Recap: Stories Written During Week 3!

My third week I continued to train in web producing and writing articles for the website. It was a very busy week and there was a lot of breaking news! On Tuesday I was really put to the test because Karyn didn’t come in until later on in the afternoon and that morning news broke that Premier Ed Stelmach was announcing he would be stepping down! So with me as the only person in the web producing area, I was tasked with putting the breaking Stelmach story up on the web and continually updating throughout the day. It was super intense but also really great experience and I think I held down the fort pretty well until Karyn came in.

That crazy Tuesday continued though because then that afternoon the roof of the gymnasium at a seniors recreation centre came crashing down, with seniors inside just barely escaping! Needless to say that day required a lot of constant web hit updates and I’m stoked for the experience. Karyn was also so nice in that she emailed our news director and told him that my work that day had to be recognized. It was a really sweet and VERY unexpected email and I couldn’t have appreciated it more because she didn’t have to say anything to anyone about my work let alone the news director. I’ve been having such a blast working with her she’s been a great web producing mentor!

Besides the crazy Tuesday, as I said the whole week had its fair share of breaking news. I also finished organizing entries for one of the awards that Global is entering a number of their stories in so that felt good to finally finish.

And I set up a few interviews for the assignment desk as well. I even wrote a VOSOT script for the 5o clock Early News (the producer didn’t change anything I wrote at all! That always = success).

I also got more access to things like the Global Edmonton Twitter account so I was able to tweet immediately once my web articles appeared on the site. I also was tasked with adding relevant video clips from the prior night’s News Hour to the articles online and I’ve been given Web Abstract-writing duty too which means I go through all of the packages/local stories in the News Hour of the day and write short headlines/descriptions for them. Those eventually are uploaded to the Global Edmonton Stories – Video Section of the site!

So to sum up I was given more responsibilities this week, I was also thrown responsibilities and I think I did a good job :) Also – the work is still fun! :)

Here’s some of the articles I wrote for the website during Week 3:

I know that in the coming week I might have a few editing shifts because my editing supervisor gave me a heads up already that the editing department is going to be a bit short in the first couple weeks of February so I think Week 4 will be split between editing and hopefully more web producing work (that way I would reach the solid one month of web producing milestone!)


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