Recap: Stories Written During Week 2!

I’ve decided against doing long recap posts each week during my internship at Global but just to keep my writing samples fresh and organized I will continue to post stories I write while interning and a weekly list recap of those stories!

I will say though that my second week training with web producing / writing articles for the website was great! :) I’m really getting into the groove of things and I love that I’m getting to do so much writing WHILE being so involved with the day to day news/as news develops and being online all day! I also worked up the courage to pitch my own story idea. I also got feedback on the two practice packages I cut last weekend and the feedback was very positive. The packs were definitely airable – there were just little audio things I could have adjusted better and my own critique – pushing some voiceover clips to give the packs more breathing room. The interns (me and my friend Julie) have also been assigned to organizing entries for various television broadcasting awards so part of my week had also been organizing those entries! I love organizing things. Honestly I’ve said a number of times that I think I’d make the greatest executive assistant. LOL

Here’s some of the articles I wrote for the website during Week 2:

I believe for Week 3 I’ll be continuing with web producer training :) Yay!


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