Guide: Dog-Friendly (Pet-Friendly) Patios in the Edmonton Area

Featuring: 114 locations
Originally posted: Summer 2017

Last updated: July 12, 2023

If I’m missing a local dog-friendly patio, please tweet or email me so I can update the post!

Summers in Edmonton are phenomenal.

I know I’m constantly trying to soak up the sun and spend as much time outdoors to truly take advantage of our short summer months. I’m always looking for ways to include my dogs in that outdoor fun too – and that includes seeking out dog-friendly patios and markets.

This blog guide was first created back in 2017, when a friend asked me if I knew of any patios that would be dog-friendly. Off the top of my head I could name a few, but thought I should also dig a bit deeper and put together a blog post for all Edmonton fur-parents looking to include their pooch in their summer adventures. The post at the time had become a great resource for Edmontonians looking to bring their pooches with them for meals around town. 

And over the years, many, many, many more dog (pet) friendly patios emerged! 

Dog-friendly patio rules are also much more lax these days.

In fact as of May 2022, any restaurant, cafe or bar in Alberta that wants to welcome dogs or leashed pets to their patio, can do so without getting a permit!

This doesn’t mean EVERY patio that exists WILL welcome dogs/pets, you still need to check with that restaurant. But it means that many will likely allow it as they learn that they don’t need a permit, or won’t get in trouble from AHS if they don’t have a permit. Woo hoo! 

This is actually a huge deal and thanks to some of the early pioneering restaurant owners like Phoebe of Vin Room in Calgary who really worked through the processes with government to try and get their patios approved for pets! 

I should note that while I say “dog-friendly patios” and reference pups, I also recognize that in 2022  there are also a lot more outdoor cats and other pets that head out with their pawrents—so you could definitely use this as a ‘PET-friendly’ patio guide, as long as your pet (if not a dog) is leashed and well-behaved, it should function the same way for your pet.

With that said, here’s my list of dog-friendly patios and markets in our city! Edmonton has come a bit of a ways in creating more dog-friendly spaces, and hopefully there is more to come (but that’s really up to the restaurants/patio owners to ensure), so I’ll take what I can get.

Also please also don’t bring your dog to dog-friendly patios if your dog is not friendly to others :'( We know they’re still awesome—they just might not like other dogs or folks lol. 

Dog-Friendly (Pet-Friendly) Patios and Markets in the  Edmonton Area

Featuring: 112 locations
Originally posted: Summer 2017
Last updated: May 8, 2023

If I’m missing a local dog-friendly patio, please message or email me so I can update the post! If I’ve incorrectly labelled a restaurant as dog-friendly, please also let me know and I can remove it. If you’re planning to visit a patio, I recommend you shoot them a DM or call them in advance just to double check nothing has changed—or have a few back-up patio spots in mind in case you need to go somewhere else if the patio is full!

Edmonton Area Dog Friendly Pet Friendly Patios Restaurants Cafes
Use and share my Guide to Dog (Pet) Friendly Patios in the Edmonton area! Suggest more to add.

Listed in alphabetical order.

Thanks to various folks for sending me recommendations!

11248 104 Ave. (Downtown)

70 Acre Brew Co. 
6000 Buckingham Dr. (Sherwood Park)

Ace Coffee Roasters
11053 86 Ave.


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A post shared by ACE Coffee Roasters (@acecoffeeroasters)

Ale Architect 
9918 76 Ave NW

Alley Kat
9929 60 Ave.

Analog Brewing
8620 53 Ave.

Arcadia Brewing Co.
10712 120 St.
Manchester Square

Ashford House Pub
12026 107 Ave.


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Avila Arepa
10760 82 Ave.

10359 104 St.


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Barb & Ernie’s Old Country Inn
9906 72 Ave.

Be Coffee
11015 26 Ave. (Century Park)

Beer Revolution
11736 104 Ave.

9570 76 Ave.


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Blaze Pizza
12010 104 Ave.
(780) 424-0533

Bodega (St. Albert Only)
1 Hebert Rd. (St. Albert)

Breadland Organic Bakery
8440 109 St. 

Brew and Bloom 
10550 115 St.


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Brewsters (Unity Square)
11620 104 Ave.

10228 104 St.

Cafe Bicyclette
8627 91 St.
(587) 524-8090

Cafe Bicyclette Dog Friendly Patio Edmonton

Spotted at Cafe Bicyclette: dogs right up at your patio table!

Cafe Bel-Air
8020 101 St.

Campio Brewing
10257 105 St.


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Cask & Barrel
10041 104 St.

5012 50 St. (Beaumont)

Chocorrant Patisserie + Cafe

10328 124 Street.

Community Taps + Pizza
8232 Gateway Blvd. 


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Creekside Eats at Snow Valley
13204 Rainbow Valley Rd.

Culina Muttart
9626 96A St.

Dalla Tavola Zenari
10166 100A St.

DaDeO New Orleans Diner & Bar
10548A 82 Ave.


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Delux Burger Bar (Crestwood)
9682 142 St.

District Cafe & Bakery
10011 109 St.
(780) 705-7788

Dogpatch Bistro
10158 90 St.


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10190 104 St.

El Beso
10432 Jasper Ave.

El Cortez Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar
8230 Gateway Blvd.

El Mero Mero 
12223 156 St.

Eleanor & Laurent
10926 88 Ave.


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Endeavour Brewing Co.
215 Carnegie Dr.

EPIC 5th St. Food Hall
10344 105 St.

Duchess Bake Shop

10718 124 Street
(780) 488-4999

Farrow Sandwich
8422 109 St. or 9855 76 Ave.
(780) 757-4160

Fleisch Delikatessen
9210 106 Ave.


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Fu’s Repair Shop
9902 109 St.
@fus_repair_shop (Instagram)

Glasshouse Kitchen
101 Riel Dr, St Albert.
(780) 651-7361

Hansen Distillery
17412 111 Ave.

Hart’s Table
14229 23 Ave.

* HARTS is actually named after a dog (the owner’s labradoodle Hartley!)

High Dough
8424 109 St.

Home and Away
10363 104 St. 

Hudsons Canada’s Pub
Various locations (but I visited Whyte Ave)
* dog water bowl available for you dog!

Izakaya Dorinku
10205 82 Ave.
(780) 988-9760

Juniper Bistro
9514 87 St.

Kelly’s Pub

10156 104 Street
(780) 451-8825
* offers dog water bowl for your pup 

Kind Ice Cream
Various Locations (Highlands, Ritchie, Oliver)

#125 200 Festival Ln, Sherwood Park

La Bosco Bakery & Cafe
10413 97 Ave.

Leopold’s Tavern
10302 82 Ave.

Little Brick
10004 90 St.
(780) 705-1230


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LOCAL Public Eatery
11228 Jasper Ave.

Longroof Brewing Co.
9916 72 Ave.


8216 104 St.
(587) 520-6338

Mill Creek Cafe 
9562 82 Ave.

* I’m told there are tables outside of the fenced patio area where servers can take your order but have not verified this! Verify before you go.

MKT Fresh Food | Beer Market
8101 Gateway Blvd.

Mood Cafe
7601 115 St.

O2’s Clareview
13006 50 St.

* The north side O2’s in particular got a shout out but I’m sure other O2’s would be dog-friendly too if this one is. Be sure to call and ask other O2 locations if it’s not the Clareview one! 

OEB Breakfast. Co.
10240 124 St. 

Odd Company Brewing
12021 102 Ave.


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Omen Brewing 
9942 67 Ave. 

Original Joe’s
Hollick Kenyon (5247 167 Ave. location—check other locations before you go!)

Overflow on Whyte
8135 102 St.


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Pablo Cheese Tarts
10163 81 Ave.

Panini’s Italian Cucina
8544 Jasper Ave.

Pho Boy Vietnamese Kitchen

10037 82 Ave.
(587) 521-2444


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Pint on Whyte

8032 104 St.
(780) 758-7400


10403 83 Ave.
(780) 760-4747

Polar Park Brew Co.
10416 80 Ave.


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Presotea / Jiro Ramen / Tacos El Nido 
* it’s literally three concepts in one building
11113 87 Ave.

Rebel Food + Drink
9112 142 St.

Remedy Cafe
Various locations

Rocky Mountain Icehouse
10516 Jasper Ave.

Rooster Kitchen
10732 82 Ave.


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RossoNero Tratttoria & Bar
10051 109 St.

Say Uncle
10184 104 St.

Sea Change Brewing Co.
9850 62 Ave. (Edmonton)
5302 50 St. (Beaumont)


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Sherlocks Holmes Pub
10012 101A Ave.

Shojo Izakaya
10245 121 St.


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Situation Brewing
10308 81 Ave.


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Sweet Pea Cafe & Playhouse
14238 85 Ave.

SYC Brewing Co.
11239 180 St.

Tag Bar and Steakhouse
15327 97 St.

Take Care Cafe
9621 82 Ave.

Talking Dog Brewing
10 Westwind Dr. (Spruce Grove)

The Backyard
10004 103A Ave.
Open year-round

The Canadian Brewhouse
* any location with a main floor patio / not roof-top patio

The Colombian
10340 134 St. and French Quarter (8816 92 St.)

The Common
9910 109 St.

The Grindstone Theatre & Bistro
10019 81 Ave.

The Growlery Beer Co.
40 Airport Road NW (Kingsway)
(587) 497-7714
* dogs welcome in the tap room too! 

The Next Act Pub

8224 104 St.
(780) 433-9345

The Nook Cafe
10153 97 St.


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The Parlour Italian Kitchen & Bar
10334 108 St. 

Tiramisu Bistro

10750 124 St.
(780) 452-3393


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Tito’s Patio
(pop-up patio at Snow Valley)
13204 Rainbow Valley Rd.

Transcend Coffee
Various locations

Tsujiri Alberta
101783 109 St. (Downtown)


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Two Brown Dogs Bistro & Catering
11812 86 St.

Tzin 104
10115 104 St.

Villa Bistro
11520 100 Ave.

Urban Diner
12427 102 Ave.

* check in at front then go around back with your dog to access the cute patio 

10326 124 St.

Whisk Bakeshop & Coffeehouse
1 Tache St., St. Albert

Wild Earth Bakery
Various Locations

Wilfred’s / Made by Marcus
10429 121 St.

Yoshi Express
10443 82 Ave.
@yoshiexpress.yeg (IG, no website)

* they have one table outside, if you snag it, you pet is welcome there!

As mentioned, I recommend you call or message before you go just to double check that nothing’s changed, and to question to what extent the dog is allowed on, in, or around the patio. 

Please also be responsible about your dog patio adventures. 

Since writing this post back in 2017, my big dog Artie has become more anxious and aggressive around strangers and other dogs, so while we used to take him with us to patios, now in 2022, because of his temperament, we usually leave the dog patio adventures for Olive, our smaller dog who has a really easy temperament and loves being around people and other dogs. 

Don’t bring your dog to dog-friendly patios if your dog is not friendly to other people or dogs.

Edmonton Area Dog Friendly Pet Friendly Patios Restaurants Cafes
Use and share my Guide to Dog (Pet) Friendly Patios in the Edmonton area! Suggest more to add.

So, which dog-friendly patios/markets am I missing?

I’m always looking to add to this list so please tweet or email me your suggestions!

Also here are other Edmonton Pet-Friendly Resources you may find useful:

Enjoy your patio hopping, fur parents!!!!


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  • Lesley says:

    I haven’t been there yet but Farrow Sandwiches on 109 st, just north of Whyte Avenue seems pretty dog friendly. Not so much of a patio but they do have a couple picnic tables outside.

  • Linda Hoang says:

    Thanks Lesley! Ive been to Farrow many times and totally forgot about the dogs I’ve seen out at the picnic tables! Thanks! I’ve added them to the list.

  • Sarah Sinton says:

    The Pint off Whyte has a wonderful dog friendly patio. Even offers your pups a bowl of water. They have 2 patios. A back and front one. Just the front one allows dogs. I was there just on Sat May 20th with my little guy and there were several other dogs there too!

  • Linda Hoang says:

    Awesome Sarah, thanks I’ll add it to the list!

  • Bee Dee says:

    Wildflower downtown also has a dog friendly patio. They also offer water for your dogs. I was there last Sunday for brunch on the patio with my yorkie!

  • Brit says:

    Sally beauty allows dogs in there stores so pups don’t have to wait in cars ! I know it’s not a patio but just saying lol

  • Linda Hoang says:

    Thanks Bee! I will add it to the list!!

  • Dee says:

    I beg to differ. Tying a dog to the outside of patio doesn’t mean it’s dog friendly. Quite the opposite. It’s no different than tying a dog outside while you go inside. Your are just closer to where your dog is tied. Remember to consider water access ! To my way of thinking, dog firendly businesses demonstrate it best when they providing a bowl of fresh water.

  • Lori says:

    I phoned ahead to The Needle that is on the list. They told me on the phone it was not a problem, when I got there with my small dog I was told no.
    Went to the blue chair cafe (also on the list) was told he’s only allowed on the other side of the patio. (Which is pretty much on the sidewalk) Ok I know you mentioned this at the end of your article, but I am not tying up my dog out on a busy sidewalk where people are walking by..just weird to me. If you ask me the only dog friendly thing these people are offering is a bowl of water.

  • Linda Hoang says:

    Hi Lori! I’m really disappointed to hear The Needle told you one thing and then went back on it. I will remove them from the list. As for a blue Plate, And others that have the rule to tie the dog on the their side of fence – it’s definitely not the preferred dog friendly route but I think it’s better than nothing! Especially if I’m able to get a table right up by that fence/rail. Good luck!

  • Kathy Butkovic says:

    Linda, thank-you for this list! I love it! I would also like to add that what makes places dog friendly is being a responsible pet owner. Always picking up after your dog and making sure it’s not disturbing other patrons or other dogs. I love taking our dogs to the Market on 104 but I noticed lately that lots of people just let their dogs rush up on yours or get in their face without asking. This is how problems start. Remember if you are in a public space to be aware of your dogs surroundings always and consider that not all dogs are ‘dog brave’ or ‘dog friendly’ for that matter.
    I can’t wait to check some of these places out :) Thank-you!

  • Jordan says:

    Noorish Patio is dog friendly.. Bring em on up if they are not toooo big and they will bring out fresh clean water for any dog, just ask. They had a dog bowl but it went “missing”

  • Shawn says:

    Lui-chi’s Espresso Downtown Rice Howard Way allows dogs on the patio and also inside the cafe!!!!

  • Juliana says:

    Both Arcadia (Manchester Square) and Odd Company (121st) allow dogs in their patio as well!

  • This is a handy list for dog owners in Edmonton! Unfortunately, my pooch isn’t super socialized. So for obvious reasons, I would not want to bring her out and have her disrupt anybody else with their dogs. But I still like to visit other pooches when I see them!

  • Adrienne Farricelli says:

    I’m a professional CPDT-KA certified dog trainer, and for the last 10 years I’ve been helping people to eliminate bad behaviors in dogs and train well behaved, obedient, loving pets…by showing them how to bring out the ‘hidden intelligence’ inside their dog.
    Every dog without exception – has a hidden intelligence inside.
    It’s an untapped resource to help you remove just about any troublesome behavior.
    Keep reading to find out more… Click here

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