Review: The Burger’s Priest (Edmonton)

This week I went to try The Burger’s Priest for lunch with some work friends! The Burger’s Priest opened in Edmonton just last month (March) and based on the busy lunch rush we saw on Tuesday, Edmontonians seem to have converted! (lame attempt at a religious pun? lol)

The Burger's Priest

The Burger’s Priest at 10148 109 Street.

The Burger’s Priest is located in the strip mall at 109 Street and Jasper Avenue so there is ample parking! (So important lol). They say they’re a classic cheeseburger joint that grinds custom blend of fresh beef daily. They “believe in purity, simplicity and over a hundred years of grilling and grinding techniques.”

The Burger's Priest

Busy lunch rush at The Burger’s Priest !

A group of nine of us went to try it at noon and it was packed! There is probably enough seating for about 35-40 people (estimate) and some room near the door where you stand to wait for your order. All seats were filled and the waiting area was also full.

The Burger's Priest.

The hymn board menu at The Burger’s Priest.

There are religious symbols and imagery throughout Burger’s Priest. The menus are made out of hymn boards, the counter where they make the burgers uses the same design as you’d see in a church confessional, and there’s religious women and men (nuns/priests) bathroom symbols. There’s also a big religious quote on the wall.

The Burger's Priest.

Would you like to make a confession?

I’m not religious in any way and I still can’t really tell if The Burger’s Priest is meant to be a parody or is legitimately religious but I did think it was interesting that the whole trip there and while we waited for our food – the main topic among our group was about religion. It certainly gets you talking about it!

The Burger's Priest.

The Magnum (beef, bacon & blue cheese) with fries ($13) at The Burger’s Priest.

The regular menu at Burger’s Priest is not anything too special (cheeseburgers and some toppings, really) but it’s their “secret menu” (which is not so secret – the correct answer is 370!) that you should watch for. The secret menu includes fun-sounding burgers like the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse, the Tower of Babel, Armageddon, Judgement Day, Noah’s Ark, the Religious Hypocrite, to name a few).

The Burger's Priest.

Biting down on the Magnum.

None of us ordered from the secret menu though, which I really should have done for the sake of the review but they all just look too big for a quick work lunch!

A lot of us ordered the Magnum – beef patty with bacon and blue cheese. My friend had a chicken burger, and a few had regular cheeseburgers. One friend tried the The Priest, which is a cheeseburger with “the option,” a cheesy, deep fried Portobello mushroom.

The Burger's Priest.

The Priest (cheeseburger with an Option – cheesy, deep fried portabello mushroom) at The Burger’s Priest ($10.49)

The food came out in decent time considering there was about 15 people waiting in line before us.

The Burger's Priest.

Strawbery Milkshake at The Burger’s Priest ($4.50) – not the best.

I thought my beef patty was excellent! I really liked the texture and seasoning. But I thought the burger itself was pretty small (I ordered a single). And at $9 for the small single patty, I am not sure if I felt good about that overall value of the burger. I think most of my group felt the same way. A lot of them compared The Burger’s Priest to Five Guys and for them, Five Guys was better. (I personally never understood the Five Guys hype lol). The fries also weren’t that well-seasoned.

I think overall I / we enjoyed our burgers. I think the space is great, the food came out in decent time, and the whole religious concept is very interesting (are they being blasphemous by using religion to sell burgers? Is it just all satirical fun?) but I wouldn’t rave about the place.

The Burger's Priest.

The Burger’s Priest.

I will come back – I want to try one of their crazy-looking specialty “secret menu” burgers (it would just be fun to say I ate a Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse burger lol). I also think proximity to work, quick turn around and ample parking make it an attractive, convenient option for weekday lunches especially if you work in the downtown central area.

The franchise is super successful out in Ontario and if the standing-room only Tuesday lunch rush was any indication, I think it will do quite well in Edmonton but I think if the secret menu items are the better menu items, they shouldn’t hide it! While I did enjoy my burger, I was not crazy about it, and the regular menu overall just isn’t anything special. It also kills me they don’t have mushrooms as an extra topping you can add lol.

So have you been to The Burger’s Priest? What did you think?!


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