Review: Cora Breakfast and Lunch

Cora Breakfast and Lunch in West Edmonton!

Mike surprised me this morning by taking me to Cora Breakfast and Lunch! My birthday is on Tuesday but Mike works on Tuesday so this was to act as my “early birthday surprise breakfast!” :) I always talk about how great I’ve heard Cora is but I’ve never gone because the one time I tried, the line up was so ridiculous that I left and just never tried again… until today!

View of the Cora Kitchen from the line up.

Not to say that the line up today wasn’t long either but we showed up around 10:30 a.m. which I guess still qualifies as somewhat early, because we only had to wait about 20 minutes. There was a huge line up that formed after we were seated, so we were definitely glad we arrived early!

Great menu!

The menu is kickass! And so is the entire interior of the restaurant actually. Bright, colourful, cartoon-y words and images of breakfast foods adorned the walls. The menu was also bright, colourful and included cartoon-y words and photos of all the delicious food. Our server was also super cheerful and pleasant. Mike ordered the “10 Star Omelette” (leave it to him to pick the item with the least amount of fresh fruit!) and I got the “Eggs Ben et Dictine”.

Mike's "10 Star Omelette"

My Eggs "Ben et Dictine"!

Both were delicious and presentation was fantastic. Both came out super quick (I’d say it took 15 minutes for our food to come out), which is especially impressive given the fact that the entire restaurant was packed. Check out how cool they slice your fruit (see the apples in the photo above?) I think we were actually OVER-served. People kept coming by offering coffee refills every 5 minutes (not an exaggeration), although I only got offered a water refill once, lol. Also when we ordered, our server had asked if we wanted cheese on our potatoes and we had both said yes, despite her saying “it costs extra” – we figured extra would be 50 cents or so but it turns out extra cheese on your potatoes will cost you $2.35 each! Not worth it, I’d say, lol. But other than that very minor issue (that is not even an issue, honestly), Cora Breakfast and Lunch was great and the prices very reasonable for what you get!

Overall, I loved it. I would recommend to all. The insane line ups are kind of lame… it will likely deter me from going often, but I guess, go early and you won’t have to wait that long and that being said, once you get in, the service is great and the (very good) food comes out very quick.

It was a very pleasant early birthday surprise breakfast, I must say! :)

Have you been to the Cora? What did you think!

Linda :)

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