Recap: Ice on Whyte 2011!


Last week I got a chance to visit this year’s Ice on Whyte Festival!

Last year Mike & I went and we had a blast. We didn’t spend too much time there (honestly how long can you spend looking at/taking pictures with ice sculptures), but it doesn’t take too much time to have a nice Wintry night out surrounded by the cool ice sculptures!

This year’s theme was centered around China/the Orient which made for some really fantastic sculptures! We invited my mom to come too and the theme was especially interesting for her – particularly the carvings of the different Asian Gods!

I really wanted to go on the big Dragon sculpture slide but the lineup was long and we had late dinner plans so we couldn’t wait! Instead we went on some of the kiddie slides (as seen in the first image of this blog!) which were still fun! :)

We looked at all of the sculptures, the rabbits, pigs, Chinese towers, etc. We also went through the ice maze (which was bigger last year) and took pictures by our Zodiac animal sculptures!

A short hot chocolate break in the warm-up and entertainment tent and then we were off to our dinner. It all made for a very enjoyable night at Ice on Whyte. I recommend the festival to everyone!!

And I vow that next year I will go on the slide!!!

Linda :)

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