Explore Edmonton: 30 Drinks to Enjoy in the City

Sometimes there is no better feeling than having a cold drink on a hot day. 

And Edmonton summers are a bit glorious for that! 

We’ve got so many options for locally-made drinks to enjoy in the city—both alcoholic and non-alcoholic—that I thought I’d put together some options for you to consider if you’re looking to try a new drink, a new restaurant, or partake in an Edmonton drink crawl this summer!

SPOILER ALERT: one of the drinks I’m going to share about is Edmonton Tap Water!

Because Edmonton is home to some of the best tap water in North America—and I’ve partnered with EPCOR this summer to share about enjoying a “Glass of the Sask” (among other delightful drinks you can get at many local restaurants in the city). 

So read on for some city drink and restaurant ideas! 

Note: I’m not saying these are a list of the *best* drinks in Edmonton—they’re good, to be sure, and some of them are excellent, but I just wanted to include a good variety of drinks from local restaurants that have pretty good drink menus, so you’d have some fun options to try! These are all *my* preferences (it’s my blog, after all lol).

I have visited all of the restaurants mentioned in this blog and have tried *nearly all* the drinks mentioned, however there are a few spots I haven’t yet tried but wanted to include as others had recommended or they have a solid reputation.

To be honest once I started adding drinks to the list I realized just how many options there are so really just consider this a starting point for your delicious drinks. I actually had a little bit of anxiety posting this because there are SO MANY GREAT DRINKS you can order in Edmonton lol. 

For most, I reference specific drinks, for some I suggest you try specific categories of drinks. Basically, each place listed has numerous other thirst-quenching options you can order.

I’d also love to get your suggestions on favourite drinks in town too!

Leave a comment with some of your favourite drinks in town so everyone else can enjoy too!

Explore Edmonton: 30 Drinks to Try in the City

listed in alphabetical order by restaurant name

Explore Edmonton - Drinks
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1. Barbacoa – Empress Royale

We are big fans of Barbacoa out in Spruce Grove in this house. They specialize in fiery good food—and drinks! There’s lots of great ones to choose from but my go-to order is the Empress Royale (with Empress gin, soho, lychee and lemon) plus Mike and I usually share their Tomahawk Steak for 2. And if not sharing, I am a sucker for their hand cut, beef short rib ragu pappardelle pasta.

2. Baijiu – “Baijiu Originals”  

Baijiu is a widely-regarded, downtown Edmonton bar known for its expertly-crafted Asian-inspired cocktails. From the drink list are Baijiu Originals that you won’t find anywhere else in town—like their Last Days in Vietnam (with St. Remy Signature, soju, fino sherry, soursop, lime, lemongrass and Thai basil), or their Ha Long Bae (Sobieski vodka, passionfruit, honeydew, matcha, lime, and Thai basil). I always feel *cool* eating and drinking at Baijiu—it’s one of those spaces (indoor or outside patio) that offers a wicked cool vibe. 

3. Biera – Housemade Soft Drinks or Kombucha

Most people will choose the tasty, locally-made, crisp lagers, ales to barrel-aged and barrel-fermented beers at Biera, as they should (Biera’s sister brewery is the popular Blindman Enthusiasm Brewing), but for variety of this particular drinks list, I wanted to highlight that Biera is also home to housemade soft drinks and kombucha! 

Try their made-in-house cucumber tonic, root beer, hibiscus and citrus soda, iced rosehip black tea or Earl Grey Lavender kombucha (if you like kombucha lol, it’s not totally for me).

4. Boxer – Hungry Ghosts

Boxer in Old Strathcona is home to French Contemporary Canadian cuisine and fine craft cocktails! Their current (fourth) cocktail menu is inspired by songs—sometimes I choose drinks by how fun their names are, sometimes I choose drinks based on how delicious I think the combination of ingredients are, or how interesting or different I think the drink will be. 

While Hungry Ghosts as a title doesn’t appeal to me as much as The Girl with the Tambourine or A Little Death Around the Eyes, its combo of gin, elderflower, absinthe, lemon, cucumber, mint and egg white is much appealing.

On Thursdays, all cocktails are only $10! 

5. Brew + Bloom – Sweet Cloud Latte or Mimosa 

Brew + Bloom is a popular spot for “Instagrammable” drinks—including their popular Sweet Cloud Lattes and Mimosas, which come in various flavours topped with cotton candy. They also have beautiful Cream Cheese Foam Drinks and teddy bear candy-topped drinks.

Sip while surrounded by florals (they are called Brew + Bloom after all!) 

Explore Edmonton Drinks - Alcoholic - Beer - Cocktails - Spirits - Zero Proof - Mocktails - Non Alcoholic - Cafes - Bars - Restaurants - Brew + Bloom Sweet Cloud Latte
The Sweet Cloud drinks at Brew + Bloom are *very* pretty!

6. Brown Butter Cafe – Iced Summer Drinks

In south Edmonton, you can find an assortment of delicious iced summer drinks at Brown Butter Cafe—including Yuzu sodas, iced black teas, chai London Fogs, “Military matcha,” Black sesame matcha lattes, mocha dulce, dirty chais, iced strawberry mint teas, raspberry mocha, lavender lemon sodas and strawberry rose matchas. Note: this list changes each summer! 

While at Brown Butter Cafe, you MUST order their breakfast bunwiches! I am also partial to their housemade chips, and if it’s available—get the chicken rice bowl. Yum, yum. 


7. Calabash Cafe – Orange-Mango Ade

I find myself at Calabash Cafe in south Edmonton often for their BTS events, during which I typically order an Orange-Mango Ade (bubbly juice), and Hotteok, a delicious Korean brown sugar pancake among other treats you can order (while watching BTS music videos projected on the wall), and snapping photos with BTS chalk art depending on whose birthday month it is lol.

8. Chartier – Le Papillon

Head south to Beaumont, Alberta to experience rustic, French cuisine at Chartier, along with their craft cocktail menu led by their Bar Mom extraordinaire Sloane Botting.

Chartier makes all of their syrups and shrubs in house, and experiments with spirit infusions regularly. Their bar menu is also always changing.

As of this blog post, the Le Papillon (butterfly pea flower tea, mint sage syrup, with frothed Barista Oat Milk) or Little Bird (cucumber syrup, lime juice, mint, blueberries, cucumber mint pearls with soda) were two of my preferences to recommend! 

9. Clementine – Dealer’s Choice (and Try Before You Die Cocktails)

Clementine is an award-winning cocktail bar and restaurant on Jasper Ave. with Try Before You Die Cocktails (only $10 on Tuesdays), house cocktails you won’t find anywhere else, and the skills to simply ask for Dealer’s Choice (let the bartender create something for you based on your stated preferences! Trust the bartender!) 

10. Crum Coffee Bar – Caffe Freddo

Crum Coffee Bar is a cool cafe in south Edmonton filled with all sorts of art (that you can also buy!) and drinks including their most popular—a cold Caffe Freddo featuring chilled espresso sicilia, milk, and sugar. They also do CRUM ‘Faux-Gria’s (including a non-alcoholic version), and their most popular hot drink—a Dirty Chai Latte. Consider taking home some art with your drink!

11. Dagu Rice Noodle – Kiwi Green Tea with Diced Strawberry

It took a lot of willpower for me to *not* include various bubble tea selections in this drink list (lol!) but the one I decided I would include is the Kiwi Green Tea with Diced Strawberry, Tapioca Pearls, and Lychee Jelly from Dagu Rice Noodle (I tend to pack my bubble tea with a lot of toppings, so this is also basically like a meal lol). Really, you can get so many awesome drinks at Dagu—which people might not realize based on the name of the restaurant alone. 

Explore Edmonton Drinks - Alcoholic - Beer - Cocktails - Spirits - Zero Proof - Mocktails - Non Alcoholic - Cafes - Bars - Restaurants - Dagu Rice Noodle Bubble Tea
I love this kiwi drink from Dagu Rice Noodle SO MUCH.

12. Dogpatch Bistro Pub – Mimosa Flight

Down in arguably the cutest little neighbourhood in Edmonton, Riverdale, you’ll find the Dogpatch Bistro Pub—which is home to a tasty Mimosa Flight, which is a sample of their four mimosa flavours. The Dogpatch was my first time seeing a Mimosa Flight on a menu so it’s always popped out at me as a unique drink option to order in the city. 

Explore Edmonton Drinks - Alcoholic - Beer - Cocktails - Spirits - Zero Proof - Mocktails - Non Alcoholic - Cafes - Bars - Restaurants - Dogpatch Mimosa Flight
Great mimosa flight from Dogpatch!

13. DOSC – Ode to Ophelia

DOSC (Drunken Ox Sober Cat) is a beautiful space that offers a large bar menu from 10 a.m. to late—so take advantage of it! Their new (as of July 2022) cocktail menu features this stunning Ode to Ophelia, a beautiful gin, Violet, blueberry, lime, mint, cucumber, rose water homage to that Ophelia (Shakespeare!) and the creators’ love of poetry. You could also try DOSC’s ‘The Third Wheel’ large format cocktail (to be shared), or their Brunch Mimosa Cage, which includes a variety of mimosa flavours plus a Prosecco bottle that comes presented in a little bird cage. 

Explore Edmonton Drinks - Alcoholic - Beer - Cocktails - Spirits - Zero Proof - Mocktails - Non Alcoholic - Cafes - Bars - Restaurants - DOSC Ode to Ophelia
The beautiful (and delicious) Ode to Ophelia at DOSC—whose bar menu is available starting at 10 a.m.

14. Edmonton Tap Water

Okay, honestly I regularly tell anyone who will listen about how good Edmonton tap water is. Because it IS. We have some of the highest quality, best tasting drinking water in North America (in fact, EPCOR has even won awards for the taste of our water!) 

Edmonton’s drinking water comes from the North Saskatchewan River, which is fed from the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The tap water we drink is treated for up to 12 hours at one of EPCOR’s water treatment plants before being delivered to over one million taps in Edmonton and surrounding communities (EPCOR is the water provider for Edmonton and 65 other places!)

If you’re having tap water from a restaurant, or to be honest if water is used to make anything locally, it’s likely treated water from our river—so it’s damn good. 

Ask for a ‘Glass of the Sask’ (our tap water lol) wherever you go in Edmonton! 


Explore Edmonton Drinks - Alcoholic - Beer - Cocktails - Spirits - Zero Proof - Mocktails - Non Alcoholic - Cafes - Bars - Restaurants - Glass of the Sask Edmonton Tap Water
But seriously, Edmonton tap water is the best!
Explore Edmonton Drinks - Alcoholic - Beer - Cocktails - Spirits - Zero Proof - Mocktails - Non Alcoholic - Cafes - Bars - Restaurants - Glass of the Sask Edmonton Tap Water
Order a Glass of the Sask!
Explore Edmonton Drinks - Alcoholic - Beer - Cocktails - Spirits - Zero Proof - Mocktails - Non Alcoholic - Cafes - Bars - Restaurants - Glass of the Sask Edmonton Tap Water
11/10 I choose water lol

15. Fairmont Hotel Macdonald – Zero Proof Spring Forward

It’s hard to talk about enjoying a summer drink in Edmonton without a shout out to the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald patio (home to arguably one of the best patio views in the city). 

You’ve got lots of great cocktail options at the Mac (including large format drinks which is always fun to share with your table!) but honestly I am also very partial to their two Zero Proof non-alcoholic drink options—the Spice Hibiscus Margarita or the Spring Forward.

And it is a fact that drinks are better on an amazing patio. 

16. Fleisch – Zero Proof Blueberry Sage

I love a lot of things about Fleisch, from their sausage plate to their spaetzle poutine, lox, grilled ham and cheese (with sauerkraut!) and their cocktail list, which includes a Zero Proof Fleisch Caesar and three Zero Proof Cocktails (blueberry sage, strawberry or hibiscus).

Please enjoy the good food and drinks in this Forest Heights neighbourhood German delikatessen.

Explore Edmonton Drinks - Alcoholic - Beer - Cocktails - Spirits - Zero Proof - Mocktails - Non Alcoholic - Cafes - Bars - Restaurants - Fleisch Zero Proof Blueberry Sage
The non-alcoholic Blueberry Sage drink from Fleisch is super refreshing!

17. Fu’s Repair Shop – Soju Yogurt Drink or Boozy Bubble Tea

First off, I am just a sucker for yogurt drinks. lol Secondly, how often do you get boozy bubble tea (I think it’s the only place in town to have such an offering!)?!

That, along with Fu’s Soju Yogurt Drink—with your choice of blueberry, strawberry or peach soju, with a coconut yogurt drink and 7Up is a must-order! I also like their “Lucky Beer Pot” concept here—because the beer comes poured in a tea pot. And you know what, if it ends up being that kind of night, ask for some Soju Bomb shots! You won’t regret it lol. 

Explore Edmonton Drinks - Alcoholic - Beer - Cocktails - Spirits - Zero Proof - Mocktails - Non Alcoholic - Cafes - Bars - Restaurants - Fu's Repair Shop
Go for the drinks *and* the ambience at Fu's Repair Shop!

18. Kobachi – Japanese Drinks

Kobachi is a tiny, mom and pop Japanese restaurant located in Sherwood Park , focused on serving well balanced and sustainable food. They were the first sushi restaurant in Sherwood Park to partner with Ocean Wise serving sustainable seafood, and serve sustainable and locally sourced, health-conscious ingredients wherever possible. 

Give their Sake a try (a Japanese alcoholic drink made of fermented rice), Shochu (a traditional Japanese hard liquor), or Umeshu (a Japanese liqeuer made by steeping ume fruits (plum fruit) in alcohol and sugar), or the Yuzu-nade (fresh, homemade yuzu juice) for a non-alcoholic, Japanese drink.

19. Maria Restaurant – Bulldog

Maria is a Mexican restaurant in downtown Edmonton with a wide menu  specializing in Northern Mexican cuisine.

It is also home to the only Mexican Breakfast Buffet in town! 

And a wicked Maria Bulldog—a 3 oz blended frozen margarita (three flavours, we chose mango), with a Corona on top. While officially this drink says it’s for two—I think it is easily a drink to be shared by three, if not four lol. The comically sized glass is part of the fun, and when we sip it on their patio, we get a lot of  impressed (and inspired? lol) passerby comments. 

Explore Edmonton Drinks - Alcoholic - Beer - Cocktails - Spirits - Zero Proof - Mocktails - Non Alcoholic - Cafes - Bars - Restaurants - Maria Bulldog
This is a bulldog for numerous people lol.

20. Otto Food & Drink – Black Diamond Zero Proof Earl Grey Mule

Otto Food & Drink is well-known for their fresh, made-in-house sausages and expansive drink menu—from draught beer to cans, fruit beer, sour beers, ale, IPAs, porter/stouts, cider/meads, wine, Negroni six ways (plus one—so seven types of Negronis) cocktails from local Alberta and Canadian distillers, plus what I was particularly excited about—their non-alcoholic beers, wine, and mocktail list including what a few people have raved to me about—Black Diamond Distilling’s zero proof Earl Grey Mule.

21. Pampa – Licor43

A must-order digestif (post-meal) vanilla-based drink you get after consuming ALL the meats (and an impressive salad bar) from Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse is their Licor43—named for it’s many ingredients. This is a drink with a show—because the Licor43 is served from 4 feet above ground, as your server gets on a chair for the impressive pour! So fun!

22. Partake – No. 25 rich, sweet berry, citrus

Partake is a fantastic little French restaurant just off 124 Street with French classics (including tartine, tarte, and tartare, plus a flight of butter?!) and a wide selection of cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks all created by bartender Jenn Kerr.

I love and appreciate how Partake’s drink names also describe the flavour of the drink! Try the No. 25 rich, sweet berry, citrus (alcoholic), or the No. 6 balanced, citrus, complex (non-alcoholic). And then really make your way through the whole menu. Sit at the bar to watch the talented bartenders do their thing!

Explore Edmonton Drinks - Alcoholic - Beer - Cocktails - Spirits - Zero Proof - Mocktails - Non Alcoholic - Cafes - Bars - Restaurants - Partake
I love how Partake's drink menu names describe the flavour of the drink!

23. Pip – Brunch Cocktails

Pip is widely regarded for their brunch menu as well as their drink list. You’ve got a ton of options to choose from (and you can also order take-home Pip cocktail kits!) but in the spirit of Pip being a popular brunch spot, I point you to their Brunch Cocktails menu which includes a Strawberry Aperol Spritz, a Breakfast Negroni, some spiked coffee (Cold Shoulder) and more.

Note: Pip is a small space where seating is first come, first served, always! 

24. Shojo – Japanese Whisky

I am always eager to recommend Shojo’s underground patio (so check it out!) as well as their sushi cones, skinny fries, pressed salmon sushi and duck udon (I am pretty much drooling as I write this), but Shojo Izakaya, named after the izakaya neighbourhood pubs in Japan, offers a ton of drink options too (as an izakaya would lol).

Try the fun feature Green Hawaiian with Midori Melon Liqueur, Nirasaki Blended Whisky, Green Chartreuse, Lemon, Cream of Coconut, and Shojo Blend Bitters), or a Ho Chi Linh (Vietnamese Coffee Infused Campari, Maxime Trijol Cognac VS, Coconut Infused Condensed Milk), any number of signature cocktails (I am partial to lychee ones, like the Kiss From a Rose), or choose from their big Japanese Whisky menu! 

25. The Butternut Tree – Canadian Cocktails

As my friend Diane says, The Butternut Tree is one of the most underrated restaurants in Edmonton—delivering on high quality, vegetable-forward, Canadian ingredient-focused food and drink in a beautiful, bright space overlooking the city’s river valley. I find myself often recommending The Butternut Tree to those asking for a ‘fancy’ night out or to celebrate an occasion.

Their commitment showcasing seasonal ingredients from Canada’s distinctive landscape extends to both the food and drink—which is why I’ve called their cocktails “Canadian” cocktails. The Butternut Tree menus are seasonal depending on Canadian ingredients that are available, with both spirits from Canadian distillers to Canadian herbs. They also have a great non-alcoholic cocktail list!

26. The Common – Fu’s Waitlist

At Fu’s Repair Shop sister restaurant The Common, try their Fu’s Waitlist—which is essentially boozy Vietnamese iced coffee, which is House espresso vodka, Kahlua, Vietnamese cold brew, and coconut condensed milk. Sometimes though, all I want is The Common’s Peach Bellini okay. 

Explore Edmonton Drinks - Alcoholic - Beer - Cocktails - Spirits - Zero Proof - Mocktails - Non Alcoholic - Cafes - Bars - Restaurants - The Common Fu's Waitlist
The Common's "Fu's Waitlist" is basically a spiked Vietnamese iced coffee!

27. Tsujiri – Black Sesame Matcha Latte

Tsujiri is a 160-year-old Japanese matcha tea brand with two locally-owned locations in Edmonton, offering some of the best matcha drinks and treats in the city. 

My recommendation is the #23 – O-Matcha Black Sesame Latte, cold!

And while you’re there get some of the matcha pastries too.

Explore Edmonton Drinks - Alcoholic - Beer - Cocktails - Spirits - Zero Proof - Mocktails - Non Alcoholic - Cafes - Bars - Restaurants - Tsujiri
Addicted to the Black Sesame Matcha Latte (cold) from Tsujiri!

28. Tumbler & Rocks – Ready to Serve Craft Cocktails

Okay, although this drink is not technically available at Edmonton restaurants (yet?!) The Fort Distillery‘s Tumbler & Rocks brand is one of my favourites for locally-made drinks in Edmonton. And actually they recently signed a deal so Rogers Place will be serving Tumbler & Rocks now!!

Tumbler and Rocks are high quality craft cocktails that you simply shake and pour over ice. So easy, so delicious. They started in small, single serve bottles and now offer a larger format bottle as well. Mike loves the Classic Old Fashioned and Cosmo, and I am a number one fan of The Shaft (a coffee liqueur-based cocktail sweetened with Alberta honey). This is the only one that requires an additional ingredient of milk to make.

Note: I’ve been a casual Tumbler & Rocks ambassador for the last year but I was not required to promote them or anything in this—it just makes a lot of sense to talk about one of my favourite craft cocktails in a blog post about drinks in Edmonton, you know??? lol 

Explore Edmonton Drinks - Alcoholic - Beer - Cocktails - Spirits - Zero Proof - Mocktails - Non Alcoholic - Cafes - Bars - Restaurants - Tumbler and Rocks
You can get Tumbler & Rocks in liquor stores or at Rogers Place events!

29. Woodwork – Old Fashioneds

Woodwork is actually named for the wood-fired cooking and barrel-aged spirits you’ll find here. It is home to one of Alberta’s most extensive collections of spirits, award-winning cocktails and curated list of favourite wines.

Try one of (or all of?) Woodwork’s seven types of Old Fashioneds. Their House Sour and WW Espresso Martini also come highly recommended.

Explore Edmonton Drinks - Alcoholic - Beer - Cocktails - Spirits - Zero Proof - Mocktails - Non Alcoholic - Cafes - Bars - Restaurants - Tap Water
Inject XIX's Pearjito into my veins!

30. XIX – Pearjito

I equate the Pearjito drink at XIX Nineteen to birthday celebrations because I typically have one of my Birthday Month activities be dinner at XIX. This pear, mojito, mint cocktail is excellent. I always ask for extra mint (the mintier, the better, is my general life rule lol). And you should also pair it with an order (or two) of XIX’s famous Ahi Tuna Twists. 

XIX is the city’s Nineteenth Hole. Chef Andrew Fung used to cook up the most delicious dishes at a local golf course—the meal portion of the day often referred to as the “Nineteenth Hole” after the game. Then Edmonton was blessed when he opened XIX and suddenly we could all access his dishes—including those famous Ahi Tuna Twists. Get it!

Explore Edmonton - Brewery Pass - Edmonton Craft Breweries - Incentives Freebies Discounts Alberta Beer
Edmonton brewery + distillery crawl anyone?!

Bonus: Edmonton Craft Breweries and Distilleries

I couldn’t do a list about drinks in the Edmonton area without mentioning that the city is home to an amazing craft brewery and distillery scene! 

Let me know your favourite drinks to enjoy in the city!!!


Those are just a few ideas for how to get your thirst quenched in Edmonton.

I mean, it’s actually more than just a few ideas lol because as I mentioned, when I started compiling this list I didn’t expect it to get so big! Edmonton is home to some pretty big players in the craft cocktail scene, and it’s also exciting to see more restaurants adding more options for non-alcoholic drinks as well. Honestly, I usually just love asking the server or bartender what they would recommend for someone who likes X (for me, that’s sweeter drinks—it might be different for you!) I love getting personalized recommendations for drinks at places I visit. 

And of course, you can simply never go wrong with Edmonton Tap Water!!!

It’s a drink I always get regardless if I’m adding a cocktail or zero-proof drink to my order, and one that I absolutely love with ice.

Be sure to leave a comment with your own suggestions for favourite drinks to grab around town. 

Note: this blog post was developed in partnership with EPCOR, as a way to highlight local restaurants as well as local tap water! This does not impact opinions or views stated in this post—I seriously think Edmonton’s water is the BEST and I also love all of these restaurants for their food and drink offerings! 

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