Lindork’s Lists #65 – What To Do, Eat, And Things To Know This Week (Non-Subscriber Version)

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Lindork’s Lists #65 – 124 Street Bingo, Indigenous art, Explore Edmonton on Vespas, and more!

Newsletter for May 19 – 25 2021

Please note: Alberta has restrictions in place to address COVID-19I do encourage you to try and support local businesses during this time, if you’re able, but do so in a safe way. Wear masks, sanitize regularly, avoid crowds, keep at a distance, shop alone, take-out / eat outside, choose digital options if avail and stay home if you are sick.

As well, some deadlines may have passed for time-sensitive food/event recommendations. If you are a newsletter subscriber, you would get first dibs before deadlines pass.

Lindorks Lits 65 - Things to Do Eat Know This Week Edmonton Restaurants Events Food 2
Things to do this week: partake in 124 Street Bingo, tube down the river, explore Indigenous art downtown, and more!
  • Partake in Support 124 Street Bingo!

  • Cheer on the Edmonton Oilers in the NHL playoffs

    • Our living room gets loud during Oilers games as Mike is a mega fan, lol. I admit I’m a total bandwagon hopper once the Oilers get into the playoffs. Maybe this will be their Stanley Cup Year! The Oilers’ first NHL playoff game against the Winnipeg Jets starts Wednesday at 7 p.m., followed by games all week and hopefully for a long time to come!

  • See Mamanaw Pekiskwewina | Mother Tongues: amiskwacîwâskahikan art

    • Check out Mother Tonguesa celebration of ancestral languages of Treaty 6 featuring seven art pieces all over downtown amiskwacîwâskahikan (Edmonton). Part of the #DTSpark festival but are around until Sept. 18.

  • Tune into Sprouts New Play Festival for Kids

  • Float down the Pembina River

    • Make a reservation to go tubing down the Pembina River just west of Edmonton! Their season officially opens this weekend. Do a full service tube rental, shuttle and parking, or just park. Distanced, outdoor, water fun!

Got an Edmonton area event, virtual event, or something coming up you think my readers would be interested in knowing about? Let me know!

Food To Try This Week

Support local restaurants with take-out/pick-up orders! Review current Alberta COVID-19 restrictions here.

Lindorks Lits 65 - Things to Do Eat Know This Week Edmonton Restaurants Events Food 1
Eats to consider this week: custom cupcakes, picnic pack in the park (with alcohol!) food truck eats, donairs, and more.
  • Place a custom order with Blossom Cakery (5677A Riverbend Rd.)

    • Thanks to Edmonton poet laureate Nisha Patel for sharing about Blossom Cakery in Edmonton’s Riverbend neighbourhood. They made a custom Pokemon cupcake order for her birthday and I cannot handle how adorable they are! I’ve got to try it!

  • Pack a picnic with the help of Toast Culture (11965 Jasper Ave.)

  • Grab some burgers at Fox Burger’s new food truck (various locations)

    • Congrats to the folks of Fox Burger for launching a food truck for the season! Slinging “burgs and good times.” Watch their Instagram for locations and you can also book them for your safe outdoor gatherings.

  • Stop by Greens Eggs & Ham Family Farm at Bountiful Market (3696 97 St.)

  • Grab a make-your-own-donair kit from Alberta Donair

    • Also at the Bountiful Farmers Market: find Alberta Donair, who sell make-at-home donair kits using all sorts of Alberta products, beef, wheat, veggies, etc. Thanks to Diane for this recommendation.

Ate something amazing recently? Want to show some love to a struggling restaurant? Have a take-out suggestion? Let me know to include in this newsletter.

Small Business Spotlight

In this week’s Small Business Spotlight, I’m shouting out to Quench Plant, a new Edmonton-based start-up with a newly-launched Kickstarter campaign! Their product helps notify you when your plant needs water!

In less than 24 hours they were backed by over 300 people (plant people, ya’ll are wild lol), raising more than $24,000 (their goal was $12,000). Check out and support their Kickstarter!

quench plant edmonton
Quench Plant is a device that tells you when your plant needs water!

New on the Blog

On my never-ending mission to find things to do in Edmonton (and these days, outdoors and safely), I’m writing about wheelin’ around the city on VespaYEG rentals! Check out my blog post for Everything You Need To Know About Riding Vespas.

If you decide to book, you can get 10% off using my code LINDORK10.

(I’ll get a small commission on all bookings!)

Explore Edmonton - VespaYEG - Vespa Rentals - Things to do in Edmonton 9

Now Public: Q&A with Fertility Awareness Educator Chloe Skerlak

Every other Sunday, I profile a new “interesting person” in a Q&A series just for paid newsletter subscribers. Then a month later, I release that Q&A publicly on my blog. My second Q&A of the series is now live on my blog if you’d like to read it, with Chloe Skerlak, an Edmonton-based Fertility Awareness Educator.

Q&A with Chloe Skerlak Fertility Awareness Holistic Practitioner

To get the full Q&A, plus a Q&A every other Sunday, access to exclusive paid subscriber-only giveaways, and to support the work I do, upgrade!

Interesting on the Internet

Usually only my newsletter subscribers get my ‘Interesting on the Internet’ content via email. 

But I wanted to share this week’s section publicly: 


“Interesting” isn’t the right word to use here, but I’ve been seeing a ton of posts online regarding the violence in Palestine right now.

I shared some posts in support of Palestine about a week ago on my Instagram Story and while the response was overwhelmingly positive, I did receive a few messages (very few—like, three), from Jewish Canadians asking me to consider the other side of it, and understand that the conflict is quite complicated and that overly simplified pro Palestine messaging, was dangerous and anti-Semitic.

Those messages I received were respectful messages, and I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the subject, but my gut feeling at the time was and still that, although yes aspects of the conflict are certainly complex and long-standing, and can’t fully be conveyed in a few social media slides, the CURRENT violence occurring, is not complex. Children are dying. Families are being forced out of homes. One side has advanced military weaponry (Israel). One side has the financial backing and support of the United States and other powerful nations (Israel). Does this absolve atrocities that Hamas, a Palestinian militant group, have done to Israelis, certainly no. Is being pro-Palestine, being anti-Semitic? I believe it isn’t. I don’t believe the actions being made against Palestine = blaming all Israelis nor do I believe the actions made by Hamas against Israel = blaming all Palestines.

I don’t think taking a stance against violation of human rights is complicated.

What I suppose IS ‘interesting’ is that *this* time around, with this particular violence, there is TikTok—showing uncensored videos of bombings. There is an Instagram movement—making widespread education and rallying of support much easier and accessible than ever before. This tweet summarizes that thought well:

As I increasingly use my platform to raise awareness about social issues, as I support the Black Lives Matter movement, as I call for police reform, as I cry out over injustices for Indigenous people, as I find tangible ways to fight back against anti-Asian hate, and other race-based hate, it would be extremely disingenuous for me to be silent about what’s happening in Palestine right now.

I also want anyone who is Jewish and following me to know that wanting Palestine to be free, and children to not be attacked, and families not to be forced from their homes, does not mean that I am anti-Jewish.

With that, here are some posts that better reflect my feelings on the matter:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Slow Factory 🌍 (@theslowfactory)

As Canadians, this is one tangible way we can support Palestine:

There is much more out there to absorb, but this email will get truncated the more I add, lol. I do recommend following locally, @DrMunaSaleh, for more updates. She’s also listed other accounts:

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If you're Edmonton area, subscribe to my FREE newsletter for hyperlocal recommendations on what to do, eat, things to know this week, and more!