DIY Social Media: Snapchat Filter Halloween Costume (with Photoshop File!)

A couple of years ago I went as an Instagram frame for Halloween! It was a big success (it even got on Hootsuite’s list of clever social media costumes) and I think part of the success was because it suited my social media-lovin’ personality so well.

For 2016, I decided to be a Snapchat filter!

There’s lots of different Snapchat filter costumes out there (lots of really cool make-up based ones!) but I didn’t want to be just any Snapchat filter – I wanted to be an in-progress, selecting-your-filter- Snapchat filter!

Snapchat Filter Halloween Social Media Costume

So many filters to choose from… I decided to go with the flower crown!

I based my Snapchat frame very much after my Instagram frame, using screenshots from Snapchat to get the right icons in the right placements. I chose to use the flower crown filter as my “selected” filter because it’s one of my favourites but of course this can be pretty flexible depending on what your favourite filter is!

Snapchat Filter Social Media Halloween Costume Snapchat Filter Social Media Halloween Costume

You can download my .PSD Photoshop template here!

And then make your own edits / take your own screenshots to replace mine depending on your preferred filter. I borrowed the flower crown from my friend Lisa – who easily made it with her kids.

My view was also the ‘selecting a filter’ view, but I had contemplated doing a frame that included a Halloween geofilter on the bottom instead of the selecting filters view so that’s another alternative that would probably look pretty cool!

The frame is printed on 24×36 size vinyl, mounted on a foam core, with the middle section cut out.

Cost: $61.95 from College Copy Shop (my Instagram frame was just $38 printed at a different place, but College Copy was really close to me this year so I opted for convenience, lol).

So what do you think?! 

What are your favourite Snapchat filters? What are your favourite social media costumes?

And if you want a couple’s costume and your significant other is feeling lazy, they can just write BOOK on their face like Jim from the Office, lol.

Jim Halpert Facebook Halloween

Happy Halloween!


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