Photo of the Day: Saturday, June 16, 2012

Today’s Photo of the Day shows a screenshot of the CTV Edmonton article showing triple-murder suspect Travis Baumgartner had been caught at the U.S.-Canada border.

My web job can be so thrilling.

This started breaking around 6:30 p.m. (ish) and it’s just absolutely thrilling being a part of a news team when there’s breaking news like this. I think CTV Edmonton had a great presence on Facebook/Twitter and on our website (and newscast) with news of this arrest (/all the coverage we’ve had on this since it began on Friday). Speaking from a webby-point of view I’m especially proud that our online content on this particular story was soley produced from us. It’s always frustrating to go to multiple news websites and see the exact same Canadian Press article on it. It’s a bit more understandable for world stories where we obviously wouldn’t have any local access to report on it but for local stories I absolutely believe our content should be from us and I’m proud that all of the work I/our team did on this story (and we try for all stories) come originally from us and not wire copy. This is especially noteworthy because our web team is really, really small and 95% of the time it’s literally just one person working on everything coming into the web. So that just intensifies the pride we have for our work.

As a side note – kudos to police/RCMP/border patrol/everyone involved for catching this guy and my thoughts go out to the families of the victims. So sad.


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  • Lisa says:

    I agree, I loved all the tweets about this news story. I felt like I was always up to date on what was going on. Kudos!

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