What the heck does IMO mean, like SRSLY?

March 30 2009.

Lately I’ve been frequenting the ONTD Celebrity Blog on an overly-regular basis. Now one of the great things about ONTD is the users and their hilarious comments. I’ve become rather addicted to reading comments on the blog’s posts, I think in large part to the fact that they are usually witty, snarky, and are accompanied by one or several Internet slang acronyms.

I understood the basic ones, you know – LOL, WTF, ROFL, OMG, etc. But then I started seeing ones I’ve never ever seen before, ones like NGL, IDGAF, IDGI, etc. I’ve always considered myself Internet savvy and having a pretty good handle on Internet trends and what not, but here was a pile of acronyms that I had no clue the meaning of!! Was I getting too old? I’m only 19 for godsake..

Needless to say, I needed to learn what these “new” acronyms meant. What did that mean I had to do? No, not go out and buy one of those tween acronym Internet books.

What I did was enlist the help of a 15-year-old, Generation Y, really Internet savvy girl who could tell me what these strange words meant and help me compile a list of currently commonly used acronyms!

And that’s what the following is, my compilation of some current commonly used Internet slang. Compiled thanks to the assistance of the very helpful Kelly D. (with some input by a frequent ONTD-goer, Tanvi G.)

                                          Wondering WTF these letters mean?
                                                      Here’s your new guide!

The Basics:

LOL – laughing out loud
LMAO – laughing my ass off
ROFL – rolling on floor laughing
OMG – oh my god
WTF – what the eff
BRB – be right back
BTW – by the way
FYI – for your information
IMU – i miss you
ILU/ILY– i love you

What the “Basics” sounds like:

2 Letter Acronyms:

JK – just kidding
JC – just checking
H/O – hold on
DL – down low
OT – off topic
QT – cutie
BB – baby
TY – thank you
YW – you’re welcome
NP – no problem
WB – welcome back
W/E – whatever
W/O – without

What these 2 Letter Acronyms sound like:

3 Letter Acronyms:

IRL – in real life
NGL – not gonna lie
IDK – i don’t know
IDC – i don’t care
IKR – i know right
FML – eff my life
BBL – be back later
MTE – my thoughts exactly
IMO – in my opinion
AFK – away from keyboard
ASL – age sex location
BFF – best friends forever
TMI – too much information
TBH – to be honest
TBA – to be announced
TIA – thanks in advance
ETA – edited to add
FTW – for the win
FTL – for the lose
ATM – at the moment
BFD – big effing deal
SOL – shit outta luck
O I C – oh I see
SRS – serious
FWB – friends with benefits
AWK – awkward
ESP – especially
DEF – definitely
OBV – obviously
HDU – how dare you
ILH – i love him or i love her

What these 3 Letter acronyms sound like:

4 or More Letter Acronyms:

IDGI – I don’t get it
IJAF – it’s just a fact
STFU – shut the eff up
JSYK – just so you know
TTFN – ta ta for now
TTYL – talk to you later
TTYS – talk to you soon
AWOL – absent without leave / missing
SRSLY – seriously
BFFL – best friends for life (BIFFLE)
IDGAF – I don’t give a eff
AFAIK – as far as I know
BBSOL – be back sooner or later
IAWTC – I agree with this completely
ILYSM– I love you so much

What these 4 or More Letter acronyms sound like:

Some random Internet Slang:

LAWLS & LULS – variations of “lol”
LMAOSAURUS & ROFLCOPTER – variations of “lmao” and “rofl”
WEAKSAUCE & LAMESAUCE – that is weak, that is lame
OM NOM NOM – the sound one makes when they are eating something very fast or chomping

You can also add “f” (eff) to many acronyms such as LMFAO & OMFG.

What some of these random slang words sound like:

Basically these days an entire sentence that is understandable to the Internet public can be written with mostly acronyms!


Translation: (Haha) oh my god that was seriously for the win (haha) I love you so much and I agree with this completely, not gonna lie.

JSYK IDGAF TBH that was TMI so just STFU IDC.
Translation: Just so you know I don’t give a f*ck, to be honest that was too much information so just shut the f*ck up, I don’t care.

Translation:I love you, i miss you, seriously you’re my best friend for life baby.

Of course no one would actually write an entire sentence with strictly acronyms (well I hope not anyway).

When I asked my dear 15-year-old friend (who is actually quite an intelligent individual, as are many of the individuals who post comments on ONTD using tons of acronyms) why she types in acronyms and purposely spells words incorrectly, she responded with this:


Hahaha! Of course, I’m really not judging because I like to use acronyms and spell things wrong on purpose in chats and messages as well. This post was just something I thought would be a helpful reference for myself and whoever else happens to google “What the heck does IMO mean?!!?” and more. :D

Let me know if there are any popular acronyms that you’ve seen being used around the interwebz that you think I should add to this list! ;)

Also, only a few more days until the Top 10 of the Best Job in the World is announced! I’m becoming so very, very nervous. If TQ (Tourism Queensland) is going for geographical diversity with their Top 10 selections, than my chances are seriously shot because there’s so many candidates from Canada and all of us are could make it but they can’t choose a large number of us if they’re trying to maintain worldwide interest. Sigh! :( I’m trying to stay positive and crossing my fingers, praying, and all that good stuff though. Hopefully Thursday is a happy, happy day!


  • Kelly D. says:

    Way to go, Linda!
    in the least! ;D



  • mgdisney says:

    Wow thats a lot of computer speak. Who invented these words anyway. Some I have never heard of. What happened to the normal English language? Nice T shirts though.

  • Kim says:

    ONTD users overly use the acronyms, and I’ve only seen them there, haha. They are really funny, and they are wayyy too intense for me!

    I say biffle out loud though, and it’s really funny.

  • LAYDEE says:

    & I LOVE YOU.
    just fyi.

  • Lisa says:

    This had me laughing, I missed it the first time but kudos for all the work… think of all the crazy fandom ones you could add to that list. *shudders* Never ending acronyms. xoxo

  • ayuliviajudi says:

    Just thought I’d add a few more:

    UNF: Universal Noise of F*cking
    Dayum: A more emphasized version of “damn.” (Dayum, boy is fine!)
    TYVM: Thank You Very Much
    SRS BSNS: Serious Business
    BS: Bull Sh!t
    IMHO: In My Humble Opinion

  • hasssan says:

    woooooooooooow… i like it!
    i already know some…. bt t

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