Chicken in Alberta – Ten Chicken dishes to Try in Edmonton and Calgary

I’m excited to continue my partnership with Alberta Chicken Producers this month to celebrate National Chicken Month!

September is National Chicken Month in Canada, which is a perfect time to share some ideas for chicken dishes to try, run some giveaways, bust some myths, and share some other facts you might not have known about Canada’s favourite protein (for instance, that chicken is Canada’s favourite protein! lol)

It’s a jam-packed blog post so keep scrolling for:

  • 5 Facts You Might Know About Chicken
  • 5 Chicken Dishes (Restaurants) to Try in
  • Edmonton
  • 5 Chicken Dishes (Restaurants) to Try in Calgary
  • A GIVEAWAY – Win $50 to one of the restaurants featured (two winners) 
    • Update: Giveaway winners are MyAn and Jessica!!

This isn’t the first time I’ve blogged about local chicken either!

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This post was developed as part of a partnership with Alberta Chicken Producers

Before we get into the food suggestions, I wanted to share some chicken facts!

5 Facts You Might Not Know About Chicken

Alberta Chicken Producers - Chicken Facts - Chicken Month - Canadian Chicken - Food
Share my 5 Facts You Might Not Know About Chicken!
  • Fact #1: Did you know that in Canada, if you buy chicken fresh never frozen, that means the chicken came from a Canadian farm? Buying fresh never frozen is one easy way to identify Canadian chicken! (There are frozen products that are Canadian too but buying fresh, never frozen is just one easy way to identify Canadian chicken! (Source)
  • Fact #2: Canada enforces a ‘Raised by a Canadian Farmer’ Animal Care Program which sets strict, mandatory, and auditable standards for the care and handling of chickens, ensuring accountability from every chicken farm in the country. (Source)
  • Fact #3: All of Alberta’s chicken farms are family farms! And over 90% of chicken farms in Canada are family-owned and operated.  (Source)
  • Fact #4: Different cuts of chicken offer different nutritional value! If you’re looking for high potassium, skinless breasts are the way to go. If you need more iron, try dark meat like thighs, legs, or wings. Maybe you want to boost your zinc levels (which strengthens immune systems), then skinless legs is your best bet. (Source)
  • Fact #5: According to Statistics Canada, in 2019, chicken was the most consumed meat in Canada thereby making it the most popular protein in the country! (Source)

There’s a great website called Let’s Talk Chicken that poses a TON of great chicken questions along with answers from Canadian chicken farmers you should also check out. For instance, someone asked what’s the difference between all the labels for chicken at the grocery store and the response linked to a great ‘Wheel of Chicken’ infographic that defines the differences between labels like free-run, free-range, halal, grain-fed, organic, and more!

I share even more chicken facts in my Sept 2020 blog post and if you have more questions, ask Alberta Chicken Producers!

Okay, now for some ideas for chicken dishes you’ve got to try in Edmonton and Calgary!

Ten Restaurants With Must-Order Chicken Dishes in Edmonton and Calgary

Please note: this is not an exhaustive list, and if you have suggestions for other great chicken dishes and restaurants, please leave in the comments so me and other readers can try them too!

Alberta Chicken Producers - Ten Chicken Dishes to Try in Edmonton and Calgary - Food
Use and share my blog post with suggestions for Ten Chicken Dishes to Try in Edmonton and Calgary!

5 Chicken Dishes to Try in Edmonton

1. Dry Spicy Chicken from The Lingnan Restaurant

The Lingnan
10582 104 St.

The Lingnan is an iconic establishment in Edmonton, a staple for Chinese cuisine that’s been around since 1947 (over 74 years—wow!) So you could say they’ve got their family recipes perfected, and one of their most popular recipes is their Dry Spicy Chicken. This renowned dish features “Amy’s Chicken” breast strips lightly battered and stir fried with their homemade chilli oil and seasoning salt. It’s addictive as heck and you can also order a frozen version to take home and cook whenever you want from the Uproot Collective!

The Lingnan - Dry Spicy Chicken - Alberta Chicken Producers - Edmonton Food
The Lingnan's famous Dry Spicy Chicken.

2. Katsu Chicken Sandwich from Rosewood Foods

Rosewood Foods
10150 100 St.

Rosewood Foods opened in downtown Edmonton during the pandemic and has been met with much fanfare because of how ridiculously good their savoury bites and housemade pastries are. They’ve got a few chicken options for you, including house chicken sausage, their lemon-grilled chicken thigh which comes in their Chicken Club Sandwich or Bistro Chicken Salad, and what I think is the star, their Katsu Chicken Sandwich with Japanese-style fried chicken, tangy red cabbage, housemade kewpie mayo, katsu sauce and a milk bun. A massive, delicious sandwich that’s a must-try! And while you’re here, you have to order their cruellers too! 

Rosewood Foods - Chicken Katsu Sandwich - Alberta Chicken Producers - Edmonton Food
The chicken katsu sandwich from Rosewood Foods.

3. Famous Fried Chicken from Ralph’s Handi Mart

Ralph’s Handi Mart
9508 87 St.

My friend Sharman was actually the first one to tell me about the unbelievable fried chicken from a neighbourhood convenience store in Edmonton—Ralph’s Handi Mart. What a surprising site for quality chicken. Then my friend Graham who at the time, worked at CTV, did a story about the famous fried chicken and I’m so glad he did because what a story it ended up being! Apparently the secret recipe was passed on to two sons in the same family, who each own their own store (so, you could also go to Sunshine Food Store for your fried chicken fix!) So there’s a bit of an ongoing friendly, family feud over which convenience store fried chicken is best!

Ralphs Handi Mart Fried Chicken - Alberta Chicken Producers - Edmonton Food
The famous Fried Chicken from Ralph's Handi Mart.

4. Chicken Wings from River City Revival House

River City Revival House
10030 102 St.

When I posed a ‘where is the best chicken wings in Edmonton’ question on Twitter, the community delivered. It was a great reminder about the amazing Vietnamese chicken wings from Co Do Hue, made me wonder if I should be getting an airfryer to make my own wings at home (lol), but also showed I have been seriously missing out because there was a ton of love for the wings from River City Revival House in the basement of the Starlight Room in downtown Edmonton! I love their menu in general because all their food is named after musicians (Wings of Leon!) Hotiyaki came up a few times as *the* flavour to get, but they also do Coffee BBQ, salt and pepper, honey garlic, teriyaki, chipotle BBQ, hot, sweet chili, hot honey, lemon pepper and mustard BBQ. Enjoy!

River City Revival House - Chicken Wings - Alberta Chicken Producers - Edmonton Food
People rave about River City Revival House's chicken wings!

5. Chicken and Waffles from Sugarbowl

10922 88 Ave.

The Sugarbowl in Edmonton’s Garneau neighbourhood just south of the High Level Bridge is a mainstay for comfort food in the city, and one of their most comforting and signature dishes is their Chicken and Waffles—devour a waffle topped with two fried and breaded chicken breasts, accompanied with watermelon salsa and maple butter. It’s considered a local classic, and for many, the Sugar Bowl was their first experience trying the now well-known chicken and waffle combination. Don’t forget to add their famous cinnamon buns to your order too!

The Sugarbowl's Chicken and Waffles.

In my 2020 Edmonton chicken blog post I also shout out to chicken dishes from: Kazoku Ramen, The Local Omnivore, Filistix, Northern Chicken, Seoul Fried Chicken, Workshop Eatery, Tiffin Fresh Kitchen, Awash Ethiopian Restaurant, Bodega, Calle Mexico, and Meat Street Pies.

5 Chicken Dishes to Try in Calgary

1. Chicken Liver Parfait from A1 Bodega & Cafe

A1 Bodega & Cafe
1213 1 St. SW

Who else thinks chicken liver parfait is absolutely delicious? That’s what you need to order at the cafe portion of A1 Bodega & Cafe. This neighbourhood grocery store and cafe sources local ingredients and has a focus on reducing food waste. Grab a spot on their front and back patios (front is dog-friendly!) to enjoy this chicken parfait (which is on their snack item—so you’re definitely encouraged to order up a few items from the snack section before moving onto their popular pizzas and pastas!)

A1 Bodega and Cafe - Chicken Parfait - Alberta Chicken Producers - Calgary Food
The Chicken Parfait from A1 Bodega and Cafe.

2. Chicken Wings from Mugshotz Sports Bar & Grill

Mugshotz Sports Bar & Grill
2808 Ogden Rd.

There is no question that some of the very best chicken wings to be found in Calgary are from Mugshotz Sports Bar & Grill. They’ve proclaimed it too! “Home of the best gourmet chicken wings in Calgary” with nearly 50 flavours to choose from, here it’s also common to order their 5 lb platter (choose from three flavours). Don’t be surprised if they sell out of wings when you try to go though—they’re that popular!

Mugshotz Calgary - Chicken Wings - Alberta Chicken Producers - Calgary Food
The famous Chicken Wings from Mugshotz / Photo credit:

3. Master Stock Pain Seared Chicken Thigh from Pure Modern Asian Kitchen & Bar

Pure Modern Asian Kitchen & Bar
#100 815 8 Ave. SW

Well-known in Calgary for their modern takes on traditional Asian cuisine and refreshing cocktails, Pure Modern Asian Kitchen & Bar has a few chicken dishes worth tasting, including their master stock pan seared chicken thigh with coconut rice, ginger scallion jus and fried garlic chips,caramelized chili lemongrass chicken thigh with onions, steamed rice and sate oil, spicy sambal chili and basil chicken fried rice, or wings! Is your mouth salivating reading this? Mine is!

Pure Modern Asian Kitchen - Chicken Thigh - Alberta Chicken Producers - Calgary Food
Master Stock Pain Seared Chicken Thigh from Pure Modern Asian Kitchen & Bar.

4. Ginger Soy Chicken Thighs from Roy’s Korean Kitchen

Roy’s Korean Kitchen
2024 4 St. SW

There’s a LOT to love about Chef Roy Oh and his culinary creations. His modern Roy’s Korean Kitchen concept emerged during the pandemic as a popular take-out spot including his KBBQ (Korean BBQ) @ HOME offering of your choice of marinated meats (in this case, the delectable ginger soy chicken thighs) and lettuce wrap kits for you to cook up at home. If dining in, try some of his bold chicken wing flavours too, like buffalo gochujang, kabayaki or salt and sansyo pepper. 

Roys Korean Kitchen - Chicken Korean BBQ Kit - Alberta Chicken Producers - Calgary Food
Roy's Korean Kitchen KBBQ kits feature beef, pork or CHICKEN with rice, soup, kimchi & lettuce wrap accompaniments!

5. Rotisserie Chicken from Pio Peruvian Restaurant

Pio Peruvian Restaurant
2929 Sunridge Way NE

Pio Peruvian Restaurant is a small, family owned and operated Peruvian spot serving  “Pollo a la Brasa” (Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken, Peru’s most famous dish), and other delicious Peruvian dishes including their popular ceviche and empanadas, yum.

In my 2020 Calgary chicken blog post I also shout out to chicken dishes from: Cluck and Cleaver, The Bro’kin Yolk, NOtaBLE, Simply Irie, Redheads Japa Cafe, Chicken on the Way, Pho Dau Bo, Gringo Street, and Charbar.
Alberta Chicken Producers - Pio Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken Calgary Food
Try the rotisserie chicken from Pio Peruvian Restaurant!

So that’s just a few suggestions for delicious chicken dishes to consider trying in Edmonton and Calgary. As I said, it doesn’t cover ALL the great chicken options you could have in both cities, or across Alberta! and I’d love to hear your thoughts on tasty chicken dishes to try too.

You can also find my other chcken dish suggestions in my 2020 Alberta Chicken blog posts:

And now I’m excited to give away two $50 gift cards to one of the restaurants featured in this post (winners’ choice!)



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I will randomly select two winners by Oct. 1, 2021. Winners will get to select which restaurant featured in this blog post that they want a $50 gift card to.

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Alberta Chicken Producers - Ten Chicken Dishes to Try in Edmonton and Calgary - Facts
Tune into my IG Story on Sept. 29 for some more chicken facts (and chance to win!)


I’ll be sharing more chicken facts to wrap up National Chicken Month on my Instagram Stories on Wednesday, Sept. 29. Let me know what the most interesting thing you learned was via my Stories to be entered for a chance to win a separate $50 gift card to one of the restaurants featured in this blog post. That winner will be selected by Oct. 1, 2021 as well. 

Thank you to Alberta Chicken Producers for partnering with me for National Chicken Month!


Disclaimer: This blog post is part of a sponsored partnership with Alberta Chicken Producers. This has no impact on opinions stated in this post. I love food (including and often especially chicken), supporting local businesses and eating local!



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