Social Media Spotlight: Top Edmonton Instagram Users to Follow (version 5)

Twice a year, I put out a local Edmonton Instagram users to follow list. There is no shortage of great accounts to recommend and what you’ve landed on here is my fifth IG list! The first one was published August 2014 and two years later I still get so excited to share some of my favourite accounts with all of you. 

I love Instagram and in my opinion, feel that the best accounts to follow share photos that inspire, delight, and/or amaze. They’re basically really pretty, consistent accounts. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love following friends and family who share photos that are less planned, less cohesive in a grid, less awe-inspiring – but the accounts I’m recommending below (and have recommended in past) are ones where obviously the posters have an IG ‘eye’ and are a bit more deliberate in what they’re sharing. 

Top Edmonton users on Instagram

Here are the last four Instagram lists I’ve put together:

Check out my recommendations and let me know what you think and who your favourite accounts are too!

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Top 21 Edmonton Instagram Users to Follow (version 5)
in no particular order

SABRINA (@sugarandcrumbs_yeg)

Edmonton Instagram Users - SugarAndCrumbs_YEG - Social Media

I have been itching to get this new IG recommended list out primarily because of this account. There are some awesome foodies in the city including some really great bakers, but I think Sabrina @sugarandcrumbs_yeg’s cakes are something else! The pile of donuts, cotton candy, ice cream cones on top of cakes – her photos/products are so whimsical – so creative. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but I can’t wait to try one of her creations!   

Edmonton Instagram Users - ashtruong - Social Media

Ash has a very clean and beautiful feed. She doesn’t post too often but there’s always such a pretty quality to her photos. I love her artsy eye and also her adorable selfies. Her family also eats at my parent’s restaurant so that’s a nice plus, lol. 
Edmonton Instagram Users - costafella - Social Media

Costin’s feed is all about Edmonton. Bridges, buildings, really interesting perspectives/angles. It’s really quite gorgeous. Where @gotmountains photos make you in awe of nature – Costin’s photos make you in awe of our city’s buildings. Just really some very interesting perspectives! 
Edmonton Instagram Users - FellaElla - Social Media

I love Raffaella’s Instagram photos not only because they’re beautiful, but also because she follows a strict 3-photos-per-post rule. No matter what she’s posting about, she’ll always share three photos for that topic. This results in a pretty cool grid – and gives the opportunity to show a dinner being cooked + its final product, a series of porch photos at varying angles, wide – medium – close-up shots of a knitting project, and more. There’s a very complete feeling about the photos on her feed. 
Instagram Edmonton - sugarlovespices

There’s a lot of great food Instagram accounts (I’ve recommended many over the last two years), and many I recommend for similar reasons – really beautiful photos of food, well-lit, nicely composed, interesting perspectives, inspiring (makes me want to eat the dishes!) This account has all of those same qualities but what I really like about it is that it’s basically all food this couple (Loreto and Nicoletta) make themselves. I’m not much of a home cook (I do enjoy cooking and am trying to do it more – but just love eating out more lol) so I just seeing the incredible foods they’re whipping up at home (effortlessly it seems) is something I really enjoy following. 
Edmonton Instagram Users - alexinthecity - Social Media

For awhile there, Alex had a similar posting-in-threes pattern like @fellaella. 3 photos from the same mountain scene. 3 close-ups of fruit. 3 walking paths surrounded by trees. He has a great mix of nature and city shots, lovely lighting and great composition. 
Edmonton Instagram Users - katrynarae - Social Media

Katryna is a seamstress/designer with a special love of colour and patterns that is really evident in her radiant Instagram photos. I love how bright and vibrant her feed is. I love her colourful and patterned style. She’s also a cat lover so you’ll get bits of cat stuff in the mix too. 
Edmonton Instagram Users - lubna.780 - Social Media

Lubna’s Instagram is another one I love for its stunning shots of Edmonton architecture! I think we truly take for granted how beautiful some of the buildings are in this city. There’s also this more gritty, grungy look and feel to her photos that is totally attractive. 
Instagram Edmonton - triciavictoriaphotography

There are some ridiculously talented photographers in Edmonton and Instagram’s made it a whole lot easier to find them! I’m a big fan of Tricia Victoria Photography’s work. Just some wonderful portraits and wedding photography with a very Earth-y vibe. 
Edmonton Instagram Users - gotmountains - Social Media

We are lucky to live so close to some of nature’s most beautiful creations. Eric shows us a glimpse of that through his Instagram. These photos are stunning mountain scenes – located just a few hours drive away . Looking at Eric’s pictures *may* inspire you to get off your butt and Explore Alberta too. His IG stories tell a thrilling and adventurous story, and really captures the beauty of “those hills tho…” 
Instagram Edmonton - argenplath

Diane’s feed is a mix of food, beauty, and beautiful things. It’s been great to see her Instagram account evolve over the last couple of years. She used to have red polka dot frames around her very collaged-up images and there wasn’t too much effort or ‘IG’ eye to it. It was one of the friend accounts that you like following because you like seeing what your friend is up to but not necessarily because the photos are making you pause and think, ‘wow, that’s pretty’. Now I always stop and think that when I see her photos! 
Instagram Edmonton - aliciapaydli

If you’re into skyscraper/building porn, Alicia’s account is for you! Similar to the other downtown/building-themed accounts on this list, there is some really great perspectives on Alicia’s account – and a lot of big blue sky! Interestingly, she has another account where she shares similar photos but in black and white. Cool how different a feeling you get by putting something in black and white. 
Instagram Edmonton - moonshinedonuts

I don’t eat a lot of baked goods but boy does Moonshine Doughnuts’ Instagram account make me wanna! These perfectly placed, perfectly glazed donuts are so damn pretty. Also, it’s like, how many different angles of doughnuts can you take before it gets old or uninspired? That hasn’t happened yet for this IG account (and I don’t know if it ever will!) Follow. Buy doughnuts. (In that order). 
Edmonton Social Media Instagram Users - misschrisycharms

Some people are just more stylish than I’ll ever be. Their homes are also infinitely prettier. Chrisy’s feed is what you’d want/expect in a home decor/fashion blogger’s Instagram. Great outfits. Cozy homes. Good nail polish. Great lighting. The best angles. Lots of coffee, lol. Just so beautiful! 
Edmonton Instagram Users Social Media

I know a lot of the really beautiful accounts on Instagram are showing totally curated lives – it all seems just so perfect doesn’t it? Of course they’re only showing highlights of life – best moments. What I love about Hannah’s Instagram account is that it’s beautiful but her captions are so real. Unedited authenticity – as she puts it. Captions like these: “Holy shit balls what a bad morning. Made coffee; couldn’t find travel mug. Started my period. Late for school. Didn’t eat breakfast. Have to volunteer today at Gabe’s school and I have zero make up on, zits and I threw on the same clothes I wore yesterday. Almost forgot show & tell.” So honest! Love it. 
Edmonton Instagram Users Social Media

Taylor’s Instagram bio puts it really well: Eat good food and take pictures of everything! Her ‘everything’ is typically food (which I’m all for!) I was trying to think about how to describe the ‘look and feel’ of her photos and I started thinking about how it was very VSCO Cam-like. VSCO Cam was (is?) a popular photo sharing/editing app that had certain filters on it that were pretty popular a few years ago. I don’t see those same filters on as many IG photos anymore but it shines through on Taylor’s IG! I even noticed after the fact that Taylor links to her VSCO profile – which made me chuckle. VSCO’s filters are just that recognizable. Love it! 
Edmonton Instagram Users Social Media

Some Instagram photos are very faded. Some are very bright. Some give off that Earth-y vibe. Ann’s IG account is the very crisp and clean type. The delicious food is typically set on a solid white backdrop, or if the backdrop isn’t white then the plates/cutlery are – and the brightness/contrast is just oh so aesthetically pleasing. 
Edmonton Instagram Users Social Media

Jordon takes some really beautiful photos. They’re creatively framed, well-lit, and all of them tell a great story of his life in Edmonton (and travels around the world). There’s no one particular theme Jordon’s feed focuses on – you’ll find some great portraits, beautiful mountains and Prairie fields, stunning skylines, U of A campus life scenes, and some food. 
Edmonton Instagram Users Social Media

No Instagram list is complete without a pet account recommendation! This time it’s for A Cat Named Gatsby – a long-haired white/blonde beauty owned by local photographer Carmyn Joy (who was one of the very first people on my original IG list). As you can expect from Carmyn, these photos of Gatsby are beautiful – just like his mane and bright blue eyes. 
Edmonton Instagram Users Social Media

There’s lots of local talent in Edmonton and Instagram is a great place for them to showcase their craft. Joanne makes just the prettiest paper flowers! I’m not very crafty so it makes me appreciate the crafting skills of others that much more. These paper bouquets, head bands, floral backdrops, cake decorations are just so beautiful. 


Edmonton Instagram Social Media huskyhusky

You can never go wrong following animal Instagram accounts. It’s even more exciting when the animal account comes from Edmonton! Miss Miska (a.k.a. HuskyHusky) is a beautiful Siberian Husky with the most piercing blue eyes and goofy faces. 

Thanks for browsing Version 5 of my Edmonton Instagram Users to Follow list! I hope you enjoyed it and I really hope you follow some of these amazing accounts and share with me your favourites too.

Really it’s all about personal preference (personally, I am not a fan of Instagram video so accounts that post a lot of video rarely make it on my lists, but that’s not to say that video IG accounts aren’t great too…) lol.

Be sure to check out the master list of all of my recommended Instagram accounts here. With this newest batch, I’m now listing up to 131 amazing local accounts that inspire me (and hopefully now – you!)


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