[Video]: South Edmonton Business Association Promotional Video!

This summer I got to take on my very first video client!

The South Edmonton Business Association (SEBA – http://sebaonline.ca/) was looking into creating a promotional video. Amazingly enough, I got the job through Twitter! School was wrapping up for the summer and I was interested in doing work related to the field — outside of reporting, if you’ve been following my blog and my studies, I really enjoy shooting and editing video — so I tweeted if anyone wanted to hire me, I can write, shoot and edit video. Lo and behold, Chad Griffiths, President of SEBA, saw my tweet and sent me one. Emails were exchanged, demos of my video work were viewed and the next thing I got my first real video editing-for-a-real-client job!

Fast forward to now, the video is completed! (They weren’t in a terrible rush, the deadline I had been given was September.) I know had I not been basically working five days a week at the Sun the last few months then I could have completed the video a lot sooner, but still did it well before deadline ;)

The video will be used internally within SEBA as well as eventually used online in efforts to obviously promote the association.

Here it is uploaded onto my own account for demo purposes.

Please let me know what you think!


I had a great time working with Chad and the rest of his SEBA colleagues, and I’m happy with the final product — and so were members of SEBA! Plus I think it also showed that success can happen for business relations started with strangers through Twitter :) It was also great experience because I got to test around video resolution and codec quality — keeping my mind fresh for back to school soon.

In conclusion, Happy client, happy Linda!

Also a shout out to my friend and classmate Nicole de Champlain who took time out of her day to help me lug around equipment and set up during our filming day.

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