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For a few food truck summers now, I’d noticed Calle Mexico but I’d never actually stopped to try it (much to the dismay of my friend David, who was recommending it regularly). There are just so many food truck options in Edmonton, it’s hard to get to them all! (P.S. The first What The Truck event of Summer 2017 takes place Mother’s Day weekend!) 

So when I saw that the Calle Mexico food truck had opened a permanent, restaurant location along 107 Avenue, it had been on my radar to come try – which I finally  did for lunch (two lunches – to be exact) these last few weeks. 

Calle Mexico Restaurant Edmonton

Calle Mexico located at 11127 107 Avenue.

Calle Mexico’s location has a special place in my heart. It’s actually located just steps away from where my parent’s restaurant King Noodle House Pho Hoang used to be located when they first opened more than 20 years ago.

The space during those years, was a convenient store which my brothers and I would visit weekly for 5 cent candies and other things kids liked to eat. We did this for nearly 10 years. Growing up working at the restaurant (basically it was my second home), I’d also regularly pop out during lulls and head over to the store just to browse and kill time. I was here often. 

That was a long time ago and since my parent’s restaurant moved to Chinatown in the last decade, I haven’t been back since but am thrilled to visit now! 

Calle Mexico Restaurant Edmonton

Order at the front.

Calle Mexico is set up like a fast-casual restaurant. There is seating and you can take menus to your table to browse, but when you’re ready to order you come up to the front to do so. 

On both lunch occasions, when we stepped in we were greeted very warmly by both the husband and wife owners of the restaurant. “Is this your first time here?” they asked on the first visit. “Yes! We’re very excited to try it. We’ve heard great things,” we replied, to which their faces lit up and they very graciously said “Thank you so much for coming.”

The owners here are really sweet. 

Calle Mexico Restaurant Edmonton

The menu at Calle Mexico.

Calle Mexico’s restaurant location serves up a variety of tacos (3 per order except on Taco Tuesdays where I recently learned that they throw in a 4th taco for FREE!), tortas (which are like Mexican sandwiches), tostados, enchiladas, sopes, and a few appetizers/sides including chips and salsa (homemade salsa), nachos (with homemade chips), salad and tortilla soup. 

Calle Mexico Restaurant Edmonton

Pick your sauces!

They have a variety of home made sauces and garnishes at a separate station which you’re welcome to take as you wish. 

Calle Mexico Restaurant Edmonton

Delicious Calle Nachos!

I cannot say enough good things about the Calle Mexico Nachos ($10). These extremely crispy (the best!) housemade chips are loaded with steak, cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, pico de gallo and radish, and beans. As a big fan of the chip family, I guarantee any others who share a love of chips will appreciate Calle Mexico’s. 

Calle Mexico Restaurant Edmonton

Al pastor pork tacos at Calle Mexico!

The taco options at Calle Mexico range from $12-$13 for 3 tacos, which is a few dollars more than some other taco offerings in the city, but still quite reasonable. You can choose from beef, pork, chicken, steak, fish, beef tongue, an ‘alambre’ stir fry mix of sirloin, bacon, ham, veg and cheese, or chicken Dorados (fried tacos). 

On my first visit, I tried their Al Pastor pork tacos – slow cooked pork marinated with dried chilies, topped with pineapple, cilantro, and onions ($12). The pork was delicious – cooked quite tenderly with excellent marinade and seasoning. The bite of the radishes added to the varying textures, and the pineapples added a refreshingly sweet flavour to the tacos. 

Calle Mexico Restaurant Edmonton

Green enchiladas at Calle Mexico.

On my first visit, my friend Nicola ordered the Green Enchiladas – soft, rolled tortillas filledw ith chicken and topped with salsa verde, lettuce, tomatoes, radish, sour cream, feta cheese and avocados (4 pieces for $13). Similarly with the nachos, the enchiladas are a hefty, delicious portion. 

Calle Mexico Edmonton

The spread.

On my second visit, I noticed Calle Mexico had a lunch combo that is not listed on their menu (there’s a separate sign up near the counter where you order). For $13, you can get a tortilla soup, your choice of Calle Mexico torta (sandwich), and a drink. 

To switch things up (although, it was hard not picking tacos), I went with the lunch combo and chose a Steak (Asada) Torta – marinated sirloin topped with beans, lettuce pico de gallo, salsa and avocado. My friend on this visit – James – went with the Pescado fish tacos – deep fried cod on soft tortilla shells topped with chipotle mayo, lettuce and pico de gallo ($12).

James loves Mexican food and gave these Pescado fish tacos two thumbs up!

We also shared the Calle Nachos because, obvs. 

Calle Mexico Edmonton

Tortilla soup at Calle Mexico.

I thought the broth of the tortilla soup was really good, but the tortilla strips themselves were soaking up the broth and getting a bit soggier faster than I was eating it so I wouldn’t say it was my favourite. 

I feel like the tacos at Calle Mexico (and the chips!) are certainly the stars of the menu. I’d be quite pleased to return many more times and try all of their taco options (particularly on Tuesdays, so they throw in an extra taco). 

Calle Mexico Restaurant Edmonton

Inside Calle Mexico.

Calle Mexico is a small restaurant serving up affordable, authentic Mexican food from just the sweetest, friendliest owners. Most of the tables filled up quickly on both of my visits, so you can tell this spot has become a lunch stop favourite for many. 

They’re open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner so don’t be like me and miss trying this place for years, give it a go. 

Calle Mexico Restaurant Edmonton

Calle Mexico – Authentic Mexican Food!

When I think of Calle Mexico, especially with its location, I think of my own parents and how they got their restaurant start in Edmonton right on this very avenue, with their own small shop serving up authentic Vietnamese food.

I’ve seen the success their hard work has given them, and I truly hope the same success comes to Calle Mexico. The food certainly speaks for itself! 

So have you tried Calle Mexico? Food truck or restaurant? What did you think?!

Calle Mexico (Restaurant)
11127 107 Ave
Open 7 Days a Week 
11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Saturday
12 p.m. to 8 p.m. Sundays


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