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Okay, I’m toooootally late to the party but this month I finally tried SFC Seoul Fried Chicken

Seoul Fried Chicken is located at 7904 104 Street (Calgary Trail), just off Whyte Avenue in Old Strathcona. It’s this tiny little spot, with limited seating, at the corner of a strip mall, that serves up the best Korean Fried Chicken in the city. 

SFC Seoul Fried Chicken Edmonton Old Strathcona

SFC Seoul Fried Chicken located at 7904 104 Street (Calgary Trail).

I went with my friend Chris for lunch. It was his first time trying Seoul Fried Chicken too and we were both extremely happy with the experience! 

At SFC, you go right up to order and if you’re lucky, you can snag a seat inside. We went before 12 p.m. so there were still seats available, but shortly after noon the place got pretty busy, pretty quick!

SFC Seoul Fried Chicken Edmonton Old Strathcona

Go up to order at SFC Seoul Fried Chicken.

Seoul Fried Chicken’s menu is pretty straight forward.

They offer 7 flavours of fried chicken (for 7 days of the week), with flavours to satisfy all cravings – from garlicky to onion-y, to cheesy to BBQ-y, and even cilantro limey if that’s your jam.

SFC Seoul Fried Chicken Edmonton Old Strathcona

Small, cute interior at SFC.

You can order the chicken in half or whole sizes (10 or 20 pieces) with half size prices ranging from $13 to $14.50 and whole size prices ranging from $23 to $27.

Sides like fries, corn fritters, or various salads (like their incredible Mac ‘N Cheese Pesto) are ordered separately and range between $1 to $6.

Or you get their fantastic 5pc Chicken Set for just $11 – where you get really more than enough chicken, plus two sides and a drink.

For just $11! I think this is one of the best lunch deals in town. 

SFC Seoul Fried Chicken Edmonton Old Strathcona

I ordered the Garlic Soy (SFC OG basted with soy sauce and garlic) with Mac ‘N Cheese Pesto (creamy asiago sunflower pesto) and House Fries and loved everything about this set.

The Garlic Soy flavour was perfect – so much flavour, crispy skin and super moist inside. It was salivating. 

I’ve never had a Mac ‘N Cheese Pesto before and thought this was such a great take on a classic.

So addictive – I could eat this over and over. 

SFC Seoul Fried Chicken Edmonton Old Strathcona

BBQ fried chicken at SFC Seoul Fried Chicken.

Chris got the SFC BBQ (‘Dad’s famous Korean spicy BBQ sauce’) which was just as moist as my chicken, but we both thought it was a bit too saucy. If my chicken’s too soaked in sauce it makes it hard for me to enjoy it (reduces the crispiness on the outside). Despite this, it was still really tasty chicken and the corn fritter was damn good too. 

If beers more your thing, you can get a 5pc Chicken + Beer set for $12.50, which is also a great deal (but these sides are a must, guys, so I vehemently recommend you get the 5pc Chicken Set). 

SFC Seoul Fried Chicken Edmonton Old Strathcona

Mac ‘N Cheese Pesto! DELICIOUS.

I love how no-nonsense Seoul Fried Chicken’s menu is.

I totally appreciate when a restaurant has a sole focus – when owners/chefs know they’re really damn good at a certain thing and run with it instead of trying to be and offer too many things.

SFC Seoul Fried Chicken Edmonton Old Strathcona

Garlic Soy fried chicken from SFC Seoul Fried Chicken.

Remember, SFC fills up fast. The food naturally comes to-go (in a pizza box!) and because there’s limited seating, take-out is probably the better option. 

I would like to do a blog post one day with some of my favourite / best (cheapest and most delicious) lunch deals in town and Seoul Fried Chicken will definitely be on that list. 

$11 for all that damn good food? Sign me up. I can’t wait to come back many, many times. 

So have you been to Seoul Fried Chicken?! What did you think?


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