Review: Twisted Yogurt

Twisted Yogurt Spruce Grove at 131 Century Crossing Road.

This week Mike and I went to Twisted Yogurt in Spruce Grove’s new Century Crossing outdoor shopping centre (#204, 131 Century Crossing Road). We’d been to Twisted Yogurt’s Calgary Trail Edmonton location a couple times before and I had always meant to do up a review but never got around to it. We live on the very west end of Edmonton so going to Spruce Grove takes us about the same time that it would to drive to West Edmonton mall (10 ish minutes). When I saw that Twisted Yogurt was one of the newly opened shops in Spruce Grove’s newest shopping area, I had to make a point of going! (More on all the slick new shops in this area later).

Inside Twisted Yogurt Spruce Grove at 131 Century Crossing Road.

It looks basically identical to the Calgary Trail location with neat lights, colourfully-painted orange and green walls and your yogurt serving area on the back wall.

Yogurt serving area at Twisted Yogurt Spruce Grove.

There are two cup sizes (I think there are three at the Calgary Trail location) and I think the small size is more than enough!

Candy and chocolate toppings area at Twisted Yogurt Spruce Grove.

There’s a chocolate, candy, cereal toppings area which is always fun to look at. I’ve never actually added any of the coke bottles, gummy worms, crushed skores or butterfingers to my frogurt creations before (I can’t imagine the combination would taste very good but I also don’t have much of a sweet tooth). Mike always heads for that area though!

More candy toppings at Twisted Yogurt Spruce Grove.

There’s even more candy toppings you can add by the till, which I also typically ignore.

Fruit toppings at Twisted Yogurt Spruce Grove.

Then there’s the fruit section, my favourite! I always add kiwi and strawberry pieces to my creation. There’s also raspberries, mango, kiwi, pomegranate, blackberries, watermelon, pineapple and then whatever else depending on the season. I also LOVE their lychee (“litchi”) mini popping balls.

My Twisted Yogurt creation - Plain yogurt, lychee mini mochi balls, kiwi and strawberry pieces.

The above is my frozen yogurt creation with as I said my favourite kiwi and strawberry pieces plus the popping balls. The balls are just these tiny balls that literally burst fruit flavour in your mouth. Tastes great (I’m a huge fan of lychee flavour) and is like a party in your mouth. Seriously!

Mike's Twisted Yogurt creation - Red velvet yogurt with Snickers and peanut butter pieces.

Mike’s Twisted Yogurt creations are always more unusual than mine. Last time he got a Coke flavoured yogurt base with gummies and other random candies (he didn’t like it). This time he got the Red Velvet yogurt with Snickers and peanut butter pieces. He liked it more than the Coke creation but still didn’t love it. In fact Mike’s never really liked enjoyed of the times we’ve gone to Twisted Yogurt. I blame him though – it’s about what you mix and if you’re going to be mixing things that naturally don’t belong, it’s not going to taste great. But I guess that’s also part of the fun! Mixing and adding toppings and flavours that may or may not go well together! ;)

New Century Crossing shopping area in Spruce Grove.

Twisted Yogurt is a great addition to Spruce Grove’s Century Crossing. They’ve also recently added a Famoso, an Oodle Noodle, and a Booster Juice. There’s a new Winners, Save-on-Foods and Shoppers Drug Mart and there’s another section of buildings that still have yet to reveal what shop it will end up being. It’s a very slick-looking area with a very clean promenade and behind all of the new stores is a cheap movie theatre! It all makes for a great new spot to spend an afternoon.

For west-end Edmontonians it should definitely be considered for date night ventures.

I always have a nice time going to Twisted Yogurt. I’ve tried a few different frogurt places in the U.S. and Twisted Yogurt’s pretty much on par. (Haven’t tried any other froyo places in Edmonton yet though so I’m not sure how it compares, although honestly I don’t see how people can really go wrong with any yogurt plus fruit combination dessert). The cost of your creation depends on how much it weighs. It costs about 49 cents an ounce. Both mine and Mike’s together came out to about $10 so it’s a pretty cheap treat.

Have you been to Twisted Yogurt? What did you think??

Linda :)

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  • Kim says:

    I have been to Tutti Fruti (the “other” frozen yogurt place) as well as Twisted Yogurt and I found Tutti Fruti a bit better than Twisted Yogurt. Not sure if it was time of the day or time of the year; however, the “problem” with Twisted Yogurt’s offering was that they were too soft for my liking. Not even a minute after they were served, it was starting to melt already! In the end, it was the taro flavour in Tutti Fruti won me over. As for toppings, I don’t care much about them. I prefer mine plain.

    Personally, though, I am not a fan of frozen yogurt. Feel free to call me cheap but $10 for is expensive! I would rather go to any supermarket and get a tube of ice cream. After all, hey, dessert is a treat and, if I go for dessert, I will go for broke, hahaha! Now, if it is to go for cheap, Costco’s $2 soft serve works for me as well! :)

  • Linda Hoang says:

    You’re right! Come to think of it my yogurt also melted pretty quickly. But still yummy. A tube of ice cream would be cheaper but I think it’s worth the money for the night out/experience. :)

  • Jan says:

    Hi! This the first time I have been on your site. Thanks for the great review for Spruce Grove’s newest shopping area. Would you mind changing “cheap movie theatre” to “inexpensive movie theatre”? Thanks :-)

  • Well my first visit to twisted y was today. Inexpensive I think not. Mine was 10 dollars, guess I am used to deserts of the larger variety. I won’t be going back, this is over the top. Don’t care if its trendy, wasn’t amazing either.

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