Review: The Druid is my favourite pub!

I’m not much of a bar person/club person/pub person, but I’ve come to love The Druid Irish Pub and I just had to write about it, lol.

I went here for the first time last year for my birthday after a few friends told me it was a great hang out spot and reviews online said the same. That July 2010 was when I was first introduced to the pub’s glorious Irish Potato Nachos. GLORIOUS. It is so yummy!

The pub recently underwent a menu-makeover and I think they’re also trying to rebrand and put themselves out to the city that they’re a restaurant/neighbourhood hang-out spot as much if not more than they are a bar/dance spot.

Mike’s had a few of their burgers and has loved those and it just feels like every time we go there we leave happy. We’ve had fun eating and hanging out with just each other at The Druid and we’ve also had a blast with friends there.

This past Thursday we used a recently-purchased $10 Groupon for $50 worth of food/drinks at The Druid. It also just so happened that Thursday is $1 mini burger day so that worked out pretty nicely with our Groupon!!

The night also happened to be the same night as the NAIT Radio & Television program’s traditional “Meet the Firsts” semester opening get-together party. That always begins at a local bar near NAIT and then moves to a bar that the second semester students of that year choose and they chose The Druid as the spot (because they, too, know how The Druid equals a good time!)

The server we got on Thursday unfortunately seemed new and wasn’t too helpful at all (Mike had to ask a different server for two things and even go up to the bar and get me a water refill because our server was no where to be found. He also had to track her down and ask for another beer at one point). Despite that, we still had a fabulous time at what I think is safe to say, our favourite downtown pub!

Although Mike makes a good point when he says I haven’t really been to any other pubs for comparison. lol TRUE! But still. Love The Druid!

I recommend to all.


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