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This November 2017, my good friend and fellow social media strategist / community manager Tyler Butler and I are celebrating our social media podcast’s one-year anniversary.

Don’t Call Me A Guru is a podcast about social media strategy, from social media strategists.

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Our logo was created by the talented Rory Lee of Rory Lee Designs based here in Edmonton!

We release this podcast monthly, and just shared our 12th episode a couple weeks ago.

(To be honest, we didn’t realize it should have been our anniversary episode when we recorded it, so our next one we’ll talk more about reaching the one-year mark, lol. Oops).

I thought I’d use the one-year milestone to post all 12 of the episodes we’ve recorded so far here for you!

In these podcasts we typically discuss recent social media news, how we approach various social media topics, strategy, tactical execution, and sometimes we bring on guests with social media backgrounds to pick their brains (we’ve had some great guests in our first year!)

We’ve had some great feedback in our first year too – thank you so much to our listeners!!

Podcasting – a really big deal?

There’s lots of hype around podcasting lately.

According to some stats from the recent Podcast Trends Report 2017:

  • 55.7% of respondents spend more time listening to podcasts than watching TV
  • 66.8% of people listen to more than 7 hours of podcasts each week
  • 53.1% of podcast listeners subscribe to 20 or more podcasts
  • 77.3% of people listen to podcasts during their commute

The Alberta Podcast Network

A couple months ago, Don’t Call Me a Guru was pleased to join the new Alberta Podcast Network powered by ATB Financial.

The Alberta Podcast Network is on a mission to:

  • Help Alberta-based podcasters create podcasts of high quality and reach larger audiences;
  • Foster connections among Alberta-based podcasters;
  • Provide a powerful marketing opportunity for local businesses and organizations

We’re excited to be part of this network that is helping build the podcast community in Alberta!

Thanks Tyler.

I have to say that our podcast Don’t Call Me A Guru would not be possible without Tyler, who does all of the recording and editing. It was also his idea originally for us to get together and do these social media podcasts. I’m very grateful for that!

Listen to Don’t Call Me a Guru!

If you’re interested, please take a listen to our past episodes below. What we’ve heard is that people really appreciate our social media insights and approach, love diving into specific social media topics with varying perspectives from awesome guests, and that they learn about new social media tools and features through the pod.

We’d also love if you subscribed to Don’t Call Me A Guru on iTunes or Google Play!

(Here also is the RSS).

Don’t Call Me A Guru Year 1 Episodes

Episode 1: The Beginning

Learn more about Episode 1

Episode 2: Social Media For Non-Profits

Learn more about Episode 2

Episode 3: Politics and Social Media

Learn more about Episode 3

Episode 4: How are Teens Using Social Media?

Learn more about Episode 4

Episode 5: Livestreaming

Learn more about Episode 5

Episode 6: Is Twitter Dead? (Hint: No)

Learn more about Episode 6

Episode 7: All the Stories

Learn more about Episode 7

Episode 8: Social Media & Self Care

Learn more about Episode 8

Episode 9: What’s new in Social Media

Learn more about Episode 9

Episode 10: What do you post when there’s nothing to post?

Learn more about Episode 10

Episode 11: Behind the Edmonton Oilers Social Media Accounts

Learn more about Episode 11

Episode 12: Bold New Horizons

Learn more about Episode 12

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Stay tuned for more fun podcasting news!


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