#StopAsianHateAlberta – Stand with us and take action to denounce and eliminate race-based hate

Stop Asian Hate Alberta - 2

It pains me to think of the casual and overt racism my parents (pictured above, owners of King Noodle House Pho Hoang in Edmonton, Alberta) have experienced—but could not act on, as they tried to fit in as model minority immigrants in Canada, or simply because their English wasn’t strong enough to rebut. 

Sometimes I think it’s better they aren’t as versed in the language so they aren’t as impacted by racist, xenophobic or stereotypical remarks but I also know even though they may not understand the words, they have *felt* the hate. You feel it.

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on Asian racism I’ve long brushed aside—when people confuse me with another Asian woman, when people make jokes about how we all look the same, that we eat weird food, when people pronounce my last name wrong, and pandemic jokes too.

These all feel like small things, especially compared to the violent acts that have occurred against BIPOC communities—especially recent attacks on the Asian community. But they swell.

Hate crimes against Asian-Canadians have increased 600-700% since the start of the pandemic compared to the previous year. (CTV News Source) Some people truly blame Asians for the pandemic. Letting casual racism pass leads to increasingly overt and violent acts.

You can’t cherry pick what aspects of a culture you love or support. All people should be valued and should feel safe regardless of (the list is long). And absolutely no one should be targeted because of their race.

I am proud to have worked with Jessie Cayabo of Bonafide Media & PR & Carmen Cheng of Food Karma Blog on #StopAsianHateAlberta—this collective show of solidarity, standing united with other Asians in Alberta’s food community against race-driven hate crimes. 

Stop Asian Hate Alberta

This campaign was sparked by the March 16, 2021 murder of eight people including six Asian women in Atlanta. When Jessie reached out to Carmen and me to just chat about the racist events that have been occurring, the idea emerged of creating space to help others who felt the same angst make a collective unified statement. In just a few days, we were able to rally 60+ food and hospitality industry professionals to be part of this campaign—sharing graphics featuring our faces, along with text detailing social justice concerns and ways Albertans can take action and stand against race-driven hate.

“These are heinous attacks. We are shaken, saddened, and angry. We ask YOU—our neighbours, partners, customers, followers, and our communities—to stand with us.”

Featured Alberta Asian food community members: 
  1. Ailynn Wong – Yelo’d Ice Cream & Bake Shop
  2. Alysia Lok – Caramunchies
  3. Andrea Robinson – A1 Bodega
  4. Andrew Ocasion – ConMi Taco
  5. Andrew Fung – Nineteen XIX
  6. Angela Wong – Splash Poke
  7. Ariel Del Rosario – Filistix
  8. Carmen Cheng – Food Karma
  9. Cecilia Baguiwong – Brew+Bloom
  10. David Yip – City Fish
  11. Dean Chan – Umami Noodle Bar/Maruju Sushi
  12. Duncan Ly – Foreign Concept
  13. Earl Briones – Junq Food YEG
  14. Edgar Gutierrez – Kanto 98 St. Eatery
  15. Eric Mah – Purlieu Bistro
  16. Franz Swinton – Anejo
  17. Francine Gomes – Cluck N Cleaver
  18. Gabe Hall – Le Voyage Gourmand
  19. Gil Carlos – Bro’kin Yolk/Bros to Go
  20. Heena Mak – Brown Butter Cafe
  21. Helen Wong
  22. Henry Song – Buok Fresh Korean Kitchen
  23. Hoa Sen Dao – King Noodle House Pho Hoang
  24. Jason Wong – Yelo’d Ice Cream & Bake Shop
  25. Jay Del Corro – Eats of Asia
  26. Jeff Carlos – Bro’kin Yolk/Bros to Go
  27. Jessie Cayabo – Bonafide Media & PR
  28. Jinhee Lee – Jin Bar
  29. John Ahn – NongBu Korean Eatery
  30. JP Dublado – Kuya Cuisine
  31. Judith Kwong – Sukiyaki House
  32. Justin Kwong – Sukiyaki House
  33. Kaede Hirooka – Respect the Technique
  34. Kai Wong – Chocorrant Pâtisserie + Cafe
  35. Karen Kho – Empire Provisions/Lil’ Empire Burger
  36. Kelvin Lau – Golden Inn
  37. Kyo Jean Chung – Sugar Water Bar/You & I Cafe
  38. Lawrence Hui – Ono Poke Co.
  39. Linda Hoang – Lindork / Linda Hoang Digital
  40. Linh Chan – Umami Noodle Bar/Maruju Sushi
  41. Loan Bui – Shōjō Izakaya
  42. Mai Nguyen – Gourmai Dumplings
  43. Maribel Flores – Garchi
  44. Mharlon Atienza – A1 Bodega
  45. Michael Mak – Brown Butter Cafe
  46. Michel Nop – Buffo
  47. Mikko Tamarra – Con Mi Taco
  48. Miles Quon – The Lingnan
  49. Nhi Tran – Paper Lantern
  50. Nick Yee – The Holy Grill
  51. Nicole Gomes – Cluck N Cleaver
  52. Pete Nguyen – Sea Change Brewing Co.
  53. Phoebe Fung – Vin Room
  54. Roel Canafranca – Filistix
  55. Ron Elmaleh – Kobachi
  56. Roy Oh – Roy’s Korean Kitchen
  57. Sam Lee – Hanjan
  58. Sam Pham – Brew+Bloom
  59. Sylvia Kong – Savory Palate Consulting
  60. Tan Hoang – King Noodle House Pho Hoang
  61. Vincci Tsui, Registered Dietitian

This group represents just a fraction of Alberta’s Asian food community.

If you are part of Alberta’s Asian food community, or are an ally in Alberta’s hospitality/food  industry, we are starting a database to help coordinate, inform of future initiatives and other local, anti-racism information or actions, and move forward in solidarity. You can submit your contact information at this form.

If you are part of the broader. community, and are looking for ways to support and take action, there are many ways to support racial justice.

We have shared six actions Albertans can take to denounce and eliminate race-based hate: 

  1. Speak out if you see a racially motivated attack.
  2. Call out jokes that disparage or stereotype any BIPOC community.
  3. Donate to organizations that support anti-BIPOC crime initiatives.
  4. Support your favourite BIPOC restaurants, business owners, and try new ones.
  5. LISTEN and ACT when BIPOC in your community are sharing their experiences.
  6. Read and research to learn what is happening and determine how you can best help.
I’ve also listed more Canadian resources and actions at the end of this post.

I have been using my online platforms to raise awareness and action against racism, and taking small steps to uplift underrepresented groups in my community, and will continue to do so. I hope you will too.

Stop Asian Hate Alberta - 3

Thank you to Act 2 End Racism as well, for organizing a truly moving anti-racism rally this weekend in downtown Edmonton, coinciding with anti-racism rallies across North America.

Inspiring speakers representing diverse BIPOC communities, many of which have long been and recently come under attack, shared emotional and hopeful stories that strengthen our collective resolve to end hate crimes, prejudice, xenophobia and violent acts against people based on their race and identity.

“My identity makes me a target for hate.”

“I’m scared when my grandma goes to the store.”

“I’ve been sexualized, fetishized.”

“My Muslim sisters have been attacked while waiting for transit.”

“Racism and hate must end.” 

These are just a few of the powerful statements shared during the Edmonton rally. 

Thank you to everyone who shared my #StopAsianHateAlberta posts (on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) as well as sent messages of support and solidarity, and pledged to call out hateful behaviour.

Together, I hope we can #Act2EndRacism, racialized violence and injustices many BIPOC communities experience in many ways, every day, everywhere.

Although #StopAsianHateAlberta launched from a food and culinary perspective, I look forward to seeing how the anti-racism movement here in the province grows beyond this as well, and the impact our united voices and collective actions will have on creating a safer, more equitable world where no one is targeted because of their race.

Stop Asian Hate Alberta
Bridges Against Hate, anti-racism rally in Edmonton, Alberta on March 26, 2021.
Stop Asian Hate Alberta
Anti-racism rally in Edmonton, Alberta on March 26, 2021.
Stop Asian Hate Alberta
Anti-racism rally in Edmonton, Alberta on March 26, 2021.

Below I’ve linked some Canadian resources for further anti-racism education and donations:

There are countless news articles about increasing Asian hate crimes in Canada. Read them. Believe them.

Support BIPOC business owners, restaurants, artists, and creators. 

STOP AAPI Hate also suggests you ask your workplace, school, faith-based institution, unions and community groups you may be involved with what they are doing to denounce racism.

Call on these organizations to support and take action. 

Please join us in our call to:

Stop Asian Hate Alberta
Racism is a Virus. #StopAsianHate / Edmonton, Alberta. March 26, 2021


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