Friends Food for the Friends Reunion

Could I *BE* anymore excited about the F•R•I•E•N•D•S reunion happening Thurs, May 27, 2021!?!

If you’re like me, and grew up watching Friends, owned all the DVD box sets, rewatched it each night going to bed, and relating almost all life scenarios to episodes, then, you’ll love this post!

Ahead of the Friends reunion on May 27, Edmonton’s A Cappella Catering company launched a Friends Reunion-themed Take and Bake menu and I simply need to give them ALL the praise for this stroke of local, timely, pop culture marketing genius. When I saw this, I legitimately squealed. 

There is SO many amazing food scenes in Friends, that they captured so perfectly in their menu, this blog post is NOT sponsored at all—it’s just an AMAZING idea and it got me reminiscing so hard on awesome Friends food scenes that I wanted to not only shout out to A Cappella, but also give you a few other Friends food ideas you could try to recreate if you are having a household / co-hort Friends Reunion viewing party. 

Edmonton A Cappella Friends Take and Bake Reunion Dinner
If you’d like to order A Cappella Catering’s Friends Reunion meal, which includes:
  • Phoebe’s Hummus and Pita Crisps 
  • Joey’s Meatball Sub
  • Monica’s Mac ‘N Cheese
  • Monica’s Lasagne (beef or vegetarian)
  • Mini Chandler’s Cheesecakes 
  • Phoebe’s Grandma’s Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Rachel’s English Trifle Cups (minus beef sauteed with peas and onions LOL) 

You can order the A Cappella Friends Reunion Take & Bake for $56.50+GST (feeds two people) by Wednesday, May 26 at noon (free curbside pick up), or add $15 for delivery, 780-454-2642 

Also in Edmonton, I’m told that Yelo’d Ice Cream & Bake Shoppe is doing a Friends-themed special for Thursday, May 27 only!
  • 🍦 Chandler and Rachel’s Floor Cheesecake Sundaes
  • 🍨 Phoebe’s Grandma’s Chocolate Chip Cookie sammies made with legit Nestle Toll House morsels. 

Yelo’d is open 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. on May 27. 


Pasta Pantry is also selling Joey’s Meatball Sub for $10!
And Calgary’s Bitters and Bread have come up with a Friends-inspired cocktail you can try to recreate at home!!

And although not food, thanks to Harley on Instagram for letting me know that Red Deer-based bath business Bare Baths is currently selling:

The One With The Bath Bombs Friends-themed bath bombs!! 

Friends Bath Bombs

If you’re an Edmonton-based business who is offering a Friends Reunion-themed special ahead of or on May 27 for the reunion, please let me know and I’ll try to include you on this listing!

(Hello, someone is going to make Ross’ Sandwich with the Moist Maker in the middle right?!?!?!)

There’s also LOTS of ways you can recreate popular Friends food yourself!! I’ve put together suggestions:

Friends TV Milkshake and Sundaes

Recreate Friends Food for F•R•I•E•N•D•S Reunion!

All of these you could definitely attempt to make from scratch OR do pre-bought for ease, lol.

Listed from earliest season appearance to latest!

Ideas to Recreate Food From Friends TV Show
Use and share my blog post: Ideas to Recreate Food from FRIENDS!
Note: after this blog post was published, almost all the user-posted YouTube videos with food scenes were removed from YouTube lol, but you can imagine it in your head. lol 
Cereal with Gummy Bears

“Bears overboard, they’re drowning! Hey fellas, grab onto a Sugar-O.”

The One With The Stoned Guy – S1, Ep. 15

Five Steaks and an Eggplant / Fancy Dinner

“I’m going to have a cup of the cucumber soup and take care.”

The One With Five Steaks and An Eggplant – S2, Ep. 5

Monica’s Kiwi Lime Pie

“You said it was a key lime pie. No I didn’t I said Kiwi Lime. That’s what makes it so special. That’s what’s going to kill me.”

The One With The Baby On The Bus – S2, Ep.6


“We think mockolate is even better than chocolate.”

The One With The List – S2, Ep. 8

Monica’s Birthday Flan for Rachel

“Get ready for the gelatinous fun.”

The One With The Two Parties – S2, Ep. 22

Phoebe’s Hummus

“What gets out hummus!”

The One Where No One Is Ready – S3, Ep.2

Monica’s Jam

“I needed a plan to get over my man and what’s the opposite of man, jam!”

The One With The Jam – S3, Ep. 3

Monica’s Quiche or Judy’s Lasagna

“This is just in case you pulled a Monica.”

The One With The Cuffs – S4, Ep. 3

Phoebe’s Meat Sandwich

“The baby needs the meat!”

The One With The Fake Party – S4, Ep. 16

Ross’ Sandwich

“You ate MY sandwich???”

The One With Ross’ Sandwich – S5, Ep. 9

Joey’s Meatball Sub

“My sandwich was next to Ross. I was trying to save my sandwich.”

The One With The Ride-Along – S5, Ep. 20

Rachel’s Trifle

“Then raspberries, more ladyfingers, then beef sautéed with peas and onions”

The One Where Ross Got High – S6, Ep. 9

Phoebe’s Grandma’s Cookies

“She got the recipe from her grandmother, Nestle Tollhouse.”

The One With Phoebe’s Cookies – S7, Ep. 3

Chandler and Rachel’s Cheesecake

“That is the best cheesecake I have ever had.”

The One With All The Cheesecakes – S7, Ep. 11

Ross’ Margaritas and Fajitas

“”Fajitas! Be careful! Very hot plate! Very hot!”

The One Where Ross Is Fine – S10, Ep. 2

Emma’s “Bunny” Cake

“They put my baby’s face on a penis!”

The One With The Cake – S10, Ep. 4

Joey’s Fries

“Joey doesn’t share food!”

The One With The Birth Mother – S10, Ep. 9

The Joey Special (Two Pizzas, any Pizza)

“We ordered the Joey Special—Two Pizzas!”

Various episodes where Joey demonstrates his love of pizza!

Central Perk Coffee

“As of this moment, I will never have to make coffee again!”

Various episodes where they’re drinking coffee from giant mugs! Also when Rachel quit the Coffee House. 

Want even more Friends foods??

Vulture put together a list of all 152 meals shared over 10 seasons of Friends.

(I wish I had been assigned that article! LOL). 

And don’t stop at just food—why not take the Reunion as an opportunity to dress up as your favourite Friends character too!!! 

Use this Insider article for Easy Ways to Dress Up Like the ‘Friends’ gang!

Some of Monica's Looks (NBC/Insider)

I hope you enjoy the Friends Reunion! Personally, if Zack Snyder got to get 4 hours with his Justice League cut, I don’t know why we don’t get a 4-hour or longer Reunion lol but, take what we can get. 

If you are doing a Reunion watching party, please do so with your household or co-hort, and follow current pandemic restrictions where you live. Obviously do not partay if you are sick!

If you do recreate some Friends food, share it with me on social media! I’d love to see it.

I’m @lindork on Twitter/Instagram.

Ideas to Recreate Food From Friends TV Show
Use and share my blog post: Ideas to Recreate Food from FRIENDS!


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