet advertising me!

All in all I had a really fun morning. I love speaking to the media and I love that I got a chance to do some crazy, goofy, fun stuff while promoting my Best Job campaign! :)

P.S. Here is an article in the Vietnamese newspaper that was put online today!

“Linda Hoàng mơ “việc làm tốt nhất thế giới””
(Linda Hoang wants the Best Job in the World!!!!)

There’s only 4 more days to vote!!!

Please help keep me up high on the leaderboard everyone!

More soon, it’s just super late and I’m sick (the puddle splashing probably didn’t help, lol) so I need to call it a night.


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