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Nomiya - 3803 Calgary Trail, Edmonton

A couple weeks ago I had a dinner date at the Japanese restaurant Nomiya (3803 Calgary Trail) with my friend Brandi (@bihuniayukyuk). I had been wanting to try out Nomiya for some time now since it’s right next to Wild Wing (which I’ve been to twice in the past year, haven’t made a blog review for it yet lol) and Twisted Yogurt (which I’ve also been to twice in the past year and haven’t made a blog review for yet either), so I’ve seen the Nomiya sign and been tempted to go quite a few times.

Inside Nomiya

It’s a pretty small place but it filled up pretty quickly after I arrived around 6:30 p.m. They seated me at the booth closest to the door which in hindsight was not a good idea because I was sick and every time the door opened the cold draft would come swooping in too. So if you’re going to Nomiya, don’t sit at the booth by the door, lol.

Menu at Nomiya

“Tapas” “Sushi” and “Ramen” are built into the Nomiya sign but I didn’t have any of those, lol. I’m not huge on ramen to begin with but I figure I probably should have tried for the sake of this review. Still I couldn’t stray away from my favourite food at Japanese restaurants: raw fish.

Sashimi Salad at Nomiya

I was disappointed Nomiya didn’t have a Chirashi bowl as most Japanese restaurants do (that’s assorted raw fish (sashimi) with rice). Instead I ordered the Sashimi Salad with a side of rice and miso soup. I was very pleased (but as pleased as you can be with a salad, lol). The sashimi was super fresh and delicious. I’m not sure what the sauce was on the salad but it was pretty good as well.

Sushi Rolls at Nomiya

Brandi ordered your standard assorted sushi rolls. She enjoyed them but noted no difference really from any other rolls from other Japanese restaurants.

Tempting dessert at Nomiya

I was tempted to order this ice cream tempura dessert because the picture looked so appealing but chose not to because we ended up going to Twisted Yogurt afterwards. If I were to come back I’d definitely try it.

Overall our meals were good but the service was pretty bad. The restaurant filled up very quickly and got pretty busy but still – having worked in a restaurant for my entire life (my parent’s Vietnamese restaurant) it was nothing I know I couldn’t have handled but it was a different case for our server. She took a very long time packing up Brandi’s rolls, a long time getting us the bill and then a long time getting us a debit machine. Lots of waiting post-eating.

But beyond that, nice atmosphere and solid food. There was quite a bit on the menu that I did want to try but didn’t (and obviously their specialities because again tapas and ramen are built into the outdoor sign, lol) so it would merit another visit I’d say.

So have you been to Nomiya? What did you think!?

Linda :)

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